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July 11, 2024

Ask Uncut - Should I Tell My Husband That I Slept With Him?

Welcome back to Ask Uncut where we answer all of your deep and burning questions!Laura has had to deal with our worst nightmare; it involves gastro and a child burrito. Vibes for the week:Britt: The Beautiful Game on NetflixKeeshia: The Rest is Entertainment podcastLaura: App "Juggle Street" Then we jump into your questions! SHOULD I TELL MY HUSBAND I SLEPT WITH HIMI’ve moved back to the town I grew up in and had a situation where I recognised a tradie that came to our property… I had slept with him! I didn’t mention it to my husband but then I had a thought that maybe I should have told him. I would never lie if he asked outright but now I don’t know if I need to divulge this information voluntarily. Just to add, I didn’t speak to him at all, he didn’t see me and he won’t be returning. It was purely a short fling and it was so long ago who knows if he’d recognise me back. What are your thoughts? HOW TO STOP OBSESSING WHEN DATINGI’m 35 and in the dreaded dating scene. I’ve just been ghosted suddenly after a few great dates and what felt like a really good connection forming. How do I stop obsessing over what I may have done wrong and what could’ve been. I feel like this will make my dating anxiety even worse. I feel like I’m losing all hope that I’ll ever meet someone that actually likes me back. SHOULD HE BE CONTRIBUTING FINANCIALLYI moved to another country to be with my partner. I have said that it’s really important for me to go back home twice a year (4hr international flight, but it’s also a 4hr drive to the airport). Some of my friends and family mentioned that they reckon he should be contributing financially to me going home because I’m the one that moved away. I've always just paid but it did get me thinking and I think it sounds reasonable that he helps me out (he makes significantly more than me) but he doesn’t think so. We’ve been together for a few years now and don’t have any shared finances. What do you guys think? CHEATING NOTE ON MY CARI met the greatest guy ever! My family adore him and he treats me so well. We were living in an apartment complex in a main city where we had an external car park with allocated parking. One day on my way to work, I noticed a note on my windscreen. When I pulled over to read the note, it said, "he cheated on you babe." As soon as I read it, I instantly thought, nope, this isn't for me but as I got to work I kept thinking about it. I started to get upset and told my boss I wasn't feeling well and had to leave. When I confronted my partner, I told him if it's true, let's just talk it over because I can appreciate people who make mistakes. He remained very confident in saying this was not true and he was upset that someone would do something like this. What are your thoughts on this? Would you believe a note someone left on your car, without a contact name or number over someone you loved? Why are people such assholes?

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July 10, 2024

Uncut with Frankie Muniz. "Everybody Sacrificed Everything To Make My Dream and My Life Happen"

Joining the pod today for an exclusive interview is the wonderful Frankie Muniz; the beloved child actor who starred as Malcolm in "Malcolm in the Middle" and has now made a name for himself as a NASCAR driver. Britt and Frankie were campmates in the "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here jungle and it was so nice to continue those in depth and personal conversations with Frankie. We spoke about: How Frankie got into acting and landed the role of Malcolm at just 8 years old. How getting into acting isn’t an exact process. It’s likely due to chance The rules of child acting and how schooling worked The sacrifices that his family made to enable his career to exist Child actor finances -the reality of child actor earnings and financial management Frankie's experience with his manager stealing money Avoiding rebellion: Why Frankie didn't follow the typical rebellious path of many child stars. Transition to racing & what inspired him to switch gears and pursue a career in NASCAR. The type of dad he wants to be

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July 9, 2024

Modesty or Misogyny: The Debate Over Olivia Culpo’s Wedding Dress

Hey Lifers!We are BACK from a little holiday and feeling refreshed, but truthfully still as unhinged as ever! Britt made a big hotel mistake and Laura admitted that Matt was right to be annoyed about something she did when she went away.At the time of recording, media outlets across the world have reported that Margot Robbie is pregnant, despite not having it confirmed by Margot or her husband. It feels like we're not living in 2024. Just over a week ago Miss Universe from 2012 Olivia Culpo married NFL player Christian McCaffrey. Her wedding attire and subsequent interview with Vogue has cause quite the stir with the question of whether her dress was meant to impress or suppress.We unpack the internet's response to her interview and weigh in on whether we think it's a conservative campaign with a side of Madonna whore, or if she should be able to choose whatever wedding dress she wants for any reasons she likes!

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