Talking all things love, life, lust, and a bunch of other stuff. Life Uncut Podcast is brought to you by Brittany Hockley and Laura Byrne, a conversation where nothing is off limits as they navigate friendship, relationships and dating.

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May 5, 2022

ASK UNCUT - Porn, poonamis and politicians

On today's ask uncut, we're jumping into some sexy deep, dark and burning questions and one of them is quite literally about some sexy parts burning a little... Today we're tackling: - Should every sexual act with a partner be reciprocated? As in if you get something, should you give something in return? - Is it normal to have things from your previous relationship really trigger you in new ones? How can you stop it from ruining your new relationships? -Every time I have sex with my partner, I feel sensitive, a little sore and sometimes itchy afterwards. I can't seem to make it stop. Any advice please! -If you went on one date with someone and they just didn't message you for a month, but you had a good time on the initial date and now they've asked you to go on another... do you go?

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May 3, 2022

MOTIVATION, MOOD & MINDSET- Uncut with Dr Julie Smith

Joining us on the pod today is clinical psychologist and tik tok star Dr Julie Smith! We joke about the pod sometimes feeling like a bit of a therapy session, but today might be more along those lines than usual; so sit down and get comfy on the couch. Today we're jumping into: -why we procrastinate and how to find motivation -negative beliefs and self doubt -the misconceptions and differences of depression and anxiety -when to get back into the dating world

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April 28, 2022

ASK UNCUT - To enema or not to enema... that is the question

We're back with your life dilemmas giving you our big sisterly help, advice and sometimes sympathy. Today we are jumping into these questions: 1. What do you do when the person you thought you'd spend your life with just all of a sudden decides that they do not want to be with you anymore? 2. Do you spit on your toilet paper if you need a bit of a clean up? Or am I completely weird? 3. If you enjoy some back door action, do you clear out the pipes beforehand or just wing it? If you have a question you'd like us to answer, please send it in to our DMs at lifeuncutpodcast on the gram! Also please send in your ask uncut aftermath follow ups! We loved bringing you guys the extra episode of follow ups!

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