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July 11, 2024

Ask Uncut - Should I Tell My Husband That I Slept With Him?

Welcome back to Ask Uncut where we answer all of your deep and burning questions!Laura has had to deal with our worst nightmare; it involves gastro and a child burrito. Vibes for the week:Britt: The Beautiful Game on NetflixKeeshia: The Rest is Entertainment podcastLaura: App "Juggle Street" Then we jump into your questions! SHOULD I TELL MY HUSBAND I SLEPT WITH HIMI’ve moved back to the town I grew up in and had a situation where I recognised a tradie that came to our property… I had slept with him! I didn’t mention it to my husband but then I had a thought that maybe I should have told him. I would never lie if he asked outright but now I don’t know if I need to divulge this information voluntarily. Just to add, I didn’t speak to him at all, he didn’t see me and he won’t be returning. It was purely a short fling and it was so long ago who knows if he’d recognise me back. What are your thoughts? HOW TO STOP OBSESSING WHEN DATINGI’m 35 and in the dreaded dating scene. I’ve just been ghosted suddenly after a few great dates and what felt like a really good connection forming. How do I stop obsessing over what I may have done wrong and what could’ve been. I feel like this will make my dating anxiety even worse. I feel like I’m losing all hope that I’ll ever meet someone that actually likes me back. SHOULD HE BE CONTRIBUTING FINANCIALLYI moved to another country to be with my partner. I have said that it’s really important for me to go back home twice a year (4hr international flight, but it’s also a 4hr drive to the airport). Some of my friends and family mentioned that they reckon he should be contributing financially to me going home because I’m the one that moved away. I've always just paid but it did get me thinking and I think it sounds reasonable that he helps me out (he makes significantly more than me) but he doesn’t think so. We’ve been together for a few years now and don’t have any shared finances. What do you guys think? CHEATING NOTE ON MY CARI met the greatest guy ever! My family adore him and he treats me so well. We were living in an apartment complex in a main city where we had an external car park with allocated parking. One day on my way to work, I noticed a note on my windscreen. When I pulled over to read the note, it said, "he cheated on you babe." As soon as I read it, I instantly thought, nope, this isn't for me but as I got to work I kept thinking about it. I started to get upset and told my boss I wasn't feeling well and had to leave. When I confronted my partner, I told him if it's true, let's just talk it over because I can appreciate people who make mistakes. He remained very confident in saying this was not true and he was upset that someone would do something like this. What are your thoughts on this? Would you believe a note someone left on your car, without a contact name or number over someone you loved? Why are people such assholes?

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July 10, 2024

Uncut with Frankie Muniz. "Everybody Sacrificed Everything To Make My Dream and My Life Happen"

Joining the pod today for an exclusive interview is the wonderful Frankie Muniz; the beloved child actor who starred as Malcolm in "Malcolm in the Middle" and has now made a name for himself as a NASCAR driver. Britt and Frankie were campmates in the "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here jungle and it was so nice to continue those in depth and personal conversations with Frankie. We spoke about: How Frankie got into acting and landed the role of Malcolm at just 8 years old. How getting into acting isn’t an exact process. It’s likely due to chance The rules of child acting and how schooling worked The sacrifices that his family made to enable his career to exist Child actor finances -the reality of child actor earnings and financial management Frankie's experience with his manager stealing money Avoiding rebellion: Why Frankie didn't follow the typical rebellious path of many child stars. Transition to racing & what inspired him to switch gears and pursue a career in NASCAR. The type of dad he wants to be

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July 9, 2024

Modesty or Misogyny: The Debate Over Olivia Culpo’s Wedding Dress

Hey Lifers!We are BACK from a little holiday and feeling refreshed, but truthfully still as unhinged as ever! Britt made a big hotel mistake and Laura admitted that Matt was right to be annoyed about something she did when she went away.At the time of recording, media outlets across the world have reported that Margot Robbie is pregnant, despite not having it confirmed by Margot or her husband. It feels like we're not living in 2024. Just over a week ago Miss Universe from 2012 Olivia Culpo married NFL player Christian McCaffrey. Her wedding attire and subsequent interview with Vogue has cause quite the stir with the question of whether her dress was meant to impress or suppress.We unpack the internet's response to her interview and weigh in on whether we think it's a conservative campaign with a side of Madonna whore, or if she should be able to choose whatever wedding dress she wants for any reasons she likes!

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June 20, 2024

Ask Uncut - He Doubled Down On Why He Ghosted Me

Welcome back to Ask Uncut where we debate your deepest and darkest dilemmas.First up, we are taking a hot little 2 week break from the podcast! Laura promises to not get any new tattoos... We're all excited to get some zzzzs.Vibes for the week: Britt - Fanta & Red Wine Sangria Laura - The Daily Aus The rise in young women getting labia plasty Keeshia - Search Engine Why'd I Take Speed For Twenty Years MY EX HUSBAND IS SEEING MY NEW PARTNER’S EX WIFE I was married to my ex husband for 8 years, we had two kids together (twins that are 5). The marriage included physical and psychological abuse. After our divorce I met another man, we have currently been together for a year. He is one of a kind, extremely emotionally attentive. A few months after our relationship was public my ex husband matched with his ex wife, and they are now dating. It is a real life wife swap! They also share two children (6 and 3) together so we share four children between the two couples. I can’t help but think my ex husband entered this relationship out of spite and his history of DV is impacting my ability to feel safe in my current relationship as he is that much closer to me. Do I walk away from an amazing relationship in order to distance myself from my ex husband? Or do I remain in the relationship and sit with some of this discomfort? IS IT RUDE TO LEAVE WEDDING BEFORE BRIDE AND GROOM? Is it rude to leave a wedding before the bride and groom? I have always thought you shouldn’t leave before the couple. But, recently at a wedding heaps of people were leaving early and now I am wondering if I was wrong or if people have just given up on this notion. HE DOUBLED DOWN ON WHY HE GHOSTED ME A guy I was dating for a month ghosted me 2 months ago and I didn’t bother following up because we both kind of knew we didn't like each other enough. (He was really hot though so I wouldn't have minded something casual). Fast forward 2 months to now, he decided to call me randomly out of the blue and when I asked his reason for calling, he said he had been reflecting and felt bad that he ghosted and wanted to formally tell me that he didn't think we were compatible. He then went into the reasons why we wouldn't work out. I don't know what's worse: being ghosted or having a ghost pop back up to tell you why he ghosted?? I had a little hope that he wanted to try dating again but he literally just doubled down on why he thought we wouldn't work out. Any thoughts on what's worse? HOW TO WIPE YOUR BUM My friend and I are having a SERIOUS debate… about how to wipe your bum. We’ve settled that we’re both TP folders and not scrunchers, but we wipe our poops SO differently. Please help, do you: Sit on the toilet, reach underneath between your legs and wipe that way? Sit on the toilet, reach around the back and wipe from that angle? OR, Stand up and wipe?? I’m option B, she’s option A and she thinks I’m absolutely crazy for doing so…. Am I? I also occasionally go for option C so I think I’m just f****d up but would love to hear yours and the lifers thoughts. We also settled on wiping from both back to front, or front to back, it just depends on the situation down there…. Is that normal too? Thank you 🤣💩

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June 19, 2024

How To Speak With Men In Your Life About Domestic Violence - Uncut with Tarang Chawla

We've had conversations about men's violence against women and domestic violence on this podcast for 5 years, but to say that it's still a huge problem in Australia would be an understatement. Many people feel as though we've been speaking about this for decades. It's time that men were a part of the conversation and the solution. This episode with Tarang should help you have those conversations with the men in your life. Tarang Chawla is a keynote speaker, writer, broadcaster, advocate and academic at Monash University. He is also the co-founder of ‘Not One More Niki', an organisation working to end men’s violence against women.Tarang’s younger sister Niki (Nikita) was murdered by her former partner in 2015. She was 23 years old. Tarang has worked tirelessly to educate people about the cultural, political and individual factors that can contribute to men’s violence with the goal of reducing men’s violence. In our conversation we spoke about: The patterns of behaviour that lead to violence Creating a solution focussed conversation with people who say ‘not all men’. What has changed in the past decade surrounding domestic violence awareness in the public and in government How men can be the solution Tarang’s personal opinions on ‘justice’ for murderers Why media and institutions shape the narrative of who the perpetrators of violence How we teach boys and girls about their place in the world

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June 18, 2024

Britt & Ben Share All of the Details of Their Engagement!

It's been a HUGE week!Laura got nits, producer Keeshia won a media week award and as you all likely know, BRITT GOT ENGAGED!It's been 5 years of us having the privilege of doing this podcast, sharing all of the best life moments and deeply cooked dating lives, whilst praying to all of the Gods that Britt found her penguin! On today's episode, we take a little trip down memory lane of Britt and Ben's love story and then they answer all of your questions about their engagement and future plans!They speak about:-Whether Britt knew it was happening-How the day panned out-All of the ring details and Ben & Laura's secret messages-What's going to happen once they're married with where they live-Any plans for the wedding

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June 13, 2024

Ask Uncut - Britt has a HUGE SURPRISE 💍 💍 💍

OUR BRITTY IS ENGAGED!!!!! Today's recording included a HUGE surprise for Laura and Keeshia and we're all crying so you're welcome to too.First up, Laura wants to help her friend know how to avoid catching the feels for her 'friends with benefits' pal. Vibes for the week: Britt - Netflix "Geek Girl"Keeshia - Unsubscribing from The Kardashians. Vibing The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck podcast The Harsh Truth About Self Discipline ft Rich RollLaura - Tony's Chocolonely Caramel Sea Salt Milk Chocolate Block Then we get into your questions and one little surprise: I WANT TO KEEP THEIR DOG My friends have a 2.5yr old toddler and a newborn. To help them out, I agreed to look after their puppy for 18 months as they raise their kids as the puppy can be a bit much. I’m currently two months in and realising I did not think this through. The thought of giving him back in a year is really upsetting. The timing of me taking on their dog has come after A) the death of our family dog, and B) I am healing from a toxic relationship so I really needed a little buddy to latch onto and that has been my friend's dog. I also feel like I’m a better home for him as he has my full attention and has made so many friends at my local beach/dog park. The husband is keen on me having him, but the wife is on a very different page and wants the dog back in a year. I genuinely will be heartbroken if I have to give this dog back. How should I approach this with them to convince them that I should keep their dog? PORN SHOWER My husband was in the shower and I needed a lil wee so I went in to do that. As I was on the loo I was perving on him in the shower… he looked good, a potential semi, so I decided to strip off and jump in. We had sex in the shower. When we finished I turned to get out and something dropped on the floor. It was his phone. It had been propped up in the shower. So essentially when I had come in to use the bathroom he was watching porn on his phone in the shower and about to have a w**k. He was interrupted. I felt weird, like a bit used, as in he was semi hard from watching someone else and then I finished the job. Should I feel weird about this? And then Britt's own question!

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June 12, 2024

Beyond Baby Reindeer: The Reality of Stalking with Nicole Madigan

In the past few weeks, the Netflix show ‘Baby Reindeer’ has been the number 1 TV show in the world. The bio of the show reads “When a struggling comedian shows an act of kindness to a vulnerable woman, it sparks a suffocating obsession which threatens to wreck both their lives.” This show provided quite a nuanced look at the insidious nature of stalking and a lot of the complex emotions that the victims can experience. Joining the podcast today is Nicole Madigan. Nicole is a journalist and the author of “Obsession”. Nicole was stalked for over three years. It wreaked havoc on her life and trapped her in a constant state of fear. In this chat we speak about: Nicole’s story and how a stalker infiltrated her life The emotions experienced by victims of stalking Whether Baby Reindeer on Netflix was an accurate representation of what stalking is like How stalking and harassment isn’t taken seriously in our worlds or by law enforcement How difficult it is to prove that someone is stalking you and where authorities come into it The 5 different stalking types What percentage of perpetrators are men/women and the gender break down of victims Misconceptions of stalking

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June 11, 2024

Should You Break Up With Your Partner?

Hey Lifers!Poor Laura has come down with either gastro or food poisoning today so (one of) the boss(es) is away and the mice will play!Producer Keeshia is filling in today.Britt went on a magical holiday to Hamilton Island and met Skippy but also potentially ruined someone's wedding photos.Have you accidentally ruined someone's special day? Have you had a failed proposal? We take a deep dive today on how to know whether you should break up with your partner. A bunch of experts put together a list of signs and we also added a few questions of our own like:-Am I staying in this relationship out of fear of being alone?-Have you ever stayed in a relationship longer than you should have? What kept you there?-How do you distinguish between a rough patch and a fundamental incompatibility in a relationship?-Do you think happiness is a good indicator of the relationship? We spoke about these episodes in this chat: Fix the Sex, Fix the Relationship - Uncut with Ester PerelHow to manage a break up - Uncut with Jillian TureckiThe original list was published here in women's health magazine

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June 6, 2024

Ask Uncut -Can you bone your bestie's bro?

Hey Lifers and welcome back to Ask Uncut where we answer all of your deep and dark questions and weigh in on all of the dilemmas! How incredibly awkward can facebook marketplace be? Laura's had the person who is way too keen for a chat and Britt has ended up... not paying for some boogie boards!If you received a message saying "Available when? I work m-f and get home around 9ish" what would you think it meant? There's a man in Florida who, ahhhh misunderstood those of us working weekdays... Vibes for the week:Britt Podcast Trump TrialsKeeshia "Dancing for the Devil The 7M TikTok Cult " on NetflixLaura Hippo Closet Dehumidifier Then we jump into your questions: I'VE BEEN SLEEPING WITH MY BEST FRIEND'S BROTHERI have been friends with my bestie since primary school. We are in our early 20’s now. About 6 months ago I was staying at her house and I slept with her older brother. We had had a few drinks and it honestly just happened. I didn't say anything because I felt bad and thought it would never happen again. But, we have started sort of sleeping together… and now I have feelings! AHHHHH I am in so deep. What should I do? How do I know if it is worth seeing him seriously and risking the awkwardness with the whole family, and do I tell my friend regardless? I know she is going to be upset. IS IT OK TO GHOST FRIENDS YOU'VE OUTGROWN? I am in a group chat with a few girls I went to high school with 10 years ago. I am close-ish with one, used to be close with two, then the other I never connect with. Every now and again the chat pops up about making plans and I never am really interested in being involved. I feel like I have to respond and make up a reason for not joining. I am asking, is it ok to ghost the chat? It feels harsh, but I can’t say “sorry guys I’ve outgrown the group”. The hard bit is that one of the girls I want to preserve my friendship with, and of course don’t want to seem ‘mean’ to the others. How do I approach this? MY EX NAMED HIS DAUGHTER AFTER MEMy ex-fiance and I were together for a few years in our early twenties. After a few years of no contact we have since remained friendly and kept in touch with family updates, happy birthday etc. A couple of years ago he messaged me out of the blue after a few years and shared that he had a daughter. His message was friendly but he didn't share the daughter’s name which seemed like an odd omission at the time. We had planned a family and named our future kids so I did wonder if he had used *our* name. He popped up again today and curiosity got the better of me so I did a Facebook deepdive and within 10 minutes found his daughter's name. He hadn't borrowed *our* name but to my shock his daughter shared my name. I don't know what to think. I did some more research and it seems I am not the first person to ask this question. Many girls seem to be named after their fathers' ex-girlfriends, crushes, and mistresses. Is this a whole thing?

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June 5, 2024

Do You Feel ‘Crazy’ Around the Time of Your Period? Unpacking Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) with Dr Izzy Smith

There’s a huge amount of stigma associated with anything to do with our periods and for a lot of people, they may have spent years being told that they are dramatic, moody and irrational around the time of their period. As it turns out, it may not have just been ‘that time of the month’. They may experience a condition called PMDD or Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder. As for any invisible health condition, having a name for it can be really validating and give you a sense that you’re not crazy and you’re not alone. It also helps people around you understand what might be going on so this episode isn’t just for the girlies who experience extreme mood shifts like depression, irritability, anger and hopelessness around their period, it’s also for those of us who don’t so that we can be more supportive for a loved one who does. Today we have Dr Isobelle Smith, an endocrinologist with over 10 years of experience in hormones, joining us to unpack the ins and outs of PMDD.We chat: What PMDD is and how it differs from PMS The stigma of ‘erratic’ moods and emotional dysregulation The possible causes of PMDD PMDD being listed as a mental disorder Treatment and management for PMDD How PMDD changes over the course of your ‘reproductive’ years PMDD in perimenopause and menopause Medical misogyny and advocating for your own health

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June 4, 2024

Donald Trump - The Pussies Grabbed Back

Hey Lifers!First up today, we hear what 'Life Uncut' could have been. We also went on holidays to the same place but actively chose not to see each other! Britt got into competitive arguments & Matt surprised Laura with a guest on their family holiday. More highbrow chat; Laura shares a tiktoker who got a bullet vibrator stuck up their butt. Unfortunately it was on. Then we are joined by political expert and journalist Charles Croucher to get our heads around Donald Trump's criminal conviction, making him the first president in U.S. history to be convicted of a crime. Charles breaks down Trump's cover up of a 'hush money' payment to porn star Stormy Daniels in the lead up to his presidential election in 2016. We break down whether it's likely Trump will go to jail, whether he could run for president from prison and what other cases might be coming up in the future. We speak about what the actual crime was, and how Trump's team tried to use everything in their power to shame and silence a porn star, claiming that she wasn't a credible witness simply because of her job.

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May 30, 2024

Ask Uncut - Faking Your Age, A Partner Who Refuses to Watch & An Ex Who Won't Go Away

Welcome back to Ask Uncut where we answer all of your deep and dark dilemmas! Britt is particularly chirpy today because her 5 month unintentional celibacy is over! Ben is in town! Laura doesn't have the time for p*rn but she does have the time for an instagram trend that involves you all breathing out all the way and screaming... This isn't our most intellectual episode! Vibes for the week:Britt - Apples Never Fall on BingeKeeshia - "Hale" on Spotify Hale Breathwork. Laura - We the wild Neem Oil Spray Then we get into your questions: PUTTING A FAKE AGE ON DATING APPSI matched with a guy on a dating app and we met up for lunch yesterday. I made a comment about how he and I were of a similar age and generation (me being 38 and him 40) to which he said, “Oh, no, I’m actually 45.” This is not the first, second or third time this has happened. I have had this happen innumerable times and there is always the excuse that, “the app wouldn’t let me change it.” To which my thought is, “well if you were honest in the first place, you wouldn’t need to change anything.” Questions:1. Do women put an incorrect age in the dating apps too? My experience is with dating men and I am curious about whether this is something everyone does or not.2. He was otherwise lovely so is it better to just brush it aside as being a mistake and go on another date? Or do I take this as a sign of being insincere and an amber flag and move on to another match? HIS EX KEEPS REACHING OUT TO MY PARTNER AND HIS FAMILYMy partner of 2 years (he is wonderful, definitely my penguin, we own a house together, but currently doing long distance due to work) has let me know that his ex (they were together for 8 years and separated amicably) has been in contact with him (sending lots of one way messages asking to catch up which he hasn’t replied to) but she has also been in contact with his family and grandparents and has organised to meet up with them in the next few weeks 😬 and has also asked to see him and his mum. He told me straight away and has said that it’s up to me whether he goes to see her or not. I trust him completely so it’s not like I am concerned anything will happen between them, but the situation has made me feel really uneasy! I know that 8 years is a long time to be in a relationship, and that you can get pretty close with family, but to continue be in contact after 2+ years of being separated and continue to organise catch ups does make me feel unsure about the situation, and also where I stand with his family (we have always gotten along swimmingly). For context I live in a different state to him and his family. What should I do? I feel like I really can’t be the one to say that she shouldn’t be in contact with him/family anymore because I’ll be the “bad guy”, and am I just being insecure about the fact that the ex and my partner's family have a close relationship! PARTNER DOESN'T WANT TO WATCH ME GIVE BIRTHThe most recent podcast about pregnancy/ childbirth got my boyfriend and I talking about when we are in the situation. He just told me that he doesn’t know if he will be able to watch! Is that a normal reaction for blokes? I’m so offended he wouldn’t want to watch. I also think that when he is actually in the situation it’ll be different. Thoughts??

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May 29, 2024

We Are Calling For Harsher Punishments for Violent Offenders While Some Victorian Prisoners Are Having Their Sentences Reduced. Uncut with Bianca Unwin

Joining the podcast today is domestic violence advocate Bianca Unwin. Bianca has degrees in both criminology and psychological sciences and she is joining us today to speak about a loophole known as ‘emergency management days’ that over 7000 prisoners could be using to receive reductions in their prison sentences. Many of these convicted offenders are violent and high risk offenders. Bianca’s sister Katie was a 29 year old mother of two when her partner Shane Robertson beat her to death while the couple’s child slept in a room next door. Shane was convicted but received a below average sentence of 19 years without parole. However, due to legislation enacted by the Victorian government allowing sentence reductions for prisoners under ‘emergency management days,’ a provision especially impactful during COVID-19, his sentence may be substantially reduced. Bianca joins the podcast today to speak about the contrast between what we all seem to be screaming from the rooftops in our fight to protect women, and the government’s leniency on reducing the sentence of violent criminals. We also speak about the inadequate rehabilitation of violent perpetrators and how we all need to be showing the government that these reductions in sentences are not what the community wants.

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May 28, 2024

Can You Have Relationships with People That Have Different Values to You? Travis Kelce Thinks Yes.

Hey Lifers!First up, Britt is served a slice of humble pie for some risky fashion choices. Laura has a stye... it's just a sh*tshow today. Laura and Matt went back to where they got married & the kids were a bit disappointed in comparison to last time.Do you feel as though you can maintain relationships with people who have different values to you? We speak about the response from the Kelce brothers to Harrison Butker's controversial speech two weeks ago.We discuss the ins and outs of whether different religious, political or moral values dictate if you can have relationships with people. We speak about the privilege involved with 'whether' you care about certain view points and whether it's the intensity of those values that might be the line in the sand.

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May 23, 2024

Ask Uncut - A Real Life Love Actually

Welcome back to Ask Uncut where we answer all of your deep and dark dilemmas! Britt has some really exciting personal news about her sister Sheri and her husband Jay.Vibes for this week:Britt - Bodyparts on Nine Now Keeshia - Three Identical Strangers on NetflixLaura - No Filter Patrick Gagne is a sociopathThen we jump into your questions! SHOULD I ATTEND THE FUNERAL?I was with my ex for 12 years. During the last 3 of those years my ex-Mother in Law (MIL) lived with us; I knew her very well. I'm now happily remarried with two kids and haven't spoken to anyone from my ex's family for around 6 years. Recently, I found out my ex-MIL has gotten very sick and it got me thinking about when she passes away. I would want to pay my respects to her given she was a huge part of my past life, but I don't know if attending her funeral and seeing my ex and his family for the first time since leaving him would only add to their pain. My question is: who do you attend a funeral for? Is it for the person who has passed away? Or their loved ones left behind? I DON'T WANT TO BE FRIENDS WITH MY COWORKER How do I let a work colleague know that I have no interest in being friends with them outside of work (or even at work TBH)? I really struggle working with this particular person, but that's clearly unbeknownst to her as she continually asks me to do things outside of work! I always come up with excuses not to go, but it's getting harder and harder. Also these are not big group things where everyone is invited, it's literally just the two of us and maybe one or 2 other people. Do I need to be more direct? Or just say yes and make it a really bad time so she doesn't want to hang out anymore? Or just keep putting up with it and coming up with excuses? SHOWER ETIQUETTE What is the etiquette when using someone else’s shower while staying with them? Do you bring your own shampoo/conditioner/body wash etc? Or is it acceptable to use theirs? DO I CONFRONT/ASK HIM OR PLAY IT OUT Last week my husband asked me to pick up a parcel for him from the post office and said it was a tool for work. When I picked up the parcel, I noticed it was from a silversmith so I googled them. I didn’t look any further as Mother’s Day was approaching and didn’t want to ruin my surprise. I didn’t get jewellery for Mothers Day. I looked on the website and it could be fingerprint jewellery but it’s way out of our budget. I mentioned it to my best friend to see what to do. After naming the jeweller, she said our mutual friend is mates with the jeweller, maybe our friend is going to propose and use my husband and our address for secret delivery. The 3 possible situations are: My husband bought someone else jewellery Fingerprint jewellery that will be back in a few weeks My husband is in on our friend's proposal and is keeping it secret (fair enough). My question is, do I ask my husband about the parcel or do I wait and see if something happens in the coming months? Clearly it’s bothering me haha.

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May 22, 2024

Loving My Lying, Dying, Cheating Husband. Uncut with Kerstin Pilz

Imagine yourself married to the person you love when they’re diagnosed with terminal cancer. You’ve been their carer and support during such an emotionally difficult time. But, then you find out that they have been cheating on you since your wedding day.Do you continue to care for them?Today’s guest didn’t have to imagine this scenario. She lived it. Kerstin Pilz grew up in Germany and was working as an academic at Macquarie University here in Australia. She was married to her job when Gianni, a charming Italian, turned her life into a champagne-coloured fairy tale. Soon after their runaway wedding, her new husband was diagnosed with cancer. Kerstin became his dedicated carer. But when she discovered that he had been cheating on her throughout their relationship, she was faced with a difficult choice: walk away, or continue to care for the man who betrayed her.

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May 21, 2024

Laura’s Family & the Impact of Terminal Illness, and Diddy's Assault Footage: The Ongoing Fight to Believe Women's Stories

Today's episode has a lot of variation of light and shade. Britt has done something that could be one of the funniest stories of something embarrassing that she's ever told. Salt & pepper squid anyone?Laura and her family have been navigating a really hard time in their personal lives as her step dad has entered the last phase of his terminal cancer. They had a celebration of his life and today Laura shares what this experience has been like behind the scenes. Please if there is one thing about today's episode, it's to reach out to the men in your life who are over 50 and ask them when their last prostate check was.Footage of a horrific, violent assault by Sean 'Diddy' Combs on his ex girlfriend Cassie Ventura has spread over the weekend. He has now released an 'apology' video that completely contradicts a statement he made in December where he said that he was completely innocent and that the allegations made against him were by "individuals looking for a quick pay day".We speak about women not being 'reliable narrators of their own experiences' until there is video evidence of abuse. We speak about 'reputational apologies' and how different laws complicate this particular scenario.

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May 16, 2024

Ask Uncut - Ungrateful Mother's Day and is the dating bar too high?

Welcome back to Ask Uncut where we answer your deep and dark dilemmas! The first dilemma of the day is that Marlie Mae (Laura's 4 year old) has been watching Taylor Swift 'The Eras Tour' and she's learnt some questionable dance moves... We have an ask uncut aftermath from a question last week!! We absolutely love finding out what happened next. Vibes for the week: Britt: pretty lazy magic wand hair perfector Keeshia: The Mel Robbins Podcast with Dr. Jen Gunter MD How to Balance Your Hormones: What Your Doctor Isn’t Telling You About Menopause Laura: Mimi's haircare for kids Then we jump into your questions: GRANDPARENTS WANT WEIRD TITLES THAT WE HATEMy husband and I have a problem, we are 5 months pregnant with our first child and my in-laws have been thinking about what they want to be called. Now, I’m happy for it not to be the typical grandma and grandpa etc if they don’t want but they have just called my husband to let him know that my MIL wants to be called cougey and my FIL has picked Ockey. (I don’t know how they would be spelt but they sound like koo ghee and ock ee.) We don't like these names and think they are weird, and could be confusing for our baby when she grows up. We don’t want to hurt their feelings but we also don’t want to have to refer to them as these strange names forever. How can we approach this with them or is it something they have every right to choose on what to be called by our child? DO I PRETEND IT'S GREAT?If a partner plans something for an event such as birthday, Mother’s Day, etc and you are disappointed, do you pretend it’s great? Or let them know you're disappointed? A couple of times I’ve expected a bit more planning from my partner and been disappointed but felt guilty for feeling this way. Are my expectations too high and is anything better than nothing? I should mention I’ve told him that I’m a sentimental person when it comes to milestones DO I CALL B******T OR IS THIS ‘NORMAL’ THESE DAYS? I’ve been dating a guy for 6 months (after his marriage of 2 years ago and 2 kids ended). Due to this I’ve given him space in anything too heavy about committing etc. About a month ago I asked him if he was on the apps and he said no, we haven’t had anymore “exclusive” chats. I’ve found out this week that he has liked one of my best mates pictures on hinge (who he’s met). He says it was an accident & he went on there because he was bored. Do I call b******t on this? My male friend says that blokes need validation and until you tell them your boundaries and commit, it’s fair game. He wants to talk it through and get on the same page but I am unsure if I want to bother. I have been single for 10 years and had hopes for this. He has all the qualities that I’m looking for but he seems emotionally immature. He hasn’t told me his feelings for me yet but he clearly likes me. Is my bar too high or is this just what we would expect nowadays?

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May 15, 2024

Uncut with Stephen K Amos - The People Who Were the Butt of the Joke Now Have a Voice

Joining the podcast today is comedian, TV personality and camp mate from the South African jungle Stephen K Amos! Britt got to know Stephen in their month in Africa together and they formed a special friendship built on some very personal and impactful conversations. Stephen joins us today with some of the funniest accidentally unfiltered stories (yes, plural) that we have ever heard!Stephen is such a laugh and a half and as funny as he is, he is equally as deep and thoughtful. We spoke about: Time in the jungle His life growing up in a Nigerian family in South London Expectations and being a ‘role model’ when he didn’t expect to be Always being labelled as a ‘Black comedian’ and eventually ‘Black, gay comedian’ Push back on political comedy ‘ruining’ comedy Stephen’s encounter with the Pope and his unexpected response to Stephen’s sexuality Performing for the Royal family Accepting himself and his body; wearing shorts for the first time EVER in the jungle

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May 14, 2024

The real life Martha from Baby Reindeer and that Piers Morgan interview

Hey Lifers,Today didn't quite go to plan! Laura's car broke down on the way to work so Producer Keeshia is filling in for her.Britt got ... locked in a sauna. She quite literally was stuck in there waiting for Wim Hof to finish his meditative ice bath!How do you feel about being in the background of someone's video at the gym? Keeshia found herself in this predicament and felt really uncomfortable. Then we have a chat about Piers Morgan's interview with the woman who is being labelled as the 'real Martha from Baby Reindeer'.We question: Whether interviews like this are exploitative and cross ethical boundaries Whether she has the right to defend herself Who is 'more' in the wrong; Netflix, Richard Gadd, Piers Morgan or the alleged stalker? Who owns a story? Whether it changes your opinion of the show

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May 9, 2024

Ask Uncut - Donor Eggs, Keeping My Ex's Surname & My Best Friend's Husband Tried to Cheat With Me

Hey guys and welcome back to your therapy Thursday where we answer all of your deep, dark and burning questions!First up, we asked our partners what they would have called us on their sex list. Not sure if we are recommending this one or not to be honest!Bachie has been canned and we will well and truly miss the beautiful tones of Osher's "ladies". Vibes for the week:Britt - Netflix The Roast of Tom BradyLaura - The Daily - Sunday Special 'Modern Love' podcast epKeeshia - Pill Box from Dosey Then we jump into your questions! HE WANTS TO CHEAT WITH MEMy husband and I travel frequently with another family who have children the same age. It started out as my husband and his friends but over time the wife has become one of, if not, my best friend. They live interstate but we talk most days. We are 2 weeks away from an international holiday with them, when he asks me in a private message if I was with my husband at the time, and to message back when I was alone. He asked if I would like to ‘hook up’ whilst overseas and at the same time said don’t say a word to them (meaning his wife and my husband). I actually asked if he was joking to which he replied “no, but now it’s awkward”. I brushed it off and politely declined. As I stand, it’s nearly 24 hours after the message. I am planning on telling my husband that we will need to rearrange our holiday and accommodation plans. She is going to know something has happened, so when she asks me why we are cancelling on them what do I say? If roles were reversed I would 100% want to know. We have always suspected he’s probably not 100% faithful to her but to make matters worse she is pregnant. I know the information is going to ruin her life. PARTNER DOESN'T WANT ME TO DONATE MY EGGS TO MY BROTHERI have two older gay brothers. Since I was about 16 (I am now in my mid 20s) I’ve said that I would like to donate eggs in the future to them, so they can have biological kids with their partner. (I always figured since we look very similar and I don’t plan on having kids it would be a nice way to have biological children in the family). One of my brothers and his partner are ready to start the process to have kids. However, my partner of 2 years that I plan on marrying is very uncomfortable and does not agree with this decision. He sees that it will be my kid. I am not sure what to do. Do I listen to my partner's concerns and come to terms with not helping my brothers or follow through with this said promise? What are your thoughts? Am I crazy for offering and not seeing it as being my child? IS IT OK TO KEEP EX HUSBANDS SURNAMEMy ex husband and I split a number of years ago and had one child together. I took his surname when we married. We have both since re-coupled and he is now engaged. This has made me wonder - is it time to change my name back? The problem is, I LOVE my current name and it feels like a bit part of who I am; personally and professionally. I also really love having the same surname as the child we happily co-parent. Is it weird if I just keep the name? My new partner and I also have a child together, and marriage will be on the cards one day but I don’t want to change my name multiple times… and I much prefer my current name 😅

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May 7, 2024

Sex Lists & Celibacy!

Laura is being gaslit by a sleep tracker and she is mad about it! She's also looking for which staff member (*allegedly) took her vibrator. Britt has been seeing a particular ex ALL over the place on an unexpected publicity tour. Do you keep a list of all of the people you've had sex with? Drew Barrymore did and she left it at Danny DeVito’s house! We share our ideas of lists, whether there are a few names that have slipped our memory and the nicknames you all have for the adventures you've been on! Plus, we talk about the journey of celibacy that Craig David has been on. *There’s been no more ‘making love by Wednesday'.

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May 2, 2024

Ask Uncut - She Cheated With Her Second Cousin

Hey Lifers! Welcome back to our ask uncut where we answer your deep, dark and debaucherous dilemmas. Today includes a doozy!Vibes for the week: Britt- Plane Tablet Holder Laura- Severance on Apple TV Keeshia- SBS Insight -Convenient Relationships Then we jump into your questions: SHE CHEATED WITH A SECOND COUSINMy cousin has come to me absolutely distraught. She confided to me that at a family wedding about 2 months ago she got very very drunk and had sex with our second cousin! Keep in mind she is newly married! She also told me that she is pregnant and not 100% sure who the dad is (her husband or the second cousin) . She has decided just to assume it’s her husband and is not looking into a paternity test. She is so ashamed and I think the only reason she has opened up to me is because of the pregnancy. Is it my place to tell the husband (who I’m close with too), for his sake and the baby’s sake (it could have serious health implications) or do I just pretend I know nothing? AM I MEANT TO BE WITH MY EX? I truly believe that my ex from 10 years ago is who I am meant to be with… We were really young and it just wasn’t the right time back then however, over the years there have been multiple times when we have talked about getting back together. There has always been something in the way like work commitments, personal reasons or one has been in a relationship when the other hasn’t. Only a few months ago when I was in a short relationship, I found out he was interested again. I'm not in that relationship anymore but he has just started seeing someone. What should I do? No matter how much I try to convince myself I’m wrong, my gut keeps telling me that it’s him and it will always be him who I am meant to be with. Should I try and talk to him about this (if so what the hell do I say) or just wait and see if time brings us back together again? Is he just the one that got away and it’s time to let that go? HOW SHOULD COUPLES SPLIT PAYMENTS I’m planning on moving out with my boyfriend and our two mates in three months into Sydney. For reference we’ve been dating for 6 years and I’ve been friends with his mates the whole time.I’ve been looking at places and am confused about how couples pay rent. Are we expected to split the amount evenly by all 4 of us even though my boyfriend and I are in the same room? Obviously bills are paid per person but I feel like it’s unfair when we are getting half the room. I haven’t moved out before so I'm not sure about roommate etiquette.

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May 1, 2024

Is Ozempic The Magic Pill? Weighing Up Society’s Dysfunctional Obsession with Weight, Food and Our Bodies - Uncut with Johann Hari

In 2022, coming out of lockdown, Johann went to a party with Hollywood celebrities. He noticed that unlike him and his friends who had all gained weight in lockdown, these people had all somehow lost a lot weight. It wasn't because they had taken up pilates. It was because of a new generation of injectable drugs, designed for diabetics, except that no one was speaking about it. Immediately he felt conflicted about these drugs. On one hand, it seemed as though they may have the ability to significantly improve the health risks associated with obesity; but there was also a dark side that he felt the need to investigate. Johann decided he would interview over 100 of the world's leading experts in science, medicine and the body positivity space to create his latest book "Magic Pill. The extraordinary benefits and disturbing risks of new weight loss drugs.” In this episode, we speak about: When Johann first became aware of drugs like Ozempic Fatphobia, stigma and shame that we have been conditioned to experience in our culture What these drugs could mean for people who already experience disordered eating How these drugs work and Johann's personal experiences on them The potential health benefits that they may have The risks and unknown outcomes of this class of drugs How weight is a 'status' symbol in our society Whether these drugs should solely be available for diabetics The potential future outcomes of weight loss drugs & what they could mean for our economy

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April 30, 2024

Jungle fever - Britt's is back baby!

Britt is back baby! There are always so many questions about what happens 'behind the scenes' on any reality TV show & in today's episode, Britt answered a big bunch of your questions, truthfully! We unpack: How 'time' and filming worked in the jungle (on camera/off camera) How the food situation worked and what affect it had on each of them What happens for the women on their period Her realisations about having children in the future What it was like to not have a phone for a month Fights inside the camp Contraband How much they got paid Who played up for the cameras Who was the best and worst in camp

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April 25, 2024

Ask Uncut - Do You *Self-Pleasure* At Work? 🙈

Welcome back to Ask Uncut, where we answer all of your deep, dark and sometimes deranged questions! Laura has one of her own first up! If a kid at preschool had taught your kid swear words, would you dob on them? Vibes for the week: Keeshia: I Love Linen Mattress Topper Laura: Koala Couch& Baby Reindeer on Netflix Then we jump into your questions: MY PARTNER CONSISTENTLY WETS THE BED WHEN HE DRINKS & HE WON’T STOP DRINKINGMy partner (M37) is a big drinker and also has an overactive bladder which leads him to wetting the bed basically every weekend when he drinks. I’ve expressed my discontent with this numerous times throughout our three year relationship and have tried to help by buying nappies, setting alarms during the night and trying to trick him into sleeping in other rooms. I’ve also pushed him to see a urologist where he now takes medication to urinate less throughout the day however as the bed wetting is primarily a problem from alcohol, he’s still frequently wetting himself. This impact also extends to when we go away with friends, for weddings, on holidays etc and he makes no effort to drink less and I’m left to monitor him throughout the night to make sure he gets up to pee and doesn’t wet the bed as we have no where else to sleep. I’m at my wit’s end and have even gone to see a relationship counsellor who basically said (long story short) that if I try to change the un-changeable then I’m going to drive myself crazy and I basically need to learn to live with it. My partner has an enormous victim mentality about this and his only emotional response is that “it’s not fair that his mates can drink as much as they want without this problem” and “why me, it’s not fair”. Am I being unreasonable in expecting him to drink less to stop this problem? If he was in his early 20s I’d give him time grow out of it, but at nearly 40, I’m heavily considering leaving the relationship because it’s so sad and unattractive, and I don’t want this for my future. Please tell me if I’m being too hard on him like he says that I am. IS IT OK TO W**K AT WORK? I randomly asked my husband when he last had a w**k, to which he replied “uh, probably last week?” Me being a stay at home mum who is home…ALL THE TIME, then asked “was I home?” He so casually responded “oh no, nine times out of ten I’d have a wank at work.” Now, I’m NOT here to yuck someone’s yum, HOWEVER, this is NOT the first partner I’ve had to do this! My husband is a tradie, one was in real estate, another was in the medical area. My question is… is this normal? Why not do it at home? Is it a risk kink thing? HUSBAND NOT REACHING OUT WHILST AWAY My husband has gone to Darwin for a week for a friend's 40th (we live in NSW) which is fine. I encouraged him to go. I am at home with our 2 children, aged 2 and 4 months. I am feeling a little bit let down with how often he is checking in with me while he is away. I feel like I have been initiating all contact with him, sending messages with updates of the kids etc and he takes hours to respond if at all. He doesn’t bother to send good morning or goodnight messages or calls. And I can see that he has been active online. He is staying at his brother's house and I know for a fact they have just been sitting around drinking for the last few days. Am I being unreasonable thinking he should be checking in on us more? I have pulled back on how many times I initiate contact to see whether he would pick it up on his end, but he hasn’t. Should I bring it up with him or just let it go? WEARING A BRA TO WORK Do you always wear a bra to work? I haven’t a couple of times, I have small titties and wear normal neckline tops. I thought I could absolutely get away with it, but I did notice one of my male coworkers looking down and it made me feel a bit weird. I have a desk job and am worried it might not be very professional. Would love your thoughts!

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April 24, 2024

Uncut with Sam Frost - When it's all too much. Talking depression, pile ons and walking away from a career she loved.

Joining the podcast today is the wonderful Sam Frost.Sam is an actress, an author, a mental health advocate and a mum. She originally graced our screens on the bachelor 10 years ago when she was just 24 years old. Sam has had many ‘eras’ and we address all of them in today’s chat!We speak about: Being so young when she entered the reality TV world and what those experiences were like Being so open about the darkness of mental health and mental illness Becoming an actress on Home and Away, and navigating the criticism of whether she was ‘worthy’ of the opportunity The vaccination conversation and public backlash that Sam endured in 2021 Why she actually decided to leave Home and Away The fear of becoming a mum as someone who already experiences mental illness How motherhood has changed her life What’s in line for her and her partner Jordy’s future with their son Ted

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April 23, 2024

Low libido? Try Cliterature 💦

Producer Keeshia is still here... she's clinging on like a turmeric stain. Britt is spending the week with her mum over in South Africa. We get an update on Laura's kitten Raspberry and who her preferred parent seems to be!In today's episode we take a bit of a shallow dive into the world of #smut, #smuttybooks & #booktok. If you've been wishing your libido would wake the f*ck up and resurrect itself, 'cliterature' might be for you!One of us has been doing some homework and has entered the world of erotic romance novels. We discuss how these books have been hugely popular amongst women, how they've helped pleasure back into their lives and explore worlds of fantasy in a safe environment. Taylor Swift dropped two albums over the weekend and we know that everyone is talking about the feud with Kim, and which songs are about Joe Alwyn & which are about Matty Healy. BUT, fewer people are talking about Taylor admitting to still tracking her ex's location on Find My Friends because he forgot to disable it! We have a chat about whether we use location tracking services and how it can feel when you're the one in the break up who doesn't move on first.

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April 18, 2024

Ask Uncut - Are You the Interruptee or the Interrupter?

Welcome to the episode where we unpack your deep, dark and burning questions. Britt's still in the jungle eating pig nipples. There's a sentence I never thought I'd write... Please keep voting to keep our girl in the jungle! VOTE HERELaura's brought her extra 4 legged child home. Buster is terrified and Matt is still in the 'dad who doesn't want the pet' phase. We all know that there's no one who will love a family pet more than the dad who initially said they didn't want them. Vibes: Keeshia: The Daily Aus Podcast - Bruce Lehrmann lost his defamation case. What does this mean? Laura: ToniMay Mother's Day collection Questions: FRIEND CUTS PEOPLE OFF MID SENTENCE One of my best friends constantly cuts people off while they are mid-sentence, sometimes when the person is answering the questions that she has asked them. She also will cut into other people’s conversations and start talking about something completely unrelated and making it hard to get the original chat back on track. Now that I’ve noticed she does this it drives me mental and makes me not want to have a deep engaged conversation with her, as it seems like she’s not properly listening or interested in what I have to say. Is there a way to politely tell her that she does this? Or is this a quirk of her personality that I need to let go? ACCIDENTALLY PREGNANT AND HE'S NOT BEING SUPPORTIVE I’ve recently moved interstate to a brand new city and I’m loving it. I met a guy pretty soon after arriving here, and he is amazing. Turns out on the first night we slept together, I fell pregnant. I am not in a position to keep the baby, and we’re aligned on that decision. However he hasn’t been as supportive as I would’ve hoped. I have been super sick, unable to work, bed ridden, and he hasn’t been replying for my messages for days on end. He hasn’t offered to bring me anything, or even just pay for appointments or supplies, or even just ask how I'm doing. I know we’re not together but I can’t help but feel disappointed in the way he’s handled this. What would your tips be before going forward in this situation? Should I keep seeing him after? IS IT OK TO PEE WITH YOUR PARTNER IN THE SHOWER? Please help me settle this debate between my boyfriend and I! Is it okay to pee in the shower when I shower with my boyfriend? For context, we shower together every night and he always finds it weird and gross that I have to pee in the shower. But I think It’s fine as it ends up going down the same pipes and to the same destination as the toilet. Should he just get over it or should I stop peeing in the shower when he is in there with me? DO I TELL HIM ABOUT MY FAMILY CONDITION? I lost my dad when I was a teenager from a neurodegenerative disorder. This disorder is genetic and each child has a 50/50 chance of inheriting it with it being a dominant gene. There is no cure or treatment so it is essentially a death sentence. My sister is in the later stages of the disease having been diagnosed in her mid 20s. I haven’t been tested due to not feeling ready but I’m starting to look into testing now as I’ve started to realise how much it has held me back in things such as relationships and career. At this stage from our family history, it’s looking like I don’t have it. I have been single for a long time because of this and not wanting to bring someone in just in case I have it or for them to have to witness what my family is going through. I’ve been on a few dates recently but a lot of the time people ask why I’ve been single for so long. At what stage do I tell them my family history? I don’t want to scare people straight away but also don’t want to misinform them.

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April 17, 2024

Uncut with Tara Rae Moss - The Halo Effect, Pretty Privilege and "Ugly Laws"

Tara Rae Moss is a chronic pain and disability advocate, keynote speaker and bestselling author of 14 books. It’s likely that you originally know Tara Rae from her life as an international model, but her life took an unexpected turn 8 years ago when she developed a chronic pain condition known as CRPS. In this chat we speak about: Her experiences in the modelling industry as a teenager Why she has returned to using her birth name Tara Rae The halo effect, pretty privilege, the ugly laws and how it all is connected to ableism How opportunities dried up once Tara Rae said that she had a disability What living with CRPS was like and her journey to remission Having to take a lie detector test to prove that she actually wrote her novels Intersectional feminism

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April 16, 2024

Bondi Tragedy - Losing the Importance of Truth in the Race to Be First

Hey Lifers,Today's episode was particularly difficult to record. The whole nation is grieving the loss of 6 people in our community after a horrific act of violence on Saturday afternoon at Bondi Junction shopping centre.Within our team, we have personal connections to some of the victims and we want to send our most sincere love and support to the families and loved ones who have had one of the most horrific events imaginable take place. Today we speak about the way that this incident was reported in the media, and the lessons that we can learn from it. In a time where we are so demanding of instant information, it seems as though respect, permission, grace and importantly the need for the information to be true has been lost.And, on a lighter note we also have a chat about how to know whether you should invite your partner to an event/hang out.In this conversation we spoke about an episode that we recorded about askers and guessers.

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April 11, 2024

Ask Uncut - My Boyfriend Drank Another Woman's Breast Milk

Hey Lifers,Welcome back to your weekly therapy session where we unpack your deep, burning questions! Vibes for the week:Keeshia: (follow up from last week is that if you already pay for Spotify, you can listen to a bunch of audiobooks for free!)Plus the podcast Modern Wisdom with Matthew Hussey - Why Is Love So Hard To Find In The Modern World Laura: One Day on Netflix Then we get into your questions! My husband and I have two kids. I would happily have another but he doesn't want another. I've become comfortable with this being our family unit. As such, I have broached the conversation of him having a vasectomy because I don't feel as though I should be responsible for contraception given that he is the one who has made this decision. He has completely taken the idea of a vasectomy off the table and said that he will not have one. Although I feel he should have bodily autonomy, I think it is an unfair expectation that he won't have one when I have already given birth to our two children. I was house/pet sitting while the owners were away on holidays. I just discovered an indoor camera in the kitchen / living area - after having a very hot sex with my partner pretty much right in front of it! I have also been walking around naked or just undies when it’s hot. I did ask the owners about cameras/security before agreeing to the house sit and they only informed me about a front door security camera. What do I do now?? Do I ask them about it or should I just ignore it and pray that the camera wasn’t recording, nobody saw anything and they don’t have first class porn stored somewhere on their cloud? Do you think sexual chemistry can grow? I met up with a guy from Hinge, had a great chat, lots of laughs and things in common but couldn’t picture myself kissing him. I usually rely on it from the get go but I’m trying to date guys I wouldn’t usually initially pick since the guys that I do feel instant chemistry with haven’t worked out. My boyfriend just told me that when he was at his best friend's house the other night he lost track of the odds and had to drink his bestie's baby mama's breast milk. We don’t have kids yet and I always thought mine would be the only breast milk he tried. Idk how to feel about it. I'm kinda grossed out and feel upset that he tried another woman's breast milk but don’t know if I’m overreacting or not. He also thinks it’s fine cos it’s the same as drinking female cow milk.

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April 10, 2024

Uncut with Diana Nyad - Creating Lasting Friendship & Unapologetically Chasing Your Dreams

You might have heard a few weeks ago, Laura recommended we all watch Nyad on Netflix. Nyad was nominated for an Oscar and the film told the story of Diana Nyad, who first attempted to swim over 100 miles, which is 170 km, from Cuba to Florida in her 20s.One her first attempt, she was unsuccessful.At the age of 60, she decided to complete the feat she wasn’t able to when she was 28. She decided to do it without a shark cage. She also had to navigate dangerous marine creatures like box jellyfish, which can transfer enough toxin to paralyse and kill you. On her 5th attempt, at the age of 64, Diana completed the 170km swim alongside her best friend and coach Bonnie. This is a story of resilience, defying society's limitations of age and one of female friendship!Diana also shares why she spoke publicly about the s*xual assault that she experienced at the hands of her coach from age 14 in an effort to help other victims not live in shame and be able to find their voice too.Diana has such an energetic and inspirational attitude to life!

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April 9, 2024

Living In a Glass House of Accountability, a Feminist Talk and the Inspired Unemployed

Do you go to sleep angry with your partner or do you resolve it all before the zzzs?Also very curious to know if you have certain activities that are laptop only, or if you're comfortable doing it all on your phone? What's your 'limit' of the depth of the activities? On today's episode we have a meaty chat about accountability culture. Last Wednesday feminist authors Antoinette Lattouf, Clementine Ford and Yumi Stynes held a free event with a special guest that turned out to be Jack Steele from the Inspired Unemployed. The event turned out to be a bit of a prank for the TV program Impractical Jokers. People who attended the event have reacted with mixed emotions; mostly being shock, disappointment and anger. We dive deep into the complexities of accountability culture, and what it means to live in a "glass house" where transparency and self-awareness are key. We chat about the nuances of why some people choose to address indiscretions, and why others don't. We talk about intent vs impact, calling in vs calling out and whether there's room for grace when someone in the public space f*cks up.

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April 4, 2024

Ask Uncut - My Partner Does Drugs on Special Occasions

Hey Lifers!Welcome to your weekly therapy session where we answer all of your deep, dark and controversial questions (today).Laura is in Bali and has been making her sister bank roll the trip. Britt is still in the jungle and we can keep it that way by voting to save her! Vibes for the week:Laura - Brittney Saunder's new business pod Big Business Keeshia - Trevor Noah's podcast What Now? and the 60 minutes interview with Trevor Noah Then we jump into your questions! I’ve been with my boyfriend for 2.5 years. We’re 24, we live together & share a pet. I’m a hyper romantic & an extrovert. He’s pretty negative & modest at times. He doesn’t like to show his affection unless he’s drunk or we are alone. Over the past year our sex life has gone from weekly to 1-2 times a month. I love him so much & despite our arguments I want this to work. When I questioned him as to why we aren’t having more sex he said “you nag me about it too much & it seems like you’re forcing the seductiveness”. I pulled back any attempt to be overly sexual or touchy & nothing changed. I even put on lingerie, wore his favourite perfume, lit candles and he still said no he didn’t feel like it. I understand but I’m so lost. I’m so young to be in this position because I know that nothing will change. But I don’t know what else to do. I recently went on a 3rd date with a guy, which so far everything was going well with - he was ticking many boxes in terms of constant communication, making plans etc … and on this night he had initiated dinner, booked the restaurant and was even there early … and the date went fabulous. At the end of the night , after going to a bar for more drinks we decided we wouldn’t go home together. By this point all we had done was kiss. As we were exiting the bar - I saw him on his phone, but little did I know he was already booking his Uber. Once we get outside (it’s around 1am) he tells me his Uber is nearly here, I quickly book mine but mine says 9 minutes away.. His Uber arrives and without hesitation he just jumps right in - I thought surely he’d check how far mine was or wait for me but no. He didn’t. He just left me standing on the street alone waiting 8 more minutes for mine … I thought I’d at least get a message from him asking if I got home safe, but nothing. He couldn’t have cared less how or if I got home. But still messaged me the next day asking to see me again. Chivalry is HUGE for me but sadly his lack of care here has given me the major ICK. Do you think this is bad behaviour / a red flag or I should just carry on seeing him and hope it was a simple mistake? My partner & I are planning to start our lil fam. After a recent miscarriage, he was the most supportive person & outside of this, we have the best relationship. I know he will be such a great parent. He will be the stay at home parent after my paid leave finishes as I earn more. I am just not sure where I sit with this one thing. I know it’s common and almost normal these days, but every 6 or so months, he uses cocaine on a “special occasion” with friends. This isn’t really my thing, which he respects, but I appreciate that he’s always been open when he has used them. He agreed without hesitation not to use it while we try again, but I get the impression that he may still use it on rare occasions in the future. It’s not a deal breaker, but I just have a mind-set that it’s something you ‘weed out’ out of your life when you become a parent.

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April 3, 2024

How to Manage a Break Up & Why You Seem to be Dating the Same Person Over and Over- Uncut with Jillian Turecki

How the f*ck do you move on when you're in the depths of a relationship? Today's episode is with the incredible Jillian Turecki! Jillian Turecki is a certified relationship coach, teacher and writer. She has helped thousands of people be better in their relationships, including the relationship you have with yourself, and has helped just as many people manage the aftermath of a relationship breakdown. We ask for Jillian's advice on: How to know whether you should break up with your partner How do I know if it's just a normal relationship lull or if it's actually the end of the relationship? Do you know when you've found 'the one'? Are break ups always devastating or are they an opportunity? When it's actually not them, it's you. You're the problem Patterns in your dating and relationships

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April 2, 2024

Are You the Friend Who Disappears When You're in a Relationship? Lizzo Has Quit & Laura's Questioning Plane Etiquette

We hope you all had wonderful Easter weekends; whether that is with or without egg hunts and hat parades! Laura shares her feelings around adding magic to special events so that they become your really important memories. Laura is in Bali and has had quite an eventful plane ride. She's curious as to how you'd handle this plane etiquette and Keeshia thinks the passive aggressive route is best.Have you ever felt as though a friend bailed on you when they got in to a relationship? Has this become a bit of a pattern? Are you possibly the friend who deprioritises friendship when you get into a relationship?We discuss the difference between a natural evolution of a friendship, a shift in life stages and expectations of the intensity of friendship. Plus we speak about Lizzo quitting. Is it the result of being guilty in the 'court' of public opinion or have problematic trolls just been given the green light to attack her because of the allegations against her? Is she cancelled? Do you think someone should be hired to perform at an event like a political fundraiser when they have active allegations such as sexual assault allegations against them?

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March 28, 2024

Ask Uncut - Blow job etiquette

HE CHEATED EARLY IN THE RELATIONSHIP My boyfriend (31) and I (28) started dating in June last year, we made it official at the end of July. Since the very beginning we’ve been very happy. We are both super committed to our relationship and each other, we communicate really well and he shows me every day how much he loves me. I truly thought I had found my penguin. However… I just found out he cheated on me 2 times just when our relationship started. He cheated on me with a girl he met back in June. She was away in Europe for a bit so when we started our relationship she wasn’t around but they were still texting. When she was back they met up 2 times and had sex. This was 1 week, and 2 months after we made it official. All of this came out because the girl reached out to me to tell me everything.I confronted him, he felt really guilty and owned his mistakes. He said it absolutely didn’t mean anything. He was lost and scared and he said he could never do that to me now because we are in such a different stage of our relationship. I can see how our relationship has changed in the last 4 months. He says he has changed and did the inner work after the cheating. I think he still needs to work on himself to potentially continue the relationship. And he agrees. My question is how bad are the red flags? I know you can recover from cheating but can you when you started the relationship and fell in love with the person when he was cheating? I think I really want to make this work and give him another chance HOW DO I ASK IF HE'S SLEEPING WITH OTHER PEOPLE I’ve been seeing this guy for a month so far so good - convos, good hobbies align, values align and watching him work out was a beautiful sight. BUT he is going away in two weeks for a 2 month trip with a mate. Usually it would be way too soon to define the relationship but with him going away my question is do I ask are we not sleeping with other people during this time I feel like it’s usually too soon to ask but I also think if he likes me he shouldn’t want to. He has also told me he’s deleted all the apps (which is how we met) Do I have the convo? BLOW JOB ETIQUETTE I was in a 17 year relationship, married with 2 kids. It was a tough time when we separated and I gave myself a year before I started dating again. I hadn't dated a lot before I got married. I have dated a bit now and it has been fun and hard and an emotional roller coaster. But my question is, what is the etiquette when giving a guy a blow job? Should he ask you and/or tell you before he cums in your mouth? I went out with a guy on a few dates and the first time we were intimate together I was quite surprised when I went down on him and a short time later he just came in my mouth without saying anything until after he came he said 'Good girl'. I felt degraded and a bit used to be honest. I usually don't mind this happening but previous guys have always asked or warned me so I can make a choice. What do you think?

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March 27, 2024

Uncut with Tones and I. "You’ve Got to Be the Whole Package and I Just Wanted to Be the Music"

Today's interview felt like such an honour. It's with one of the most successful Australian artists, who likely needs little introduction, Tones and I!She has over 10.5 billion streams worldwide. Her songs have been number 1 in 31 countries and she was the first female artist to reach 3 billion streams on spotify! But, Tones rarely does media and we feel so lucky that this is her first ever long form podcast. We chat about: Why Tones felt like hiding from a public life was a safer option How she grew up and why she worked so hard for what she wanted Dance Monkey catapulting her into the public space and what that felt like behind closed doors Being in her sequin, confidence era Choosing to go sober Living as a married person with a bunch of friends Touring with P!nk after offers from Robbie Williams Announcing her OWN national tour!

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March 26, 2024

Should We Feel Guilty For Speculating About Princess Catherine?

Britt has gone into the jungle!! She's petrified of heights and we don't know why she didn't lie about her fears. It's Laura's 38th birthday!!!! (It's possibly her 37th but we've referred to google for reference). Laura speaks candidly about not being a birthday person and why she feels a little bit indifferent to gifts; unless they are plants. We speak about being in certain places of life by a certain time as the years click over. Over the weekend, Princess Catherine announced that she has been battling a cancer diagnosis and undergoing preventative chemotherapy treatment. We question whether people in positions like hers are entitled to privacy just like everyone else, and whether we should feel bad for contributing to the public speculation. Did she feel as though she had to come out with this information because of public harassment or because the PR team royally f*cked up so many times that it pushed her into a corner?

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March 21, 2024

Ask Uncut - Britt's Going Into The Jungle!!

Hey Lifers! We will get to your questions but firstly, BRITT IS GOING TO SOUTH AFRICA and entering the "I'm a celebrity, get me out of here" jungle!We talk about how it came about, what it's going to entail and which charity Britt is going into the jungle for! You can check out the charity Rize Up Australia Vibes for the week: Britt - watch I'm a celebrity on channel 10. It starts on Sunday! Keeshia - Ultra sonic cleaner Zima dental pod Laura - One Child Nation on Prime Video Then we jump into your questions: -Last month my family & I were at the beach and we set up our Cool Cabana and 3 beach chairs. We were there for a few hours but decided we wanted to have lunch so we packed up our beach towels but just left the cabana and beach chairs underneath it. A few hours later we returned and a whole family was sitting under our cabana on our beach chairs. They had their rash shirts all hung up on our cabana. We said ‘what are you doing here?’ and they said they asked people nearby if anyone owned it and when they said they hadn’t seen us in a while they thought it was fine to use. When we asked them to leave the mum rolled her eyes at us and only the young boy apologised. When I told my friend about this she said they had every right to use our cabana and beach chairs. This isn’t correct beach etiquette is it? -I had a friendship of 10+ years who was my best friend and had been through everything with me, this friendship ended last year. The friendship in itself got quite toxic towards the end so it’s definitely a relief that we are no longer friends, however it’s hard to not look back on all the good memories and good times we had. I feel like I’m coming out of a toxic romantic relationship. I know I'm better off without her but it’s still sad. Now that I'm out of this friendship, I find myself looking around at other female friendships and feel sad. I have friends but I feel like it's all on a superficial level, and I'm never truly myself like the way I was with her. My question is how do people make good pure friendships in their 20’s? It's just making me so sad lately -My partner has had a declining sex drive for a while now. I've noticed that his instagram explore page is full of raunchy bikini models. After confronting him about this, he admitted that he jacks off to these pictures. I want to know whether this is a problem to most people or if it's me overreacting?

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March 20, 2024

'I Couldn't Save Her, But She Saved Me' - Fighting Leukaemia Uncut with Nikiya Love

Today's episode felt like such a privilege. We finally got to meet lifer Nikiya Love in person!You may have gotten to know Nikiya in the life uncut discussion group. Over the years Nikiya has brought us along for the ride throughout her fertility journey and her leukaemia diagnosis while she was pregnant with her beautiful daughter Lexi. In this chat we speak about: -Nikiya's IVF process-How her leukaemia diagnosis happened-Losing her beautiful daughter Lexi-What fertility looks like after chemo-The stem cells from a stranger that saved her life-How important blood donations are Nikiya has a gentle strength and a grasp of what's truly important in life. This chat has left us feeling forever changed.

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March 19, 2024

Is Zuckerberg dumping the news?

First up today, we've got two very special (s-paw-cial if you like a pun) guests in with us today. We go through the worst things you've done to get revenge on one of your exes and you are all very CREATIVE!! We also promise that we won't report any of you because some of these things are borderline illegal. Plus we unpack the big changes that Meta is about to make to your instagram and facebook news. Things could be really changing next month. But who is in the wrong here? Is it the government for legislating something that benefited some news providers (but not all), or it is Meta for wanting to save themselves from paying Australian news providers a lot of money. There are a few independent news players in this game that are really going to be affected by this change, despite them never benefiting from the agreement that was made in 2021. We also speak about our desire and ability to pay for content such as news. If we eventually did need to pay for this type of content to keep these news organisations going, would you be willing to? Would you only pay for some or the types that you liked and enjoyed? Would that make you end up in an echo chamber?

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March 14, 2024

Ask Uncut - My Husband Slept with a Sex Worker at His Bucks Party

Britt is very concerned about where Kate Middleton is. Laura and producer Keeshia are much more distracted by the free water station at Fred Again. Different strokes for different folks ya know? Vibes for this week: Britt: Three Women on Stan Keeshia: Loop Ear Plugs Laura: NYAD on NetfllixThen we jump into your questions! My husband and I got married 6 months ago. He left his laptop with his WhatsApp open and there were messages from his friends saying they were clear from STIs and for my husband it wouldn't matter because he would "only be passing it on to one person". That message made me feel weird. We’ve spoken about boundaries before. I was fine with strippers and a lap dance at his bucks. I checked his phone and have now since learnt he slept with a sex worker on his bucks. I don't know how to feel about it, do I confront him about it? I've done the wrong thing by checking on his phone without him knowing. I just feel gross and disrespected. If a guy asked you what your favourite flowers were and you told him a specific flower, but he bought you another flower instead because it’s HIS favourite, is that a red flag? I know it’s the thought that counts but why ask someone for their favourite flower if you’re not going to listen to them? My partner and I are having a ridiculous argument. It has been 40 degrees here and we're renovating so we don't have any aircon at the moment. I have been walking around naked and just did the dishes. He told me he didn't feel comfortable with me doing everyday things when I'm naked because it ‘leaves nothing up to the imagination’. He thinks if I continue doing it then it will impact our intimacy. He's used the analogy, 'a chef who cooks all day, doesn't want to go home and cook'. I don't see a problem with it and wouldn't care if the roles were reversed. What are your thoughts?

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March 13, 2024

The Playboy Mansion , Hugh Hefner and the 60 Year Age Gap - Uncut with Crystal Hefner

The playboy mansion and playboy empire is surrounded by so much intrigue and controversy. Today we got to chat with Crystal Hefner. Crystal became a sexual icon of the 2010’s when she entered the playboy mansion at only 21 years of age. When Crystal turned 26, she married Playboy tycoon Hugh Hefner who was 86 years old and news of this wedding circulated to every corner of the globe. Crystal has just released a tell all memoir titled “only say good things” about the truth of what really happened behind closed doors of the elusive playboy mansion. We chat about: How Crystal initially entered the Playboy Mansion What life was actually like day to day How the exploitation of such young women was in plain sight to the entire world Finances inside the house and how much the girls actually got paid Sex inside the mansion The ‘reality’ of original reality TV - The girls next door The hierarchy of the ‘girlfriends’ What happened to all of the girls of the mansion Crystal’s regrets & why she is speaking out now

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March 12, 2024

Seeking Revenge on a Cheater & Are Dating Apps Addictive?

Laura is ready to rave! She's got a week in her house solo for the first time since having kids and she's going to a school night party. What in the 37 years old?? Britt's bucking the latest trend but maybe you'll be interested in a merkin. What length would you go to to get revenge on your friend that cheated with your partner? Would you attempt to take their eyebrows? Someone on the internet has tried and personally we're going for the passports. What's the worst thing you have done for revenge on an ex that mistreated you? There's a class action lawsuit going on in the states against dating app company Match Group (Hinge, Tinder & the League owner) claiming that they falsely advertise by saying that their aim is to get you off the apps and actually into relationships, when their algorithms are designed to keep you on the apps. We unpack whether dating apps are designed to be 'gamified' and should be looked at as something that is addictive. If this is the case, should we be having more transparency over how the algorithms work like we do for gambling apps or alcohol?

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March 7, 2024

Ask Uncut - Millennials eye shadow is out!

Are you wearing eye shadow? Apparently we are not fitting in with the youth anymore, but we certainly have the 'tired eyes' look covered! Britt is sad that she's missing out on some family memories. Laura's kids picked their cat, but Matt has rules and we're not sure if it will be cat or cats... Our vibes for the week: Britt - Tide stain remover pen Keeshia - Bali body Face tan serum (and Griffins Marvels Golden Gaytime Biscuits from Coles)! Laura - And Juliet Theatre Show Then we jump into your questions!

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March 5, 2024

Age Gaps & When You Just Don't "Feel The Connection" With Your Kid

Last week we accidentally breadcrumbed something but we are so excited to tell you that we now have a youtube channel!!! You can watch our episodes HERE!Please note that for our hard of hearing or deaf friends, you are able to turn on captions in your settings. Lots happening in our personal lives with pets this week - Britt got into a brawl because Delilah apparently likes digging holes & Laura is adopting a cat. When it comes to age gaps, how much is too much and do gender dynamics matter?We speak about Kristin Cavallari's (37) new boyfriend Mark Estes (24), and why the world seems to be up in arms about their relationship. We unpack the general perceptions of age gaps and our own experiences dating 'up' or 'down' age ranges. Bradley Cooper has spoken out on a podcast saying that when his daughter was initially born, he did not feel a connection with her & it took him months to 'love' her.As outrageous as it might be to hear it, how common is this experience?We speak about how very common this seems to be for both mums and dads with their babies and why this seems to be the case.

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March 5, 2024

American Nightmare. The Truth About the Wrongfully Labelled "Real Life Gone Girl". Uncut with Denise Huskins

In this chat Denise answers so many of our questions like: Why were you and Aaron targeted? If law enforcement thought your statements were too inconsistent and unreliable to believe you, then why were you later seen as a reliable witness in court? Why have the other kidnappers not been pursued and prosecuted? Did the police ever take accountability for their mistakes?

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February 29, 2024

Ask Uncut -Ultimatums, 'Too Soon' and How Honest is Too Honest?

Today has been a bit of a chaotic mess, but what else is new?It's a leap year day and Queen Margaret (5 years) has an allowance for you. Britt has stuck her foot in it and basically told her pregnant friend that she didn't like her baby name. Vibes for the week:Britt - Can I tell you a secret? on Netflix Keeshia - Ali Abdaal's Deep Dive Podcast The difference between healthy and toxic relationships Laura Barney Dog Bed Then we jump into your questions! I’ve been officially dating someone for about four months, but we were in a bit of a situationship for about 5 months before that and we were friends for about 3 years before that. We have already said ‘I love you’ and talked about the future, so we’re quite serious. The only thing is, after we had been officially dating for a month, he said that the ‘honeymoon phase’ was over and that he needed to start taking a bit more time to himself. It has caused a few issues, because he’s 30 and I’m his first partner, so he’s quite a solitary person, but I need quite a bit of attention. I’m starting to regret deciding to be exclusive, but it’s a bit too late to backtrack from that now. I’m not sure how to handle this situation, because I don’t want to be the nagging girlfriend who asks for more time, but I’m also starting to get resentful about not having more of his time. A few weeks ago you answered the question to another listener about the girl who’s fiancé was going to propose to her when / after she gets her license. And an engagement under certain conditions, that was okay. My friend is in a similar situation with her boyfriend of 1 year. However, her boyfriend has said openly to her that he wants to marry her, but won’t propose to her until she gives up vaping and drinking on weeknights. I thought personally this could be problematic and potentially manipulative to have a promised engagement under certain conditions. I am dying to hear your take on this. I feel like this is a stupid question but I have been out of the dating game for so long and I need to know what's normal. I went out on a first date with a guy and it was absolutely amazing. I was lucky enough to get a kiss at the end of the date and nothing else! We are going on a second date next week. Do I kiss him on the lips when I see him next or be polite and give him a kiss on the check? When is 'too soon' to ask the person you've been going on dates with whether it's exclusive?

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February 28, 2024

Work-Life Happiness and Figuring Out Your Identity When You're Adopted - Uncut with Sarah Davidson

Hey Lifers,This episode was such a joy. Sarah Davidson is known as a 'funtrepreneur" (fun entrepreneur) for giving up her very successful career path in law to start her own business and find what brings her joy. Sarah speaks with incredible insight into the way that we view success and how that aligns (or doesn't) with happiness. Something a lot of us question is whether we could be feeling a bigger sense of purpose if we were doing something else, and also when to take that lunge and when not to; a cost-benefit analysis of your work-life happiness. Another really interesting part of Sarah's story is that she was adopted at 5 months old from an orphanage in Korea. Sarah has found a different type of curiosity around her identity now that she is pregnant and will have a family member reflect her physical traits for the first time. We speak about some of the questions that adoptees face and have themselves.

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February 27, 2024

Flash backs and Britt's frozen embryos

It's been a Taylor Swift filled weekend! Both of us attended and had a freaking incredible time! We take a surprise walk down memory lane and flashback to Nov 2022. Hindsight is an interesting place to be looking back on a budding love story! We spoke about sliding in to Linked in DMs on last week's Ask Uncut and today we revisit it with more opinions and a little shift in perspective! Plus we speak about the recent changes in Alabama that classify embryos as children and the repercussions of these changes. Britt shares her personal experience with freezing embryos and how devastating it can be when that process doesn't go as planned.

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February 22, 2024

Ask Uncut - The Patriarchy F*cked Up Our Buttons

Which side are your buttons on? A fun fact Laura brought up will have half of you interested and the other half wondering why guys, why?Britt has had botox in her skull to try and treat her migranes.We spoke a bit about how invalidating invisible conditions can make you feel. If you'd like to listen to the episode with Bridget Hustwwaite, it's here Living With Endo - Uncut with Bridget Hustwaite Vibes for the week:Britt: sunday supply co beach loungers Keeshia: Sound sleep mask Laura: John Plunkett Superfade cream Then we jump into your questions: Is it okay to brush your teeth when you’re on the toilet? For a little context, when my boyfriend got out of the shower last night, he dried off, then proceeded to start brushing his teeth. When I got out of the shower, he was sitting on the toilet, doing a number 2, whilst still brushing his teeth. Surely that is not an okay thing to do Can you make a relationship work when incomes are so different? My partner is wonderful; thoughtful, kind, funny - everything! But he earns a lot less than me with no desire to earn more. I’m worried this is going to cause resentment and issues over time (like with kids and holidays etc) I’m in a happy marriage to my husband (dating for 8 years, married for 2). We are both in our early 30s, have good jobs, have done a bit of travel and have recently bought our first home. We would both like to have kids at some point. We have watched as other friends and family have had kids and it seems to add chaos and complexity to all areas of your life. When life is so good at the moment it feels kind of crazy to turn everything upside down by having kids but it also feels like “the right time” in our life (plus biological clock of course) but I’m scared I will miss this period of life where it is just me and my husband and life is so easy I met this guy out and never got his number. He said he's not on social media. I looked on social media with no luck. I googled his name and found his linkedin. Can I message him or does this come across as incredibly stalkerish?

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February 21, 2024

Everything You've Ever Wanted to Ask The World's Biggest Pornstar! - Uncut with Angela White 💦💦💦

Lifers, today's episode was wildly entertaining and so much fun!We got to sit down with one of the world's most successful porn stars, Angela White! And she's home grown!We spoke about Angela's first experiences in the porn industry and how it impacted her education in gender studies. We chat: If orgasms are real in porn Boundaries in sex work The 'rules' in porn How to give blow jobs, dirty talk and start back door experiences Adult entertainment terminology - dp, tp and air tight (don't worry we didn't know what they were either) OnlyFans and whether the money is as lucrative as we think Angela's most viral moment

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February 20, 2024

Should You 'Out' Your Ex If They Dump You To Go On MAFS?

Hey Lifers!Get your cups of tea ready, or your runners on. We're in for a big, long, slightly unhinged catch up! We chat about nostalgic concerts and accidental public nudity.We also chat about the strangest Valentines Day post that we've ever seen with mentions to their ex, their divorce and their new fiance.Plus we discuss whether we would have called out someone we were dating if they dumped us for reality TV (and what we told the people we were seeing before going into the Bachelor)!

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February 15, 2024

Ask Uncut - What Am I Meant To Do With This Information?

Hey Lifers, Hope you had a nice Valentine's Day, and that you didn't deeply shame a certain gift that your partner was about to give you...like we did. Vibes for the week:Britt: Society of the Snow on Netflix Keeshia: Luc Longley: One Giant Leap on Australian Story Laura: Lover, Stalker, Killer on Netflix(sorry fam, can't link netflix because it takes you to the sign in page) Then we jump into your questions! Last night I had a dream about another guy. Nothing particularly scandalous happened but I felt guilty so I told my boyfriend and it upset him quite a bit. Is he overreacting or is it better to not tell your partner about a dream involving another guy? My partner of 5 years recently had some significant family troubles and it's taken a toll on his mental health. He's found himself thinking about his ex, and wondering whether his life was happier when they were together. He says he wants to be with me, but I'm wondering if this is a reflection of his current mental state or if it's a reflection on our relationship. My boyfriend is a corporate king on $500k+. Although, whenever he does the groceries he walks out and never pays.. or sometimes pays for only part. I’m talking about meat, fruit, veggies, yogurt, pasta etc.. substantial items.. not like picking a grape and quickly putting it in your mouth whilst shopping. This does not sit well with me. He does it because “no one’s watching, and why would I pay if I don’t have to?" I think he also likes the “rush” he gets from it. He has very strong morals and values elsewhere and this can be seen a little off brand with the rest of his character. I’ve brought it up and said I don’t like it but he doesn’t see it as a big deal. I’m worried he’ll get caught and I also don’t want his young children to see this behaviour and think it’s right. Thoughts, opinions on how to navigate this?

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February 14, 2024

What You're Doing To 'Fix' Your Anxiety Could Be Making It Worse - Uncut with Anna the Anxiety Coach

Hey Lifers! Today we are joined by the wonderful Anna the Anxiety Coach We’ve spoken about anxiety loads of times before but not in this way.This conversation focused a lot more on the physiological side of anxiety and how we need to use a range of different things to combat the stress of our everyday lives. We speak about: The things that people commonly do to try and reduce their stress or anxiety, and how they can actually exacerbate it Talk therapy is a bandaid, not a solution Personality types that were more likely to develop anxiety Whether anxiety is a product of nature or nurture We also spoke about anxiety throughout different life stages, anxiety developing in kids, whether that be us as kids or in our kids now and whether it actually helps if you can identify the cause or trigger of where your anxiety came from.You can find more from Anna's website and grab her book The Vagus Nerve Reset

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February 13, 2024

Would you like some steroids with your gold medal?

Hey Lifers,Guess who is back on Aus soil?!We're all back in the same room, close enough to touch each other and link toes...Britt had a pretty shit time at the very end of her stay in Scotland but maybe not as bad as Barnaby Joyce. We chat about Britt's incredibly uncomfortable massage, Laura's secret addiction, and her deep need for an HR department!Plus, we chat about the 'enhanced games' which is the Olympics on steroids, quite literally!We weigh up the pros and cons of health, fairness, privilege and entertainment.

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February 8, 2024

ASK UNCUT - The best friend, and the man who made his ex girlfriend watch

Producer Keeshia is filling in for Britt and we simply couldn't not address the girlfriend in the room watching you with her best friend. If you haven't seen MAFS this week, a very twisted retribution attempt was confessed about a past relationship & over coming infidelity. We have many thoughts... Our vibes for the week:Keeshia - at home brow lamination brow code lustre Laura - Ready for it a Taylor Swift inspired podcast Then we jump into your questions!-My partner sees a female barber (this is fine), however she lives 30+ mins away, works from her house, wears skimpy aprons and gave him chocolates for Christmas. She also gave him a game to try recently… He sees her every 3 weeks and the last time he went, he shaved EVERYTHING. I’ve expressed my concerns and he said that I’m being insecure. Am I being insecure or is this weird? -Can you ever put conditions on an engagement? One of my close friends (male) wants to propose to his long term girlfriend. They are in their late 20s. She has never got her driving licence. There is no trauma/history around driving preventing her getting it. She just never learnt to drive as everyone drives her around. He drives her to all her uni exams, appointments etc. Friends drive her to all events. I know it does upset him as it can be a burden to always be the driver. There are no other relationship issues. He has asked me if it’s ok to bring up with her that he will only propose if she gets her licence. I am SO unsettled by this. I cannot work out if it is ok to put this condition on someone. Any advice? -My husband of 6 years and I have two beautiful boys aged 5 & 3. We always said we wanted 3 kids. Our perspective did change a little after our second as he was a handful. Now that they’re a little older I’m getting clucky again; except my husband is very adamant that he’s done having kids! I guess I just don’t know how to move past this feeling of having another baby. I’ve been thinking about it every day for a good 6 months I’d say. I know that if my husband isn’t on board then it is what it is- but how do I move past this feeling? -My recent ex of 5 years is back on tinder a week after breaking up with me. We had a kind and respectful relationship and he had said he would take a long time before being able to move on. I think he may have checked out a long time ago but kept saying future affirming things which masked a lot of his behaviour in the lead up. He has technically done nothing wrong in terms of timing but how do I move on from this and the feeling of being so replaceable?

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February 7, 2024

Life in a Cult and a Devastating Diagnosis - Uncut with Megan Marx

Hey lifers!Today we are joined by the wonderful Megan Marx!We could have done an episode for each of the really interesting parts of Megan's life.She grew up in a cult, was married at 18 and divorced in her early 20s. She was one of the first bisexual people we ever saw on our screens in Australia & it wasn't exactly smooth sailing.Megan also speaks about being diagnosed with spinocerebellar ataxia (SCA6), a rare inherited neurological condition that progressively affects movement. She talks about being hyper aware of her own mortality and how the diagnosis has changed the way she lives her life. Megan speaks about the different considerations she now has when she dates, and how she felt explaining the diagnosis to the people she donated her eggs to.

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February 6, 2024

Are Cosmetic Injections the New Fight Club? Propagating and Suing Because You're Undatable

Britt is on her home run of recording from Scotland. We chat about navigating long distance & how it's going to work for her in 2024.Laura is... propagating. Lots of propagating. She might be a lost cause at this point but at least the house will be filled with fresh oxygen!We speak about a man who is suing people who outed him on a facebook group as being bad to date. Sounds a lot like someone who wouldn't be great to date to be honest...We also unpack the new crackdown that the TGA is having on the advertising of cosmetic injections. While existing rules banned Botox ads, that didn’t stop clinics from scooting around them by using 'code words' like “anti-wrinkle treatment” and “lip filler”.But not anymore! Essentially there's no longer going to be any advertising of these types of services.We raise the question of 'is this going to reduce or increase patient education about the procedures that they may wish to have?' Is the TGA putting energy into scrutinising the right thing?We previously spoke about our views on cosmetic injections and you can listen to that here!Plus we have accidentally unfiltered and suck and sweet!

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February 1, 2024

ASK UNCUT - Tight ass friends and intimate massages

Hey Lifers!Laura is on struggle street. It's certainly not her year for health...We have our brand new life uncut team member jumping in today and he's got quite the 'vibe' for us all.Vibes for the week:Jono: group dates Britt: Jackbox Laura: Mother Life plant light Then we jump into 5 questions today! An ex who is still a part of my friendship group unfollowed me on instagram. He is now back with his previous girlfriend. Should I text him and ask why or cut him off? Can you ask out your chiropractor? We are both single and I think the interest is mutual but I don't know if it's crossing a professional line. My friend profited off a piece of furniture that I gave them mates rates on. I'm feeling pretty resentful that she took advantage of my generosity. Do I have the right to ask for the money that she made or is she allowed to do that? I've unintentionally become pregnant to a guy who I just want hangs and bangs from. I do not see a future. I've firmly decided to terminate the pregnancy but I don't know whether I should tell him or not. Does he have the right to know? What are your thoughts on your partner getting massages? I was having this conversation with my fiance and he said he’d “prefer it to be a girl” as opposed to a male massage therapist as "the nature of massages are quite intimate." Is this okay?

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January 31, 2024

People Pleasers Anonymous! Better Boundaries with Terri Cole

Hey Lifers,Are you a people pleaser? Do you say yes to far too many 'favours' when you'd like to be able to say no?Setting boundaries is something that we all know we should do, but when it comes to the people who we love and care about, it can be a lot easier said than done. Joining the podcast is psychotherapist and relationship empowerment expert Terri Cole. Terri joined the podcast in June of 2022 for an episode on cheating. You can listen to it here! Today Terri shares her insight into everything surrounding boundaries.We chat about: Saying yes when you want to say no costs the relationship Why we don't want to disappoint people but we end up being people pleasers Having good boundaries will protect you emotionally Disordered boundaries and co-dependency The difference between control and having boundaries when trust has been broken Healthy parent-child relationship boundaries Why you shouldn't be best friends with your child You can find more of Terri here!You can get her new book here.

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January 30, 2024

How Old is 'Too' Old & Why You Don't Want to F*ck Your Partner

We reached 500 episodes but we didn't realise so today we are celebrating 512 episodes. This is the biggest thing we've ever stuck to in all of our lives! Britt hates the happiest place on Earth and has a travel review that will really kick the Mickey out of you! How old it 'too' old to have a child? Does it completely depend on the specific circumstances? We dive into whether it's selfish to bring a child into the world past a certain age. Plus, Laura's been saying it for years. If you're in a hetero relationship, your partner cleaning the house and contributing to raising your children will make you want to have sex with them! There's a study that examines 4 different ways that heteronormativity contributes to low sexual desire in women partnered with men. You can read the whole study here. The TL;DR is your libido is not solely your issue to deal with.

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January 25, 2024

ASK UNCUT - Who's Your Donor?

Hey Lifers!Welcome to your therapy Thursday where we answer your deep, dark and burning questions.Laura nearly died on her way to work today, Britt's needs to look out for the sucky sharks and Producer Keeshia has a big life update.Our vibes/unsubscribes for the week: Keeshia: Drew Birnie's Traction NewsletterBritt: American Nightmare on NetflixLaura: unsubscribing from SaltburnThen we jump into your questions! I have a beautiful friend. She is married and in a same sex relationship. She has one toddler and is pregnant with her second baby. Both share the same biological father, a sperm donor. I recently became good friends with a different mum friend through my husband. Her baby is the product of a sperm donation due to her husband’s fertility issue. The two children of my two different mum friends look identical. Eerily similar. Both are pretty vocal and upfront about their IVF and sperm donation stories and the donor information they have shared with me is crazy similar; same nationality, same height, same age, same hair/eye colour choices etc. Do I bring it up with either of them? It seems entirely possible but I don’t really know what to do. The kids look so alike! I’ve been with my partner for nearly 5 years. I have begun to realise that we are super different in many ways. He is really introverted and runs out of social battery fast. He prefers staying at home and gaming with friends whereas I love camping, going on road trips, adventures and travelling. We’ve tried some of these activities together and it uses up his energy pretty quickly or it just ends with a migraine from the sun and I don’t really enjoy gaming. It worries me that our differences will get the better of us long term but I still really like him. For milestones such as birthdays and anniversaries he isn’t very good at planning anything or getting any gifts and says that he has no time. Are shared interests really important in relationships/what would you do in this situation to decide if I’m in the right relationship? I go to a prestigious University and everyone there is well off and always very posh and well dressed (Rolex, Cartier, LV, the works). I’ve had to fake it till I made it my whole way through trying to fit in. I am often embarrassed in public by my family, they’re polar opposite of me and are very loud and obnoxious, very Aussie if you know what I mean. I am a very self-conscious person and it’ll ruin my day if I think someone is judging me and I’m scared this will happen. I don’t want to offend them and I love them but is it okay for me to ask them to act differently and tone it down for my sake? Any help is appreciated. One of my closest friends has an almost 1 year old baby. Her partner and her are the type of people who love having TV on in the background at their house most of the day (e.g. think music videos, sport etc.). I've noticed that since having baby they have continued with this. I don't think bub is getting direct screen time but I would say they're getting a significant amount of indirect screen time. For example, my friend has commented to me before how much the baby loves watching TV and in videos she shares of the baby, the TV is always on in the background. I don't think my friend is aware that screen time is not recommended for children under 2 years. My question is should I bring the screen time national guidelines to my friends attention and if so how should I do this in a kind and non-judgemental way?

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January 24, 2024

The Subtle Art of compromise, priorities and not bullshitting yourself - UNCUT with MARK MANSON

Today's episode is with one of the most successful authors of our time and the man who is known globally for not giving a f*ck. Mark Manson's book the subtle art of not giving a f*ck sold more than 10 million copies. Mark brought his unique perspective on happiness, relationship dynamics, and the delicate art of recognising when it's time to break up. We spoke about: When is it time to break up vs what is a normal ebb and flow of a long term relationship? What's good compromise and what's people pleasing and lacking boundaries? What indicates whether a couple can survive one of them cheating? The need for healthy conflict and how to have healthy conflict Opportunity costs and inherent sacrifice Fleeting happiness You can find all of Mark's work here! His newsletter, books and podcasts are fantastic.

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January 23, 2024

WE ARE BACK BABY! Did he put a ring on it? And taking swipes at your ex

It's so nice to be back in your ear holes!! We are coming to you cross hemispherically (but you're not to trust Laura with geography). First up today, we have a big catch up about what's happened over the break! This catch up included Britt frolicking to the nicest destinations on the planet and Laura being hospitalised with pneumonia. So, you know, same same!We have a big chat about asking your friend when they're going to going to get engaged/proposed to. Do we all need to stop doing this? We also talk about whether you should, if given the chance, take a swipe at an ex. Chelsea Handler hosted the critic's choice awards the week after her ex boyfriend Jo Koy hosted the Golden globes and the two monologues were like chalk and cheese. The audience's laughter and acknowledgement of joke writers really showed who came out on top. We also discussed whether gendered jokes are okay in one direction and not the other. You can watch Chelsea Handler's whole monologue here.It's so nice to be back and we're really excited about what is planned for this year!

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December 21, 2023

Ask Uncut - Don't Tell Your Partner You Weren't Attracted to Them

Hey Lifers!We're in with our last ask uncut of the year! Britt is in Scotland and scaring strangers in her apartment complex. Have you experienced a bit of a sliding doors moment with your partner? Maybe your paths almost crossed before you actually met, or something happened and it meant that things could be so different to what they are now!We have a chat about a woman who is going viral for a post she made about how she wasn't attracted to her husband. It's getting...mixed reviews!Vibes for the week: Britt: movie - Promising Young WomenLaura: Netflix doco Bad Surgeon: Love Under the KnifeThen we jump into your deep, dark and burning quesitions!

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December 20, 2023

Am I an alcoholic? Emily Weir from sobriety to Home and Away

Hey Lifers!In this episode, we sat down with the talented Emily Weir, known for her role as Mackenzie Booth on "Home and Away." Emily shares the highs and lows of her path into acting, as well as the challenges she faced with alcoholism, her path to recovery, and the realities of living with OCD and anxiety. Emily shares how:-Her success in acting wouldn't be there if she hadn't committed to being sober-She realised she had a problem with alcohol-Her life and friendship groups shifted after going sober-Substances/alcohol can be the mask to what's going on under the surface-To seek and get help if you have a bad relationship with booze Em is a particularly insightful woman and in this chat, she opens up so vulnerably in the hopes that she can help shift the narrative of what an 'alcoholic' looks like.

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December 19, 2023

Making Christmas Christmassy & What You'd Do If Your Partner Lost Their Memory of Your Whole Relationship

Hey Lifers!It's so crazy that Christmas is so close! Britt is on her way to Scotland. Laura is not carol'd out. We have a bit of an accidentally deep chat about making Christmas feel special and how we can feel at this time of the year.Britt was mistaken for someone else but we all know she needs to clean her car before she could do well in that job! A few days ago we were sent a message from one of our listeners and it was such a big conundrum that we wanted to unpack it today. The short version is that our listener has been in a relationship with a man for a year, and they have kept it on the down low. He was king hit a few weeks ago, severely concussed and now has no memory of their relationship. She doesn't know what to do or how to be a supportive partner. We chat about Laura's personal experience that is quite similar and how we think she should go about supporting her partner.

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December 14, 2023

Ask Uncut - Why Did We All Google This?

Welcome to therapy where we unpack all of your dilemmas! First up today, kids with second child syndrome and main character kids that potentially need some resilience.Christmas hams are the ultimate raffle prize and they will now be coming home with Laura more often. We unpack the top google searches in Aus for the year. Some were to be expected and were a bit of a surprise. You can check out the whole lists here at The Daily AusVibes/Unsubscribes for the week: Laura: Unsubscribing from "Leave the World Behind" on NetflixVibing Carols on the BeachBritt: Instagram content creator Anna Louisa at homeKeeshia: Podcast by the two ex Good Morning America hosts wrapped up in the affair Amy & TJThen we unpack your questions:- I gave birth 4 weeks ago and my partner last night said our sex life is sh*t and it’s affecting him mentally. He said he doesn’t want to spend time with me because I never want to do it or “even give a blow job”. I really don’t want to so I won’t but I also think I have difficulty with sexual intimacy with him because after our last 2 kids, I felt pressured into having sex again 3 weeks after birth which was wrong. Where do I go from here? I feel like I have no sexual drive towards him but he thinks I have something wrong with me. -I was out with 2 friends and we were buying drinks in rounds. When it was my turn to buy the next round, I started a friendly chat/ flirt with a good looking guy in line who offered to buy me a drink. I said “I appreciate it but it’s my round for the girls so I’ll get it”. He insisted on buying the entire round… I summoned my friends to the bar and he bought the 3 of us a shot and a drink each. Very generous. Later in the night, my friends wanted another drink. When it was time to pay she turned to me and said “it’s your round”. I replied “you both scored not 1 but 2 free drinks from what would’ve been my round, so isn’t it back to you?” My friend laughed and called bullshit and said it’s still my round since I didn’t pay. If you took care of 2 free drinks on what was your round by queuing and flirting, should you still have to pay for the next? -I’m single and whenever I go away with friends or family I always get the trundle bed/ couch, so all the couples get the double beds. Even if I go away with my girlfriends they refuse to sleep on the air mattress on the floor. Should it be ok for me to ask to pay less for the accommodation because I get the s****y bed on the floor when everyone gets a proper comfy bed? -The other day my partner of nearly 8 years and I were discussing fantasies. I brought it up because you know, you want to keep the spark and keep things a little interesting. I told him that I’d always had the fantasy of having sex in public. He told me that he’d always wanted to have a threesome. I know it’s a pretty common fantasy for guys but I’m feeling a bit rocked from this. I’m only sexually attracted to men so I don’t really find the idea of having sex with another woman appealing. I don’t want to completely shut him down, especially because I was the one who brought up the idea of fantasies. I don’t really know what to do here. Have you got any advice? Is there a middle ground?

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December 13, 2023

My mum is a narcissist - Talking Narcissism part 2

Hey Lifers!Today's episode is part 2 of diving into narcissism. You can listen to part 1 on narcissists in romantic relationships here! Now we are taking a deep dive on having a narcissistic parent and how to navigate co-parenting with a narcissist.Firstly we are joined by Monique. Monique and her siblings grew up with a mum who was the most noticeable person in the room. She was generous, she was incredibly beautiful and she was also a narcissist. We speak to her about how her and her siblings felt about themselves growing up, her mum's manipulative behaviour & subsequent affair and how she went about actually cutting her mum off for good.We often hear the phrase 'blood is thicker than water," but for Monique, her life has been a lot happier since severing that relationship.Then we are joined by Nova Gibson. Nova is an expert on narcissistic abuse, the founder of Brighter Outlook Narcissistic Abuse Counselling Service, and the author of "Fake Love." Nova speaks with clients every day who experience narcissistic parents and she has an incredible insight into how to navigate these complex relationships.

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December 12, 2023

Girl Language & National Breakup day

Hey lifers,Today is a bit of a silly, fun episode because we're all crawling to the finish line, right??Laura's been in some child induced hell for the last few days and Britt has learnt that kids can be assholes. Weird that it took this long to get here!Britt has a new theory of girl language; the things we say vs what we actually mean. PS Ben, always get a gift.Plus we chat about how many of you have been through break ups this week because December 11 is the most common day for relationships to end! Is it a good thing to go into the new year with a fresh start and no strings to the past or is it selfish to break up with someone just before Christmas?

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December 7, 2023

Ask Uncut - It's Just a Joke

Last night we went on a fancy shmancy boat and Laura accidentally got a little handsy with... not Matt. We speak about the latest trailer that netflix dropped of Ricky Gervais' upcoming comedy special that contains a 'joke' about terminally ill children. It raised a lot of questions like:-Comedy often relies on pushing boundaries, but where should the line be drawn when it comes to making jokes about vulnerable or marginalised groups? -Are we just okay with jokes if they don’t offend us? We discuss!Vibes for the week:Laura: Sam Fischer's new Album I love you, please don't hate meBritt: Podcast the garden of edenKeeshia: Ice Baths Tub from the dope here & Gary Brecka's research Then we jump into your questions: I am living with my boyfriend’s family at the moment until our house is ready to move in. I was looking after my nephew and niece, when I grabbed my mother-in laws phone to bring up YouTube (which we normally do). On the phone I read a message from her boss about the things he wants to do to her sexually and other things I want to erase from my brain. My sister in law was with me at the time and also read the same message. She is still married… so we both know, we haven’t confronted her about anything. I haven’t told my boyfriend and I don’t feel like it’s my place to. What should I do? Ignore that I ever read the message?? Every time I look at her I think how could you. -My partner & I had been dating for 7 months. We have plans to move in together and travel Europe in Feb Mar 2024. Two weeks ago he dropped on me that he'd be travelling Sri Lanka with his sister from Boxing Day until 14th of Jan. I cried when he told me he was going and I blew up when he booked the following day. This leaves me, a pharmacist working on call at a metro hospital alone over the Christmas - New Year period. He thinks I'm being unreasonable and can't see that I'm left feeling abandoned. I'm a single child. Do I just not get it? Or should my partner be spending time with me over this time? Since I can't visit my friends or family who live interstate due to work. I have a friend who’s been having an affair for a few years now. The guy is a lot older than her and one of the reasons they aren’t together is she wants kids. She is now engaged to her partner that she’s been cheating on for years and I’m invited to the wedding next year. I don’t know how to respond or how to have the conversation to see if this marriage is something she actually wants? She has said she is in love with this other man but still loves her fiancé. Do I say something to her or do I just turn up at the wedding and have a good time? I feel mixed.

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December 6, 2023

Why My Parents Tried to Kill Me. There's No Honour in Killing - Uncut with Nina Aouilk

Today’s episode is a conversation about ‘honour killings’ with the absolutely incredible Nina Aouilk. Nina grew up in the UK. She has overcome enormous hardship and adversity to become one of the leading activists speaking out about honour killings and human trafficking. Nina is also a bestselling author, a TEDx speaker and the founder of nonprofit End Honour Killings that provides welfare and support to the victims of attempted honour killings, gender-based violence, domestic abuse, and trauma. In this chat Nina opens up on suffering abuse at the hands of her father and his friends, being forced into a marriage as a child, and surviving an 'honour killing' attack. In this episode we speak about: Some of the most harrowing moments from Nina’s life How that has moulded Nina into who she is today The reality of what is happening in the homes of the places we all live Why we all need to speak up How to find the courage to rise above your adversity *This interview contains details of some distressing content. This includes emotional, sexual and physical abuse as well as mentions of suicide. If this episode brings up anything for you, you can reach out for help at 1800 RESPECT, or life line on 13 11 14.If it’s not the right time for you to listen right now, please sit this one out and we would love to have you join us again at another time.

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December 5, 2023

Can you be friends with your Ex's new partner?

Today was chaotic (more than normal)! The studio flooded from the crazy rain over the weekend. Laura's got some more pigeon facts for us, and guys, you're WELCOME!Laura is also hyper fixated on home renos, flat pack assembly and gardening. We have a bit of a back and forth of how we feel about the new season of the Bachelors; where it's hitting and where it's missing. Plus we discuss whether it's weird to be friends with your ex's new partner. Does it change if there are kids involved?

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November 30, 2023

Ask Uncut - He's just not that into you

First up, Laura's obsessed with the original 'quiet quitters' and they're pigeons.You can see why here. There's a bit of a conspiracy theory going on tiktok where people are claiming that they've been conned by restaurant owners! They are saying that they have been chatting to people on dating apps, and teeing up a date at a restaurant only to be stood up at the restaurant.So what do they do? Well, most of them end up buying dinner and drinks for themselves! Is this the most ridiculous conspiracy theory you've ever heard or do you think there's merit here? Vibes for the week: Laura: Netflix Doco "Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey" Britt: Dog Poncho Towel by Dog Keeshia: Lorna Jane 'The One' sports bra & Two Doting Dads episode Depression & Anxiety - Breaking the Stigma Then we jump into your deep, dark and burning questions: -My friend and I are moving out together to a rental. My boyfriend didn’t want to move out as he is happy living with family and is not working full time like my friend and I.My question is… when should you make your partner pay rent or put money towards things as he is bound to come stay multiple nights. Is it if he stays x amount of nights? What kind of boundaries do I need to set? -How important is it to talk through your issues after having a disagreement with your partner? My partner and I tend to have issues, get cross with each other for a couple of days and then just go back to normal like nothing ever happened. Part of me thinks this is ok as we can’t always be hunky dory, but there is another part of me that thinks there needs to be resolution and understanding when there are issues? I grew up in a household that was not good at resolving conflict so learning on the go now -I was ghosted by a guy who has come back and apologised for treating me poorly. I accepted the apology and we kept chatting. Last night I sent him a meme of a cat (he has a cat). We got onto the topic of dating and so on. I asked if he thought things would be different or the same if we dated now. He said probably the same and that we aren’t compatible because I have a dog! My dog is a small non barky toy poodle and is crate trained, sleeps in his own room and is an angel. So even though this guy and I get on super well and the sexy time was great at the time, his deal breaker on compatibility is because I have a dog - yet he has a cat…

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November 29, 2023

In a World Where We Are So Connected, Why Are We All Feeling Lonely? - Uncut with Dr Ali Walker

The World Health Organisation has declared loneliness as a global health priority. Stats show that young people feel more lonely than any generation before but it seems as though we should be the most connected because of technology. So why are we all feeling lonely when we have a phone in our hand most hours of the day? Joining the podcast today is Dr Ali Walker is a Human Connection Scientist & Mediator with a PhD in group dynamics and the author of click and clash. Ali previously joined the podcast in April for an episode called Is your name wi-fi cause I'm feeling a connection - Talking connection and compatibility with Dr Ali Walker. We chat: How we feel so lonely in a world where we've never been more connected through social media How social media creates fake connection Solitude v Loneliness How introverts and extroverts experience loneliness differently The long term effects of loneliness How to 'fix' your loneliness

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November 28, 2023

From labias to letter drops

Laura's had a moment of brutal honesty from her 4 year old Marlie Mae. Kids just say the darndest things don't they? Laura is contemplating a labiaplasty. We chat about the ins and outs of the pros and cons. We spoke about an episode we did with the wonderful Ellie from Comfortable in My Skin. You can listen here - Your Vulva is Cliterally the Best Plus we unpack the rogue guerrilla marketing ploy that happened on the streets of Bondi on Sunday! When small businesses need to get really creative to have cut through marketing, is it a good idea to connect your brand with the story of a cheating scandal? Does it even matter if there are a lot more eyes on your business?

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November 23, 2023

Ask Uncut - Back ups, Bills and Bed Side Manner

First up today, well... it's chaos.Bills need to be paid and they're multiplying! But we also need to learn to distinguish the difference between a legitimate bill and a scam. *Brittany Hockley we are looking at you.We're all up to date with our skin checks, but Laura's got a bee in her bonnet about specialists waiting rooms. Vibes this week: Laura: Black Friday sales (swipe up swipe up ToniMay) Britt: Hand held steamer Keeshia: (snuck in two)Habit tracker app (This is the apple version)Podcast episode of The Daily Aus - Why a war crime whistleblower could go to jailQuestions for today: I’m 49 and have been divorced for 3 years after a 26 year marriage. I’m quite content on my own and have great friends but I recently decided to try online dating, just to see what it’s about and to have some male company and my profile says ‘nothing serious’. Anyway, I’ve been catching up with one guy once a month for dinner and sex; he is really lovely. Last weekend I went on a date with a different guy and he was wonderful too. My problem is… can I date 2 guys at the same time? I feel so guilty. The first guy probably wouldn’t mind that much but the second guy would hate it. Do I have to tell them about each other? My partner of 3 years has told me if I don’t ‘put out’ more he is going to leave me. We are both in our early 30s and his number 1 priority in a relationship is sex. We currently have sex twice a week and that isn’t enough for him. He told me our sex life is shit and makes him unhappy and people our age should be having sex all the time. I have vaginismus which is getting better but I don’t find sex enjoyable. I cannot orgasm from penetration, it can be uncomfortable but I can still have sex. He has said everything else in our relationship is perfect but the reason we are not engaged is because of the sex.. I feel really low about this. Any advice please I’ve been dating my boyfriend for the last year and a half. I've been a nurse for the last 5 years working with children and I've seen some terrible things. When we first started dating he mentioned he didn’t like hearing these “horrible stories'' so I lessened them. Just recently I was talking about work again and he said the same thing “I don’t want to hear about these stories.' I obviously don’t want to upset him but from time to time I want him to listen to my day and just vent. Am I being ridiculous by being upset that my partner can’t handle listening to my stories here and there? Or do I just stop talking about work altogether?

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November 22, 2023

Sean Turnell Spent 650 Days in a Myanmar Prison After he was Mislabelled as a Spy!

For 650 days Sean Turnell was held in Myanmar’s Insein Prison on the trumped-up charge of being a spy. Today Sean joins the podcast to share his incredible story.In our chat he recounts how he went from being a very cheerful university professor to life in one of the most notorious prisons in South-East Asia. Sean shares:-How the military coup in Myanmar led to him being arrested -What life was like inside the 'box' that he was imprisoned in-What he did to remain sane for the 650 days-How his wife campaigned tirelessly for his release-Whether he lives in fear now after sharing his experiences of the Myanmar Military so publicly-The suffering of the people of Myanmar under a bestial regime that a lot of the world doesn't know about We were absolutely gripped by Sean's story and still don't understand how he remains so positive!

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November 21, 2023

Take care of Maya - When Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy is Misdiagnosed

Hey Lifers,Britt had a big surprise this week and Laura had a wonderful family holiday; except for one part where she said something to a stranger that has made us want the ground to swallow us up!We unpack the redemption story that the Kardashians are trying to pull off with one of the world's most notorious cheaters Tristan Thompson.It raised the questions if your sister's or friend's partner cheated on them, and they forgave them, do you have to as well? Do you have to be okay with whatever they decide? Does it depend on the specific situation and what happened with the cheating? We also discuss the documentary on Netflix "Take Care of Maya" and the court case that resulted in a $211 million payout last week. We speak about Maya's mother being mislabelled as having Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy and the tragic outcome for their family that resulted.

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November 16, 2023

Ask Uncut - When a threesome turns into a pregnancy

Britt and her follicles are back on the mic! Britt gives us an update on where her eggs are at and how round 3 of egg freezing is going. And Laura poses the question - Is talking so much about egg freezing increasing fertility anxiety? We chat about Taylor Swift's maybe PR, maybe not PR relationship. Vibes for the week:Laura - Pet Ancestry tests! Buster is learning his heritage Britt - Podcast The Trial: Ashling Murphy Then we jump into your questions & today has the most hectic one we think we've ever received.-My fiance and I had a threesome with a friend. Everything was consensual and respectful of boundaries. The woman who we had this threesome is now pregnant and my fiance is the biological father. He said that he was quite drunk (we all were) and he vaguely remembers the condom may have broken. I’m so embarrassed about how jealous I am now feeling that this is all happening and am even starting to question our relationship moving forward. It sounds awful because it’s no one’s fault that this happened but I am not sure if I can accept that this situation, it’s just become way too much for me. -My boyfriend and I have been thinking about making a sex tape for ourselves. What’s your thoughts on this? Have you/would you ever make one? I’m not sure how exactly to go about it as I obviously would hate for it to go anywhere else but it would be cool for both of us to have access to it. Would love your advice on this subject! -I have been with my partner for 3 years . We own a house together and are engaged. Since February I have been feeling unsure if I want the relationship. Everything on paper seems good. But I am just not physically attracted to him. I even sometimes feel embarrassed that I am with him. On the other hand we get along really well. I also feel secure and have a lot of trust in this relationship. I have never had this before. He adores me so much and I mostly enjoy his company. I love the life we have built together so far but I also find my eyes wandering. No action, just wandering. I do however feel maybe I have settled for a nice guy but maybe not someone I am crazy about, maybe out of fear.

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November 15, 2023

No more good girl - Uncut with Elise Loehnen

Elise Loehnen is the host of the podcast “Pulling the Thread” and is the co-author of 12 books, 5 of which were NYT best sellers. But then she wrote her first book under her own name “On our best behaviour. The price women pay to be good,” which was also a New York Times Best Seller. Before all of this Elise was the right hand woman to Gwyneth Paltrow and Goop, she hosted the Goop Lab TV show and Goop podcast, and was Goops Chief Content Officer. In this episode we take a big deep dive into WHY we seem to be so impressed by 'the hustle' and how rest has been branded as lazy and sloth-like. We speak about how women in particular struggle to 'switch off' and delegate the mental load of their families.We also spoke about jealousy, envy and why women try to tear each other down. Elise speaks about utilising feelings of envy as a driving force to show us what we actually want in life. She explains how we've been conditioned to suppress anger and the scarcity mindset placed on women

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November 14, 2023

The fine line when it comes to injectables, and the intimacy paradox.

We discuss whether there's a hesitation at the moment for people to be diagnosed with ADHD because it's become very popular on TikTok/in the media. Keeshia has been properly diagnosed and we will do a whole episode where we unpack it at some point.What do we want when we talk about people having cosmetic procedures? Do we want transparency or does that 'normalise' it to the point of it being promotion?Is it fair to expect people to buck the trend and 'age' naturally when they also are a product of the societal pressures to remain 'beautiful?'Plus Laura speaks about the current ebbs and flows of her relationship at the 1 year wedding anniversary mark. We unpack the intimacy paradox and how to keep desire in long term relationships. Is it even possible to expect novelty and spiciness when you also want stability, support and reliability from your partner?

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November 9, 2023

Ask Uncut - When You're the Only Single One in Your Whole Friendship Group

Hey Lifers!Welcome back to your ask uncut therapy session! Today is a biggie because Laura is back and covid free.Britt's been hogtied and mortified from the little ratbag that is Delilah. Laura's luggage is finally back in her hands so the life updates are full of highs and lols today. We break down possibly the pettiest court case to exist in the celebrity space between Robert De Niro and his ex assistant Chase Robinson. It's time to pick your fighter and choose your side.He claims she stole $60,000 worth of frequent flyer miles and watched 55 hours worth of Friends in 4 days.She claims he was inappropriate and asked her to scratch his back and be available to book bus tickets for his kids on the day of her grandmother's funeral.It really could be the plot line for a movie. Would De Niro play himself?Vibes for this week:Laura - Prime video "shiny happy people" Britt - Netflix Last Stop Larrimah Keeshia - The Quokkas kids music group Then we jump into your questions!-I have been dating this guy for a few weeks and we get on really well. But his driving is so bad, he spends more time looking at me than the road. He rides/pumps the accelerators and is so harsh on the break. It makes me feel so sick. I haven’t ever gotten car sick but twice now his driving has made me feel so sick that I have had to end the date a little early. Should I say anything? How can I see a future with someone that constantly makes me car sick -I work in the corporate world and get paid 8:30-5. Currently my workload has been good so I have been able to leave at 5:30 most days. When I have a lot of work I will work back late and have even worked on public holidays (unpaid). There are other juniors in my team (who have less experience than me) who always stay back until around 6pm, so essentially I’m usually the first junior to leave. I’m almost always the first person to arrive. I also have more experience so generally am more efficient, will often work through lunch and won’t chat for super long during the day. I’m worried our bosses don’t see this effort and just see me leave first every day. I’m also worried that the other juniors don’t think I’m working as hard as them, as there have been some comments that they stay late every day and I feel they’re subtly aimed at me. -I'm a single mum of 3 young kids, I’ve been separated for 7 months now.. I haven’t had any interest in meeting or sleeping with anyone but I’ve recently developed a crush on one of the coaches at my gym! I was with my husband for 12 years, married for 8 (I’m 34 for context) so my question is, I have no idea how to show him I’m keen/put the feelers out.. I’m sure he wouldn’t want to date me as I have a lot of baggage but I’d be happy with a shag 😆 but also would it be too complicated because I then have to see him regularly? Such a dating rookie, don’t know what to do 🙈 -I am starting to feel real down about my lack of love life. I feel like all my friends are getting engaged or married and I’m the only one left single. I'm nearing 30 and came out of a toxic relationship 3 years ago where my partner was having an affair, he moved on straight away. I have been on dating apps and I’m not sure if it’s my city or what but it’s the bottom of the barrel and I don’t want to waste my time with people who don’t have similar values or a lifestyle that aligns with mine. I’m very independent and fine alone but have reached a stage where I want someone to share my life with. I honestly feel like I’m going to have to wait for people to start getting divorced at this rate or going to have to literally move cities just to find someone. I'm starting to avoid going out or catching up with friends as it always feels like I’m the only one alone and not with a partner, and when I do go I end up feeling really sad and alone. I throw myself into working too much so I don’t have time to feel sad because it’s really starti

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November 8, 2023

Breaking Up With a Parent & Breaking Into the Music Industry - Uncut with Sam Fischer

Joining the podcast today is the newest official member to the Life Uncut family Sam Fischer! Sam just finished touring around the country and opening our live shows! Not only is he just the BEST & we genuinely have so much love for him but he's also hilarious and a real 'heart' person who shares so openly and makes everyone around him feel safe enough to be vulnerable themselves. Something we learnt about Sam along the tour is that he had a really interesting start to the music world & a complex relationship with his family.We chat: Having a song as big as 'This City' catapult him into the spotlight and then the pandemic hitting The pressure to follow up on that success Navigating a really complex relationship with his dad What led to him eventually cutting contact Whether his bad relationship with his dad has affected his want to have kids of his own How men can be really self conscious about hair loss/going bald

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November 7, 2023

Laura's got Covid 🦠 A new theory on Oxytocin and A Principal's newsletter

From the highest of live show tour highs, to the depths of viral lows, we've had quite the week. Laura's luggage is on a little journey of it's own and is...most likely... still in Brisbane (*trying to get more info on this).Laura, Producer Keeshia and Mitch have all fallen like dominos from covid and somehow Britt's immune system is still going strong. There's a neuroscientist who has claimed that there are chemical reasons that women fall in love with men when they are having sex; whereas it's not quite the same for men. The science is a bit up for debate but Laura has some anecdotal evidence she'd like to bring to the table. We also unpack a newsletter sent by the headmaster of the Sydney all boys private school where Lilie James was murdered where he labelled her murderer as 'not a monster.'These types of character descriptions, along with other accounts of positive personality traits are a way for people to distance themselves from the idea that they know someone capable of such violence. We don't want to think that a person we know or care about is capable of such evil behaviour. A huge part of breaking down the false perception that society has around domestic violence is that we need to better understand that these men are 'normal' men, who live where we do and hold normal jobs. We also discuss how certain media using phrases like 'scorned lover' diminishes the responsibility from the murderer, and contributes to victim blaming.

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November 1, 2023

Is Your Husband Jealous of Your Best Friend? Uncut with Vogue Williams

Joining the podcast today is the hilarious Vogue Williams! Vogue is a radio and TV personality, DJ, Model, comedian with an asterisks and host of the podcast My Therapist Ghosted Me! We’ve previously had Vogue’s podcast co-host Joanne McNally on before and it was one of our favourite episodes to date! In this chat we talk about:-How Vogue met and works with her husband.-Whether Spencer struggles with jealousy over the success of Vogue's other podcast with her best friend Joanne.-Young divorce and getting back into the dating game!-Vogue's time living in Australia

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October 31, 2023

The Glory Hole That Has the Whole World Talking

Hey Lifers!Today is...chaos. We are wrapping up the final live show in Brisbane tonight and they have been so incredible! We first unpack a very viral story that involves some information that you couldn't torture out of us. There is simply no going back from this glory hole experience. We also talk about the new program being funded by the Aus government in an effort to tackle harmful messages of toxic masculinity on social media. Is a project in schools able to contrast the influence of people like Andrew Tate?

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October 25, 2023

The 'Currency' of the Ageing Woman - Uncut with Trinny Woodall

Today's guest is just so fabulous! It's Trinny Woodall. Trinny Woodal is an extremely successful business woman, entrepreneur, TV presenter, author, podcaster and fashion expert! Trinny's story is one that would take hours and hours to talk about. At 26 Trinny went to rehab, got clean and started in an entirely new career. At 35 she underwent 16 rounds of IVF. At 53 she started Trinny London. In the last few years she has grown that business into one of the most successful makeup and skincare companies in the world. We wanted to speak about the belief that a woman's value declines as we age. Society has us so focussed on holding onto our youth, but Trinny is a bit of a juxtaposition to this. She has such a refreshing take what women bring to the table as we age.

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October 24, 2023

Who Owns a Story? From Beckham to Britney

We're home from the Melbourne show and it was LIIIIIT!We were so lucky to have had a surprise interview with Tones and I where she shared some stories about her life that have never been shared publicly before.Today we take a deep dive on who owns a story?Firstly we unpack the re-exposure of Rebecca Loos, the woman who, 20 years ago, had an 'alleged' affair with David Beckham. She has spoken out since the release of the Beckham bio pic on Netflix about David's lack of accountability, playing the victim and having herself thrown back into the spotlight when she doesn't want to be. Secondly, on topic of who owns a story, we dissect Britney Spear's memoir and the details that were released as publicity for the book. She disclosed that Justin Timberlake claimed they were too young to become parents. Does she have the right to share this story? Does anyone have the right to disclose someone else's experience around abortion? Your answer to those two questions may be different because this is a bit of an unusual situation.

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October 18, 2023

We Need to Talk About Ageing - Uncut with Melissa Levi

Today is an episode really close to Laura's heart. It's an episode she has wanted to do for a long time. Initially we thought this was going to be a chat about dementia, but it ended up being so much more than just a focus on dementia. This episode is important for anyone who has a loved one that will hopefully be lucky enough to grow old.Melissa Levi is a clinical psychologist with over a decade of experience. She is also the author of "We need to talk about ageing." If you have a loved one that is ageing, you need to listen to this conversation!We chat about ageing: -How to approach conversations with loved ones about changes you've noticed in their behaviour or memory -The importance of knowing what they want out of their life as they age -Navigating other family members to work together for the wishes of your loved person -End of life conversations We also chat about dementia: -What it is and all of the different types -How we can try to prevent dementia -Whether it's actually worth making effort to spend time with loved ones who will likely not remember the experience -Bringing joy into the lives of loved ones with dementia If you'd like to check out any of the free resources that Melissa collated you can find them here! Melissa's book "We need to talk about ageing" can be found here! Patient names, identities and situations have been changed. Any similarity between the people referred to in this podcast episode and any person living or dead is purely coincidental.This podcast episode was created for informational purposes only. It is not intended to be a replacement for professional medical, psychological, psychiatric, financial or legal advice. Always consult your own healthcare professional.

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October 17, 2023

Britt's 'ample bust' and the line between fetish and fine for mother-daughter collabs

We've had a bit on since we last caught up!We had our Perth and Sydney shows; they were both fkn great!We also had the radio awards and Britt has a bee in her bonnet about the reporting of the awards night, or lack there of, with the only focus being on flesh. We also unpack the line between fine and fetish with mum and daughter collaborations. Denise Richards and her daughter Sami Sheen have teased an onlyfans collab for the second time.

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October 12, 2023

Ask Uncut - Laura's new s*x soundtrack, scrapped from the guest list and too much baggage

First up, may we please ask you for a hot little sec to vote for us in the Australian Podcast Awards Listener's choice?! Laura has been getting down to cocomelon sound tracks and it's official; we're not envious of her sex life! She mentioned the episode we did with Johann Hari last year and it's a banger. If you'd like to listen to it, you can here - This One Is For The Scatterbrains Vibes:Britt - Paramount plus show - Special Ops Lioness Laura - News app Feedly Then we jump into your deep, dark and burning questions. I received a save the date for a friend’s wedding a year ago, the wedding is at end of this October and haven’t yet received a formal invite (currently beginning of October), even though I know other people going to the wedding have received theirs. I have drifted from this friend over the past year and would not be upset if I was no longer invited, as I am currently planning my own wedding and am having a very hard time with my own guest list. My question is: do I say anything? Do I get my other friends to ask on my behalf? Or do I just leave it? This listener is living abroad and loving her life, but the dating scene there is grim. “I’m turning 30 this year and I know it shouldn’t and is stupid but it weighs heavily on my mind. I can’t stop doing the biological clock maths. I will go home in a few years anyway, but my dilema is should I go home early now to meet someone. I love my life here at the moment and although I’d be happy at home, moving right now would be purely for that reason. For context I’ve always enjoyed dating in my home city. Is it silly to base such a huge decision on finding love, or is it realistic and worth it to make the decision for love? I feel as if all my friends back home are getting engaged and coupled up and like I’m missing the boat. I'm a 33 year old female whose brother was diagnosed with late stage cancer a couple of years ago. I'm heavily involved in treatment and support and have put my life on the back burner to focus on him and support my family for the last couple of years. I've put dating on the back burner and have a real desire to meet someone but I carry with me a very heavy heavy life and responsibilities which a lot of people aren't looking for - especially on the dating apps, where they often say things like "I want someone who doesn't take life too seriously" I just don't know how to navigate dating when my life has been consumed by sadness and hospitals the last few years.. How do I approach that with people I date? Any advice is so appreciated

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October 11, 2023

Does All Failure Lead to Lessons or Success? - Unpacking Failure, Friendship & Fertility Privilege with Elizabeth Day

This episode feels like a warm hug with our newest British friend who just GETS IT! It's a beautiful conversation with Elizabeth Day. Elizabeth is a journalist, podcaster and the author of several best-selling books, including "How to Fail: Everything I've Learned from Things Going Wrong.” In this chat we cover off 4 big F words: Failure - How Elizabeth's 'failed' marriage and attempts to have a child taught her so much about herself Finding purpose - How those adversities led her to seeking a different purpose for her life and how our purpose isn't always tied to raising children Friendship - Learning quality over quantity Fertility privilege - Having more awareness around people who may be struggling with fertility If you'd like to check out Elizabeth's podcast, books or Aus tour, you can find everything here!

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October 10, 2023

Britt's flung her back out, the BTS of live shows and bend it like Beckham!

We had our first live show last night in Adelaide and it was un-freaking-believable!!!!Today's ep has a bit of the behind the scenes action and how we are chaotically making our way around the country!We then unpack the new doco on Netflix all about the Beckhams!Are they made for each other? Was it a bit weird that David said he wanted to marry Victoria before he'd even met her? Did Victoria get caught trying to fein relatability?? We discuss!Plus Britt shares some of the much darker side of DMs that professional sports peolple encounter.

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October 5, 2023

Ask Uncut - Photo vaults and his exes nudes, Lies and Pet Support

First up today we're chatting about the simple way to see if your friends actually like you!Annnnd we want to know which word you mispronounced once and it still haunts you to this day. Vibes for this week:Britt: Peaky Blinders on Netflix Keeshia: Wild with Sarah Wilson - Left is Not Woke Laura: Headspace Tools about the referendum Then we jump into your questions! -My partner still has s3x videos of his ex in a secret album in his phone. We have also made videos together and the secret album is where it is safely kept. Going to watch our video is actually how I found out about the old video with his ex. I asked him to delete any old stuff he has of his past relationships and he said that he would. Now, 2 weeks later I checked and the video is still there. What should I do?-I went for a job, it’s a once in a lifetime, rare and amazing opportunity sort of thing. I'm 23 and everyone there is a bit older than me. Although I’m young I can honestly say that I’m extremely mature for my age, I’m just so sick of people judging me for my young age, and I hate being the youngest person in the room. So when I was asked how old I am? I said without thinking, "I’m 26." I immediately regret it and I’m shitting myself that I’m going to get caught out. What should I do? Do I take this to my grave? Do I tell them the truth? -When you've bought a pet (in this case a dog) with a partner and you break up, can you ask for 'pet support' (financial input from them ongoing) to help you pay for the pet that you keep in the break up?

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October 4, 2023

Can a Narcissist Truly Love You? Unpacking Narcissism with Nova Gibson

The term 'narcissist' seems to be thrown around a lot. It seems like a LOT of us have dated one so we wanted to unpack everything about narcissism. Nova Gibson is an expert on narcissistic abuse, the founder of Brighter Outlook Narcissistic Abuse Counselling Service, and the author of "Fake Love." We unpack: Covert v Overt Narcissists Strategies they use like mirroring, love bombing, the discard process and gaslighting Distinctions between narcissism and psychopathy/sociopathy Is it possible for a narcissist to genuinely love, or are their affections always self-serving? Do narcissists ever change for the next person? Patterns of why people date one narcissist after another

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