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June 20, 2024

Ask Uncut - He Doubled Down On Why He Ghosted Me

Welcome back to Ask Uncut where we debate your deepest and darkest dilemmas.First up, we are taking a hot little 2 week break from the podcast! Laura promises to not get any new tattoos... We're all excited to get some zzzzs.Vibes for the week: Britt - Fanta & Red Wine Sangria Laura - The Daily Aus The rise in young women getting labia plasty Keeshia - Search Engine Why'd I Take Speed For Twenty Years MY EX HUSBAND IS SEEING MY NEW PARTNER’S EX WIFE I was married to my ex husband for 8 years, we had two kids together (twins that are 5). The marriage included physical and psychological abuse. After our divorce I met another man, we have currently been together for a year. He is one of a kind, extremely emotionally attentive. A few months after our relationship was public my ex husband matched with his ex wife, and they are now dating. It is a real life wife swap! They also share two children (6 and 3) together so we share four children between the two couples. I can’t help but think my ex husband entered this relationship out of spite and his history of DV is impacting my ability to feel safe in my current relationship as he is that much closer to me. Do I walk away from an amazing relationship in order to distance myself from my ex husband? Or do I remain in the relationship and sit with some of this discomfort? IS IT RUDE TO LEAVE WEDDING BEFORE BRIDE AND GROOM? Is it rude to leave a wedding before the bride and groom? I have always thought you shouldn’t leave before the couple. But, recently at a wedding heaps of people were leaving early and now I am wondering if I was wrong or if people have just given up on this notion. HE DOUBLED DOWN ON WHY HE GHOSTED ME A guy I was dating for a month ghosted me 2 months ago and I didn’t bother following up because we both kind of knew we didn't like each other enough. (He was really hot though so I wouldn't have minded something casual). Fast forward 2 months to now, he decided to call me randomly out of the blue and when I asked his reason for calling, he said he had been reflecting and felt bad that he ghosted and wanted to formally tell me that he didn't think we were compatible. He then went into the reasons why we wouldn't work out. I don't know what's worse: being ghosted or having a ghost pop back up to tell you why he ghosted?? I had a little hope that he wanted to try dating again but he literally just doubled down on why he thought we wouldn't work out. Any thoughts on what's worse? HOW TO WIPE YOUR BUM My friend and I are having a SERIOUS debate… about how to wipe your bum. We’ve settled that we’re both TP folders and not scrunchers, but we wipe our poops SO differently. Please help, do you: Sit on the toilet, reach underneath between your legs and wipe that way? Sit on the toilet, reach around the back and wipe from that angle? OR, Stand up and wipe?? I’m option B, she’s option A and she thinks I’m absolutely crazy for doing so…. Am I? I also occasionally go for option C so I think I’m just f****d up but would love to hear yours and the lifers thoughts. We also settled on wiping from both back to front, or front to back, it just depends on the situation down there…. Is that normal too? Thank you 🤣💩

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June 19, 2024

How To Speak With Men In Your Life About Domestic Violence - Uncut with Tarang Chawla

We've had conversations about men's violence against women and domestic violence on this podcast for 5 years, but to say that it's still a huge problem in Australia would be an understatement. Many people feel as though we've been speaking about this for decades. It's time that men were a part of the conversation and the solution. This episode with Tarang should help you have those conversations with the men in your life. Tarang Chawla is a keynote speaker, writer, broadcaster, advocate and academic at Monash University. He is also the co-founder of ‘Not One More Niki', an organisation working to end men’s violence against women.Tarang’s younger sister Niki (Nikita) was murdered by her former partner in 2015. She was 23 years old. Tarang has worked tirelessly to educate people about the cultural, political and individual factors that can contribute to men’s violence with the goal of reducing men’s violence. In our conversation we spoke about: The patterns of behaviour that lead to violence Creating a solution focussed conversation with people who say ‘not all men’. What has changed in the past decade surrounding domestic violence awareness in the public and in government How men can be the solution Tarang’s personal opinions on ‘justice’ for murderers Why media and institutions shape the narrative of who the perpetrators of violence How we teach boys and girls about their place in the world

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June 18, 2024

Britt & Ben Share All of the Details of Their Engagement!

It's been a HUGE week!Laura got nits, producer Keeshia won a media week award and as you all likely know, BRITT GOT ENGAGED!It's been 5 years of us having the privilege of doing this podcast, sharing all of the best life moments and deeply cooked dating lives, whilst praying to all of the Gods that Britt found her penguin! On today's episode, we take a little trip down memory lane of Britt and Ben's love story and then they answer all of your questions about their engagement and future plans!They speak about:-Whether Britt knew it was happening-How the day panned out-All of the ring details and Ben & Laura's secret messages-What's going to happen once they're married with where they live-Any plans for the wedding

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