Talking all things love, life, lust, and a bunch of other stuff. Life Uncut Podcast is brought to you by Brittany Hockley and Laura Byrne, a conversation where nothing is off limits as they navigate friendship, relationships and dating.
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An Unfiltered A to Z of Modern Romance and Self-Love.

by Laura Byrne Brittany Hockley
“Raw and unfiltered, we present to you our ultimate and alphabetical guide to life, love and self!”

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July 25, 2024

Ask Uncut - We missed our birthday... again

Hey Lifers,Welcome back to your weekly venting session where we unpack all of your deep, dark and dirty questions!It was our 5th birthday but we missed it... We reflect on what the last 5 years have meant and you're all the fkn best for listening to this podcast and helping us create this community! WE HAVE A NEW HOME FOR OUR VIBES!!Vibes and Unsubscribes page! Britt: Netflix Simone Biles Rising Laura: One Life film Keeshia: Book - Everyone Here Is Lying Then we jump into your questions: WEDDING SAVE THE DATESI’m getting married at the end of this year, we sent the save the dates February this year. Since then we have lost touch with a friend (never see them, never talk to them over social media etc) they are still close friends with mutual friends of ours. If you send someone a save the date, do you have to follow through with the invitation? There’s no other aspect of money being an issue or anything like that, just purely aren’t close with them now and don’t foresee us being close in the future? PARTNER WANTS TO TELL GROCERY STORE, I WANT TO KEEP THE REFUNDMy partner and I can’t agree. He collected our grocery order tonight for $140 worth and they have had IT issues so we never got the message to say our ‘direct to boot’ order is ready so he went inside the store to grab it. Two hours later we got a message to say our order has to be cancelled and we will be refunded due to IT issues. I think they will take the refund as they are a huge company - we spend at least $300 weekly (family of four- 3 kids in nappies🙈). We are farmers in drought struggling to make ends meet so I think treat it like winning the lottery. He thinks we should ring them to let them know we got the order. I know he is morally right but surely sometimes you have to just take a win. What do you think? DATING SOMEONE WHO DOESN’T QUITE FIT WHAT I PICTURED I’m 28 and have never been in a relationship. A couple of years ago I wrote a list of my ideal man; ambitious, funny, chatty, reliable etc so when I was dating I wouldn’t entertain anyone who wasn’t right for me. I’m in the early stages of dating someone and he ticks everything off the list: he’s really great, I feel safe with him and my friends love him. There’s one small thing that’s niggling at but as I haven’t been in a relationship before I’m still figuring it out. I always pictured myself with someone being the centre of his friend group, could dominate a room, in a sense a bit cocky. But this guy isn’t quite like that! I’m not saying that he’s not confident, but I suppose it looks different to how I envisioned it. I realise I’m overthinking and doubting but any thoughts or advice?

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July 24, 2024

Should The Person Earning More Pay More? Uncut with Money Expert Tori Dunlap

Tori Dunlap is a New York Times best selling author and host of the #1 money podcast for women in the world and was a self made millionaire in her 20’s. Tori is unapologetic about her finances. She uniquely doesn’t just talk about numbers but the systemic issues and value systems behind money and how much control we actually have over personal finances.In our chat we speak about: Unpacking where our values and beliefs about money come from, How the patriarchy really fucked us up when it comes to financial independence Why the stock market and investing scares most of us & how complicated it really is What the priority is between savings, debt, emergency funds etc The mistakes women make investing Renting vs buying a home - what is best for you? Talking about money in your relationship Splitting costs like hens parties & dinner with friends Should the person earning more pay more? Should you have transparency over what your partner earns? Should you ever fully combine finances?

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July 23, 2024

Public Break Up Announcements - Closure, Clarity or Clout?

Hey Lifers, First up, have you seen Avatar or Brokeback mountain? They're life changing apparently!We had a group dinner with some podcast friends that didn't end with Biden stepping back from being a presidential candidate but did end with a huge penis. Laura has called for a welfare check on someone and created an enemy in the process! We are seeing an increase in people publicly sharing their breakups on social media, something that previously was almost exclusively done by celebrities. Over the past week we saw two opposite types of break up posts. One was from the Princess of Dubai, Sheikha Mahra & the other was a joint statement from Maya Jama and Stormzy. But why are people sharing this kind of content online? Is it for closure? Is it for clarity? Is it for clout?

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