About Us

about life uncut

Smart, compassionate, a little wild and very entertaining, Life Uncut is an unfiltered chat with your virtual besties Brittany Hockley and Laura Byrne. Discussing all things love, life, lust and a bunch of other stuff.

A podcast where nothing is off limits as Laura and Britt cover the light bits and the hard bits while helping you navigate life and feel a little mess alone in the big crazy world.

The good, the bad, the weird, the hilarious, the inspiring and the ugly. From belly laughs, to tears, to empowering conversations to inspiring interviews. Life Uncut is released twice weekly and is beloved by a legion of dedicated listeners, whilst haughtily boasting 6000+ 5 star reviews on Apple Podcast.
If you LOVE love...... Get it in your ears!

Brittany Hockley

Hey Lifers, I'm Britt, you know me as the one with the catch phrases 'lola-coaster' and 'pass the pana-lol'. I'm the perpetually single host that brings all of the deep, dark and dirty dating stories to the round table.

I'm a radiographer by day and a podcaster by night. I once dated a guy with a double life (episode 3, for anyone interested) and I change my hair colour more often than most people wash their bras. You might have seen me on a little Australian TV show called the Bachelor.... but if not, let's just pretend I never mentioned it.

Laura Byrne

Hey, I'm Laura! I'm a mum to a wild beast of a toddler named Marlie and a small melon-head named Lola, I'm also a jewellery designer at ToniMay and prefer to kick crumbs under the fridge rather than picking them up.

I'm the slightly more inappropriate half of Life Uncut and will never shy away from describing in detail all the weird shit your body goes through during pregnancy, how relationships change after having kids and what it's like having a string of crappy ex relationships that make for fabulous podcast fodder.

I live with a really great bloke named Matty J, our kiddies, a three legged dog named Buster and a half dead succulent we call Willy.