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We Love Love

“Raw and unfiltered, we present to you our ultimate and alphabetical guide to life, love and self!”
Laura and Britt, creators of the hit podcast Life Uncut

True love. Crushing failure. Hot dates.
Wild ambition. Motherhood. Sisterhood.

Brittany Hockley and Laura Byrne, former Bachelor finalists and hosts of the number-one podcast Life Uncut, have bumbled their way through it all. And they’re here to make you feel a little less alone in the chaos.

Through interviewing the experts, dispensing advice and tackling questions about love and life – both big and small – on Life Uncut, Laura and Britt have created a community of open-hearted and supportive women. Now they’ve distilled their most trusted and true advice into a book that’s as much about romance as it is about loving ourselves. WE LOVE LOVE is an encyclopaedia of life as Britt and Laura have lived it, full of hard-won wisdom, hilarious anecdotes, serious challenges and refreshing honesty.

From attachment styles to ghosting, pregnancy loss to impostor syndrome, long-distance relationships to sexual kinks, and with some unfiltered stories from listeners thrown in along the way, Laura and Britt give their take on pretty much everything from, well, A to Z with their signature wit and authenticity.

Life can be a hot mess at times, but with friends like these, you’ll never be short of love.

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Brittany Hockley

Hey Lifers, I'm Britt, you know me as the one with the catch phrases 'lola-coaster' and 'pass the pana-lol'. I used to be the perpetually single host, bringing wild dating stories, but now I'm disgustingly in love and well.... it's weird for me too alright.

I'm a radiographer by day and a podcaster by night. I once dated a guy with a double life (episode 3, for anyone interested) and I change my hair colour more often than most people wash their bras. You might have seen me on a little Australian TV show called the Bachelor.... but if not, let's just pretend I never mentioned it.

Laura Byrne

Hey, I'm Laura! I'm a mum to a wild beast of a toddler named Marlie and a small melon-head named Lola, I'm also a jewellery designer at ToniMay and prefer to kick crumbs under the fridge rather than picking them up.

I'm the slightly more inappropriate half of Life Uncut and will never shy away from describing in detail all the weird shit your body goes through during pregnancy, how relationships change after having kids and what it's like having a string of crappy ex relationships that make for fabulous podcast fodder.

I live with a really great bloke named Matty J, our kiddies, a three legged dog named Buster and a half dead succulent we call Willy.