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May 5, 2022

ASK UNCUT - Porn, poonamis and politicians

On today's ask uncut, we're jumping into some sexy deep, dark and burning questions and one of them is quite literally about some sexy parts burning a little... Today we're tackling: - Should every sexual act with a partner be reciprocated? As in if you get something, should you give something in return? - Is it normal to have things from your previous relationship really trigger you in new ones? How can you stop it from ruining your new relationships? -Every time I have sex with my partner, I feel sensitive, a little sore and sometimes itchy afterwards. I can't seem to make it stop. Any advice please! -If you went on one date with someone and they just didn't message you for a month, but you had a good time on the initial date and now they've asked you to go on another... do you go?

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May 3, 2022

MOTIVATION, MOOD & MINDSET- Uncut with Dr Julie Smith

Joining us on the pod today is clinical psychologist and tik tok star Dr Julie Smith! We joke about the pod sometimes feeling like a bit of a therapy session, but today might be more along those lines than usual; so sit down and get comfy on the couch. Today we're jumping into: -why we procrastinate and how to find motivation -negative beliefs and self doubt -the misconceptions and differences of depression and anxiety -when to get back into the dating world

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April 28, 2022

ASK UNCUT - To enema or not to enema... that is the question

We're back with your life dilemmas giving you our big sisterly help, advice and sometimes sympathy. Today we are jumping into these questions: 1. What do you do when the person you thought you'd spend your life with just all of a sudden decides that they do not want to be with you anymore? 2. Do you spit on your toilet paper if you need a bit of a clean up? Or am I completely weird? 3. If you enjoy some back door action, do you clear out the pipes beforehand or just wing it? If you have a question you'd like us to answer, please send it in to our DMs at lifeuncutpodcast on the gram! Also please send in your ask uncut aftermath follow ups! We loved bringing you guys the extra episode of follow ups!

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April 26, 2022

FERTILITY, FOOTY AND MOTHERHOOD - Uncut with Moana Hope and Bella Carlstrom

We're back from a little 2 week break and today we are kicking things off by getting a raw and real, Britt opens up about where she is at in life post breakup, and we talk about how overcoming heartbreak isn't linear, nor does it conform to a set timeframe. The two week break did us some wonders so we figured we would come back with a bang in the form of Moana Hope and Bella Carlstrom! In this chat we talk about all kinds of things like parenthood, how those decisions were made in their same sex relationship and what the process was like, we chat about Moana's AFLW career and the insane pay gap between the AFL and the AFLW. We speak about both of their families and their relationship, as well as their relationship with Moana's sister Vinnie who has moebius syndrome.

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April 21, 2022

The Ask Uncut Aftermath

For everyone who has been asking, here it is!!! Our very first Ask Uncut aftermath, a little follow up for everyone who has ever asked the question… WHAT HAPPENED…… After an Ask Uncut episode. We have answered hundreds of questions in ask uncut over the years and given our unqualified but enthusiastic and 'lived in' advice and we wanted to ask how you guys got on after. So welcome to our very first Ask Uncut Aftermath episode, where you will hear the follow ups to some of our favourite ask uncut questions.

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April 7, 2022

ASK UNCUT - Faking the big O, followers and being the FBI

Welcome to ask uncut, your therapy Thursday, where we give our unqualified but enthusiastic advice! Today we are tackling: How many women 'fake it?' The guy I'm dating says that every time he has been with a woman, she has always finished. How much should you care about who your partner is following? I met someone in the wild but we didn't exchange details. I've found them on social media. How do I follow them without looking like a creep that could work for the FBI? We kick off this episode by talking about what we do to keep up appearances!

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April 5, 2022

GAGS, GUNS AND GRENADES - Uncut with Urzila Carlson

Step right up and into the circus Lifers because today we have a gift for you, and that gift is Urzila Carlson. She most certainly hasn't had what you'd call a 'normal' life; she grew up poor, like "proper poor" as she says, in South Africa, before moving to New Zealand and becoming a comic. In this interview, we talk about her early life, her career shift, cancel culture in comedy and her very much not accidental pregnancies with her wife that led to her two children. Today's episode will be a bit of comedic relief!

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March 31, 2022

ASK UNCUT - Get it out of your system

Welcome to your therapy Thursday! Today producer Keeshia is stepping in for Laura, as Laura is taking a wee break to celebrate her birthday. But never fear, Britt and Keeshia are here to answer all your deep dark and burning questions! My fiance said that he thinks it is fine to hook up with someone else at his bucks party. He said it's not cheating; it's 'getting it out of your system.' Who is in the wrong here Can you turn down being a bridesmaid without ruining a friendship? I f****d up and kissed someone else on a night out. My fiancé now isn't speaking to me and wants to call off the wedding. How can I fix this?

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March 29, 2022

CREATE THE LOVE - Uncut with Mark Groves

Today we are chatting with one of our favourite guests EVER! It's Mark Groves from Create the Love. Mark Groves is a human connection specialist, which are some fancy words for him being super emotionally intelligent and someone who breaks down relationships and what happens in them incredibly well. In today's chat we take a deep dive into: -whether timing is important -'circling back' on relationships -what's better between the slow burn or the spark that sets your soul on fire? -dating fatigue -self love If you'd like to check more of Mark out, you can do so here: https://markgroves.com/ His podcast and instagram are absolutely killer! We open this episode by talking about Ash Barty's surprising retirement and hustle culture.

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March 24, 2022

ASK UNCUT - Fedoras, nudity and screwing your married colleague.

On today's episode of ask uncut we are answering your deep dark, burning questions that cover a fair bit of ground! -my boyfriend & I took my 3 year old nephew to the park. My boyfriend showered with my nephew afterwards. My sister thinks it's weird and now I feel uncomfortable that they would feel weird about it -My co-worker and friend slept with another one of our co-workers. The other co-worker is married. I'm upset with my friend but she says I don't have the right to be. Do you think I'm reasonable to be upset with her? -What do I wear to a bachelor group audition??

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March 22, 2022

When it's all too much - The Overwhelm

Today we are unpacking 'the overwhelm.' If you don't know what that is, we'll walk you through it but it's likely that you've felt it; particularly in the last few years. In this episode, we unpack how the consistent and relentless overhaul of news, information and expectations of us are leaving us feel overwhelmed and anxious ALL THE FUCKING TIME! We have Sam Koslowski from The Daily Aus join us to chat about: -emotional fatigue with news -compassion fatigue and desensitisation of what's happening around us & -the privilege debate with switching off. We also speak about how parenting and our work loads are contributing to our sense of feeling overwhelmed. We hope you feel less alone and like you're able to relieve a little bit of pressure off of yourself after this episode.

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March 17, 2022

Ask uncut - The logo that's was a total cock-up

Welcome to your unpaid & unqualified therapy lifers where we join together to make us all feel less messed up! Today we open the episode by talking about 'that' women's network logo that looks like a big ol' peen. Scomo's marketing office has some 'splaning to do! Then we jump into your deep, dark questions/ 1. Do you have to have things in common with your partner? 2. My housemate has casual flings a fair bit. Am I petty for being a bit off this? 3. I am very suspicious that my now ex partner cheated on me with another woman, a woman who is also married. Should I confront her husband and tell him?

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March 15, 2022

TEACH US CONSENT! Uncut with Chanel Contos

Welcome to your Tuesday Lifers. We have a really big important episode for you today, we're talking about consent! Chanel Contos is the woman behind the Teach Us Consent movement, which led to the curriculum in every state of Australia to include consent education - and it all started with an instagram poll. In this chat we talk about: -What is rape culture, and how it exists in Australia -What is pressurised sex -How our societal views of consent and sex have evolved and where we have to go -How Chanel has helped change consent education across the whole country Chanel is a powerhouse and a young woman who won't be stopping any time soon!

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March 10, 2022

ASK UNCUT - You're my bestie, but please don't shag my brother

Welcome to ask uncut Thursdays Lifers! Today we are diving into your deep, dark and burning questions! -My best friend and my brother had been secretly dating behind my back for a while. It ruined my friendship with her. Now they've broken up and he's seemingly interested in another of my friends. Where do you stand on your siblings and your friends hooking up? -My partner is still in contact with their ex because they still have a loan on a car together. But I find their messages a bit flirty. My partner says that the contact is just like that to make sure they get the money back. Am I weird to be thinking something is up? -How do you manage when your partner is really private about their finances? We kick off this episode by talking about a guy who helped a woman give birth on their 4th date! And it's turned out pretty well for them!

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March 8, 2022

From a Rooster to a Radio Star- Uncut with Mitch Churi

Today we have a (hopefully) familiar voice for you! Mitch Churi has done a lot of things; he's hosted the ARIAs and many TV shows, interviewed some of the biggest music stars in the world, hostsa national radio show nightly and also been the KIIS cash cock; but to add to his never ending list of achievements, he is also the cohost of our Saturday radio show! In this episode Mitch speaks openly about his journey in the entertainment industry as well as his 'coming out' process. Mitch is one of the funniest people we've ever known and he'll be sure to put a bit of a laugh into your day! We open this episode by talking about the reaction that Pamela Anderson has had to the Pam and Tommy hulu series, and how yet again, her personal life is being shared without her consent.

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March 3, 2022

ASK UNCUT - I was today years old....

Welcome to therapy, park yourself up on the couch Lifers! We're jumping into all of your deep, dark and dirty questions! Question 1: Can you be friends with someone (that's the sex that you're attracted to) if you and your partner are rocky? Is this just totally playing with fire? Question 2: When it comes to grief, gambling and lying, how long do you hang in there supporting and trying to help your partner change for the better? Question 3: How do you navigate choosing decor in your home?

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March 1, 2022

INTENTIONAL CELIBACY - The path to Pound Town is closed!

How're you going Lifers? Possibly a bit blue because the world is a bit of a dark place at the moment. In today's episode we are taking a deep dive on intentional celibacy, and we are joined by one of our community members whose story was just too great not to share with you all! Becky speaks about her deliberate and considered 2 years of abstaining from sex, & how it completely evolved her sense of self worth and healed her from previous relationships. Becky is a burst of energy, and could possibly look at kicking off a career in comedy with all of her one liners, and she had a pretty unconventional end to her 2 years being free of the D and V, and that was by going to a sex party and joining a couple for group sex. She speaks on how the period provided her with so much clarity on where she wanted to go in life and how to focus on herself. We kick off this episode by discussing the pros and cons of the new laws that will come into place in Aus about what influencers can and can't post and look, it's multifaceted to say the least!

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February 24, 2022

ASK UNCUT - Botox, strip clubs and and lemon tarts

Welcome to your spicy little dilemma day Lifers! We call it ask uncut, where we answer all of your deep, dark and burning questions. Today we start by talking about the Olympian that has a frozen penis, AGAIN. *Not a satire article. Today we answer: 1. I want to get a cosmetic procedure, but my partner is really against it. Should I get it anyway? 2. We have a disagreement on whether it's okay for your partner to go to a strip club when it's not a bucks party. Which side of the fence do you sit? 3. My partner says I'm his dream girl, but that he doesn't want to get old and regret not hooking up with other people. What can I do about this? 4. I'm questioning how you know whether they're 'the one?" When things are good, am I just thinking that the grass is greener or is it an indication that it's just not right?"

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February 22, 2022

THE TINDER SWINDLER - Uncut with Cecilie and Pernilla

Lifers, boy oh boy do we have a big episode for you today. We are talking to Parnilla and Cecilie from the leading Netflix documentary that has EVERYONE talking - The Tinder Swindler. If you haven't seen the Tinder Swindler yet (you naughty little scallywag - you didn't do your home work) it is the story of a romantic conman named Simon Leviev who has defrauded women out of millions of dollars. We speak to the two women who are at the forefront of the documentary, Cecilie and Pernilla were conned out of hundreds of thousands of dollars and still Simon has not been held accountable for his crimes. We also have some very important life updates that we need to talk to y'all about. It's a biggy!

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February 17, 2022

ASK UNCUT - Dirty talk, where is the line?

But first, we are talking about that bong photo! Grace Tame has made headlines for a photo of herself at 19 years olds where she's holding a bong... and well, we've all been there. On todays menu Help, my bestie and I like the same girls name. How do we navigate this? Where is the line when it comes to dirty talk? My friends with benefit neighbour wants to start dating other people, but keep having casual sex... should I try asking him out on a date? I put up a bikini mirror selfie, and my boyfriend says I crossed the line.

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February 15, 2022

The Lazy Manipulator...Weaponised Incompetence

Happy Tuesday Lovers and Lifers! Today we've got a solo episode for ya! It's been quite the while since Britt and Laura sat down alone on a Tuesday ep and unpacked a topic! Today's topic is weaponised incompetence; a buzz word that you may or may not have heard of, but you've likely experienced it or have been guilty of doing it! In today's episode, we unpack what weaposined incompetence is, where we see it most often, how it can look outside of romantic relationships and what to do about it if you're experiencing it. We kick off today's episode with something a little special, a bit unusual! We were contacted by a musician by the name of Dylan Pinkerton. Dylan has secretly written and produced a song for his partner for the past year and she just happens to be a fan of the pod... sooooo we decided to help him launch his brand new song! We hope you love it Lilly!

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February 8, 2022

(Don't) Give it to me baby! Childless by choice with Girls Gotta Eat

Happy Tuesday Lifers! You're getting two for the price of one today (despite both actually being free)!! Today we are joined by the HILARIOUS Ashley and Rayna from Girls Gotta Eat podcast! Their monstrous pod has a similar vibe to life uncut, where they unpack relationships and dating in New York city! In this chat we talk about both Ashley and Rayna's decision of not wanting to have children. Being childless by choice is something that comes with a lot of stigma. It can be viewed as selfish or like you're not living up to what a woman 'should do' in societal norms. We unpack what led them to making up their minds on children, how it impacts dating and how people have responded to it.

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February 3, 2022

ASK UNCUT - Peg him like a Queen

We are jumping into your deep, dark and burning questions. Today the questions of yours that we are tackling are: My partner and I have recently brought sex toys into our relationship. He has now said that he would like to use a dildo on himself, with me and also by himself. Do you think this implies that his sexuality might not be hetero? How do I navigate this because it makes me anxious? My boyfriend and I broke up 6 months ago. It was a pretty toxic relationship. I have recently found out that he was cheating on me while we were together. Should I reach out to him to tell him that I know? I am so mad and still feel so hurt by what happened. I've just found out that my ex boyfriend cheated on me while we were together. It was 6 months ago but I am still so mad and hurt. Should I reach out and tell him that I know?

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February 1, 2022

Grief is love with no where to go - UNCUT WITH ELLIDY PULLIN

Joining us today is the incredible El Pullin! El's story is not like anything you would have heard before. With us, she shared what her partner Alex 'Chumpy' Pullin was to her, their plans for the future, and the day that her life got flipped upside down. Ellidy shares what her journey of grief in widowhood has been like. She is raw, honest and immeasurably strong. Something quite unique to El's story is that along with Chumpy's family, they decided to undergo a process called sperm retrieval which enabled her to create the family that her and Chumpy had dreamt of. We were lucky enough to get to meet the little miracle that is Minnie Alex Pullin and El shared what her experiences of being a new mum have been like. Ellidy is just the best. She's hilarious, she's compassionate, she's grounded, she's bold. We kick this episode off by talking about Laura's vibrating mishap with a furniture removalist, and which member of our team took part in celibacy to help their head!

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January 27, 2022

ASK UNCUT - The one with the side eye

Happy Ask Uncut day Lifers, We need to talk about Grace Tame's side eye! Jumping into your questions for today: 1. If my boyfriend and I live together with his friends, and we break up - who is responsible for paying? 2. My friends house stinks like bird piss. Can I tell her? 3. How do you say those three little words? If you've loved the ask uncut advice this year, we'd really appreciate a sneaky review if you haven't already left one. It really helps us! Tell your mum, tell your dad, tell your dog, tell your friend and share the love because we love love!! x x

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January 26, 2022

BONUS EP - Change the date with Karla Grant

Australia Day, Invasion Day, Survival Day. Today is a day that has come to be known by many different names Each year on Jan 26th questions are raised (as they should be), can we really drink to national pride on a day that carries so much trauma, grief and suffering for our First Nations people? On today's very special bonus episode we will not be celebrating Australia Day, instead we are sitting down to speak with proud First Nations woman Kalra Gant from Arrernte country. Karla has dedicated a huge part of her career to working in Indigenous news and current affairs, witnessing and reporting on the shifts in policy towards Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. Karla has spent the last 18 years presenting and producing Living Black, Australia’s longest running Indigenous current affairs television program, further demonstrating her commitment to giving Indigenous people a voice. On this episode Karla shares with us her story and why we need to change the date.

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January 25, 2022

Working 9 to thrive! Uncut with Bec Brown

Hey Lifers! It's a new year and most of us are back into the work grind! Today we are talking about the relationship that we have with work! Joining us is Bec Brown, author of "You've got this" and founder and managing director of the comms department to talk about: -Figuring out what we want to do with our careers -How we need to ditch the idea of a work/life balance and engage in career- life flow instead -How to work on our 'personal brands' to help us do better in our work environments -How to set yourself up for promotions and pay rises We kick off this episode with some laughs about the best sex positions and how many items you can ask for from the grocery store when someone offers!

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January 20, 2022

ASK UNCUT - Hens parties, bi-curios and friendship breakdowns

It's ASK UNCUT, where we answer your deep dark and burning questions. But before we start, we want to chat about Leonardo DiCaprio and his light sabre. The dating world is tough, and we are unpacking some wild and terrible first date stories. Then we get stuck into your questions: I have a close group of girlfriends but I don't like some of the girls that much, do I have to invite them to my hens? I love my boyfriend, but I'm bi-curious and the sex is boring... I'm falling out with my childhood friends, should I stick it out If you have a question for ASK UNCUT slide on into the DM's @lifeuncutpodcast

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January 18, 2022


It’s so nice to be here! We missed you. Hope you missed us a little bit ;) We are kicking off 2022 with the one and only, the incredible REBEL WILSON! Some of you say that Britt manifested this friendship and look, we aren’t saying that you’re wrong. 2 years after Britt slid into her DMs, we finally got to sit down and enjoy a nice glass of sparkling or still water with Rebel. We were lucky enough to visit her in her home in Sydney and boy oh boy did she not hold back. This accidentally unfiltered will probably go down in Life Uncut history as one of the funniest and most wild stories of all time. In our chat with Rebel we discuss: -The infectious disease that led her to becoming an actor -her path to Hollywood that was certainly unusual -her long standing friendship with the ‘Bella’s’ from Pitch Perfect who she still speaks to every day -Her first children’s book that she wrote to overcome shyness -Directing her first feature film this year -Her support of the Australian theatre company that helped her launch her career; and putting her money where her mouth is by donating a million dollars to it! -As well as her hall pass and her quite awkward encounter with them that led to rumours of them sleeping together! Rebel is such an intelligent, driven, ambitious and kind woman and we could not have enjoyed her any more! We kick off this ep with some chat about Drake and why you may have been seeing him and hot sauce memes floating around.

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December 28, 2021

A REAR IN YOUR VIEW. That's a wrap 2021!

Happy end of 2021 Lifers! What a freaking year! Today we are taking a bit of a walk down memory lane and revisiting some of the best and most impactful moments of 2021 on the podcast. We were joined by some absolutely incredible guests. There were a lot of laughs, a few tears and some moments that left us feeling changed. In today's episode, we highlight some moments with: Mark Manson, author of 'the subtle art of not giving a fuck' Our favourite accidentally unfiltereds India Oxenberg, survivor of the NXVIM sex cult Em Carey, the girl who fell from the sky Matty J, Bach uncut host and Laura's to be betrothed Kath Koschel, founder of the kindness factory Sheri Hockley, nutritionist Hugh van Cuylenburg, founder of the resilience project & Shonel Bryant, creator of support your girls. We feel incredibly #blessed to have had these wonderful people share their stories and their time with us and we can't wait to be back with you in 2022! We will still be recording from the floor of Britt's lounge room in our underwear so some things aren't changing!

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December 21, 2021

Lets get kinky

Kink is having a bit of a moment in time! What used to be something that was criminalised and frowned upon is now being spoken about and portrayed on our screens! But there's a whole bunch that we didn't know about kink and getting kinky! Joining us to share her wisdom is the incredible Chantelle Otten, psycho-sexologist and kink guru! We talk about how you discover kinks, act them out and what a whole bunch of common ones are! She also speaks about consent with kink and how the community has been so misunderstood for a long time. We then have one of our fabulous listeners Nikki join us who loves water sports (the kink, not water skiing). Nikki is an open mind and an open book and we were so grateful to get her personal experience of kink! To check Chantelle out, go here: https://chantelleotten.com/ Chantelle also has a killer new book out! http://booktopia.kh4ffx.net/NKQVjK

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December 16, 2021

ASK UNCUT - I love you, but I don't want to buy property with you

Today we are starting the episode with a bit of low brow lols. We find out just how much we'd need to pay both Britt and Laura to send us a jar of their farts. Everyone has a price amiright?! Jumping into your questions for today: 1. My partner didn't invite me to his work Christmas party and partners are invited. I'm pregnant and we have a 1 year old, but I'm hurt and wondering if I should be suspicious of this? 2. I'm in a loving relationship but I've never been with anyone else. My boyfriend loves me so much and sees a future with me. I want to experience other people. I don't think he will be okay if I end things though. Help! 3. My partner of 4 years and I had a plan to buy a house together. They've just told me that now they want to buy a house themselves. What am I meant to do? What does this mean about their commitment to me and our relationship?

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December 14, 2021

UNCUT with Shonel Bryant - A story of love, gratitude and leaving a legacy in the face of terminal cancer

Today's episode is unlike any we have done before. "I don't fear death, I just don't want my children to forget me" Today we are joined by Shonel Bryant, who is a member of our podcast community. Shonel is an incredible woman; she is a mother of two, a wife and an immensely strong, creative and funny woman. Shonel has battled various cancers for the past few years and is now terminally ill. She joins the podcast today to speak about advocating for your own health, checking your breasts and leaving a legacy for her family. We feel so incredibly grateful that Shonel has given us her precious time to share her story. A story of grief, a story of love and overwhelmingly a story of gratitude. Shonel has a gofundme set up to financially help her husband support their children and take some time off of work following her passing. You can find the go fund me page here: https://www.gofundme.com/f/bryant-family-support-fundraiser?utm_source=customer&utm_medium=copy_link_all&utm_campaign=p_cp+share-sheet Her instagram can be found here: https://www.instagram.com/support.your.girls/?hl=en We are so grateful for you Shonel.

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December 9, 2021

ASK UNCUT and the annual gang bang championships

Park yourself up on the couch. It's time for us to get our therapy Thursday Ask Uncut started. Today we are diving into these questions: -Is there post coital text etiquette? -My ex has text me, apologising for the terrible way that he treated me. I think that this is more for him than it is for me. He is married now so I don't know why he is reaching out. Should I respond? What should I say if I do? -My partner has just moved into my place. I'm having trouble adjusting to the change. My stuff isn't where it used to be. Little things like sharing my space and nitty gritty things are pissing me off. How do I help myself? -I'm 24 and I feel as though I'm having a quarter life crisis. I've bought a house with my partner. I'm set up in my career & everything is great. But I feel like I want to throw it all away and get some more 'life experience.' Should I?

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December 7, 2021

Love me MORE and the need to please! Unpacking Codependency

Step right up to your meaty and juicy Tuesday because today we are kicking off the episode with some bach chat that has pretty much every media publication in Australia talking; the relationship breakdown between Brooke Blurton & Abbie Chatfield. We address this conversation from the perspective of two people who have been in the media wheel of Bachelor finales and how elements of privilege are intertwined with the timing of this particular situation. Then we are taking a deep dive on codependence. On the surface we look at codependence as being needy and controlling, but there's so much more to unpack here. These behaviours can be due to how we grew up, other relationship experiences we have had in life, and they can also exist in our workplace. friendship or family relationships too.

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December 2, 2021

ASK UNCUT - Burn out, prudish friends and it turns out I banged the guy I'm datings mate... help.

The soft fade vs honest upfront debate is on! Happy Thursday lifers and welcome to therapy. Today's episode kicks off with a rather lengthy dilemma/debate from yours truly. The overarching question being "is it better to do a soft fade of someone that you're not super into, or to be honest upfront and let them know that you're not interested? We discuss! We then jump into your questions: -My friend is really conservative and I think she is going to take the fun out of my other friend's hens party. Do I discuss it with her? -I'm a 'yes' person. I know I'm guilty of overbooking things in my schedule but whenever I try to say no, my friends make me feel as though I've upset or disappointed them. How do I say no and take some time for myself without offending anyone? -I'm newly seeing a guy that I like and can see something progressing with. The problem is that I've hooked up with 2 of his friends. Do I tell him? If I do, WHEN do I tell him?

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November 30, 2021

UNCUT with Michael Theo from Love On The Spectrum

Welcome to your Tuesday Lifers! Step right up because this is an episode that (according to our DMs) you've all been waiting for! Michael Theo from Love on the Spectrum is joining us today to chat all things like: -his dating life -his experiences of Love on the Spectrum -how autistic people can alter from neurotypical people -his new podcast - & of course going on the Ellen Degeneres show! We were really grateful to have Michael join us on the pod! Today's episode kicks off with some talk about the rarity of taking the wife's surname in a marriage, and whether it's okay or not to publicly express your love for your ex... when you have millions of followers.

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November 26, 2021

BACHETTE UNCUT - Brooke and Darvid fly off on a magic mower to live happily ever after

OH MY GOD… It’s our final Bachette episode! Maybe ever, maybe just for the year - we’re still undecided. It’s the second last ep, which kicks off with Darvid meeting Brooke in a kayak (sadly there was no cameo from surf dog bachelor). After a quick paddle, they jump on quad bikes and try to escape from the Bachelorette compound. Osher springs into action and catches Brooke - forcing her on a date with Jamie-Lee. They go on a bush walk, which Brooke hates because she’s wearing brand new white jeans. Jamie-Lee tries to save the date by declaring her love but before Brooke can react - Osher picks her up and forces her to go on one last date with Holly. She makes Brooke endure a marathon session of interpretive dance and just when Brooke thought it couldn’t get any worse - Holly declares that she hates kids and WA. It’s all too much for Brooke who storms off mid date. Time for the finale, which is between the Persian Landscaping Prince and Best Friend Jamie-Lee. Both get grilled by Brooke’s besties - Amy and Abbie Chatfield. They both agree that Darvid is a total dreamboat but Jamie-Lee won't give up just yet. She hires a couple of bicycles and takes Brooke down to the skatepark to smoke cigarettes they stole from Osher’s dressing room. Darvid then rocks up and takes Brooke on a tantric-sex-yoga class, which is topped off with a confession of love. Osher decides that Brooke has endured enough so he allows her to say goodbye to Jamie-Lee who actually takes the news like a champion. Before she can wipe away her tears (and her eyelashes) Darvid rocks up to finish off their tantric sex lesson. Brooke is so emotional she literally cries away her eyelashes. It’s beautiful, its heart-warming, it’s why we watch this show. WE LOVE LOVE !!!

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November 25, 2021

ASK UNCUT - When it comes to casting for reality TV, how far is too far?

Happy therapy Thursday lifers, Today we are jumping into something a little more grim but we've got some questions to ask the producers and casting staff of MAFS! Then we're jumping into your deep, dark, burning questions: -Do you pick the safe guy who treats you well, or the one you've got the chemistry for that isn't as safe a bet? - I'd been on one date with my now boyfriend when I had a drunken hook up with a friend. Do I need to tell him? I feel guilty. -I'm looking for a new job. What's the etiquette? Do you have to tell your current employer that you're looking for another job? Do you put them as a reference?

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November 23, 2021

Pivoting careers, writing novels and switching up gender norms with Sally Hepworth!

Welcome lifers to a laugh and a half episode with Sally Hepworth. We sat down with Sally to not only speak about her brand new book "The younger wife" (which you can get here BTW: https://www.sallyhepworthauthor.com/) but also to talk about navigating a change in your career when you've possibly had a different one before or you're a little bit further along in life. Sally boldly became an author not long after the birth of her first child so we picked her brain about how and why she made such a pivotal change in her life! It wouldn't have been possible for her to be such a successful writer without her husband Christian making some changes in his roles as a parent and within the household. We talk with Sally about what a parent's role can look like in 2021. Sally is witty. She is hilarious & she went to a sex party to research one of her books. This episode is likely to give you a laugh! You can find Sally here: https://www.instagram.com/sallyhepworth/?hl=en We also touch on the Matt Doran, channel 7, "I haven't listened to your album yet Adele" saga and how it's a good reminder that we need to pay more attention to what the boy scouts said and 'always be prepared!"

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November 18, 2021

ASK UNCUT - Kendall Jenner's wedding attire and can you co-parent a pooch with your ex?

Take your seat on the couch and we'll put the kettle on. Welcome to therapy Thursday. Today we kick off the episode by taking a look at the dress Kendall Jenner wore to her best friend's wedding; whether it's completely inappropriate or not and whether the concept of 'skinny privilege' has a part to play in these conversations. We're jumping into some big questions today like: -Can you still have a relationship with your pet that you shared with a partner after you break up? If you can, how does that look/work? -Do you need/want to know about your partner's past relationships? Does that benefit YOUR relationship? -We had a listener write in asking whether she should 'give up' on the possibility of meeting someone and have a baby by herself. They asked if that would be goodbye to any potential of romance in the future.

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November 16, 2021

ATTRACTION PART 2 - Is it a "grower" or a "shower"?!

Welcome to attraction part 2! Today's episode kicks off with Britt's beef with the daily mail, as well as a hot, big announcement about where else you'll find us in 2022! We touch on our reactions to Taylor Swift's newly released old album 'Red' and whether Jake Gyllenhaal has been treated a little bit harshly or not. Then we are rolling into part 2 of attraction! We broke down emotional and physical attraction in episode 170 & today we are taking a deep dive on the types of attraction and how they can be impacted by sexuality. We look at: -Sexual attraction -Romantic attraction -Aesthetic attraction -Emotional attraction. We then had one of our wonderful listeners, Billi, who identifies as non-binary and asexual join the podcast to speak about how being asexual has impacted their life and their relationships. We spoke about the misconceptions around asexuality and how consent around sex can be misunderstood in asexual individuals. Some other things we touched on are: -aromantic -sapiosexuality -demisexuality & -pansexuality.

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November 12, 2021

BACHETTE UNCUT - Snow globes and Mardi Gras

WE ARE BACK! Sorry for leaving you high and dry last week. The recording equipment broke, and we swear this wasn't a clever rouse so that Laura and Matt could have a holiday.... hell,. they have two kids.... they don't holiday, they just parent their children in new locations. Today we are recapping episode 7, just the one, because it turns out the Socceroos were playing so who the hell cares about the Bachelorette... WE DO! Millie the intruder gets taken on the single date, where Paramount is the subtle brand sponsor./ .Subtle like a ball sack to the forehead, Then it is time for the most wholesome Mardi Gras themed group date ever! Jaime-Lee is still in a bit of hot water and we say goodbye to Taj and Mr abs MgGee.

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November 11, 2021

ASK UNCUT - Freebies from friends and age gaps

Happy Thursday lovely lifers and welcome to church. Today's ask uncut breaches a few new types of questions starting with: -My friend, who is a make up artist, expected me to pay $70 for her to do my make up. Is that acceptable? -I've offered to pay for a friend to cover her greys and have her hair done but she's just told me it is expected to cost $400. I feel stuck because I wanted to do a nice thing for her, but this is a lot more than I anticipated it would cost. -Are age gaps ever an issue or does it depend on the circumstances? -My partner of nearly a decade, who has cheated on me a few times, has just told me that they do not want kids. I do not know what to do

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November 10, 2021

BONUS EP The man that tamed Brittany. Jordan Thompson UNCUT

Lifers this has been a bloody long time coming, and we don't just mean this episode, we also mean the fact that for the first time in the best part of a decade Brittany got a boyfriend. Yep, for once she didn't run. Almost a year into the relationship now (because she had to be sure you know - can't rush into these things) and it is finally time to introduce you properly to the man (aka penguin) that tamed the commitment-phobe wild beast was Britt. Jordan is an Australia professional tennis player with a career high of 43 in the world. These two young lovers have had a wild first year together and you guys have been asking for this episode for a long time! So we put it in your hands and asked what you wanted to know about him, their relationship, their age gap and his tennis career. There is also a spicy "would you rather" that made Jordan blush. ☺️ Note from Britt: Lifers! Enjoy getting to know Jordan and I hope to give you just a little insight into our life and why I love him so damn much. He's the best 🐧

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November 9, 2021

It's cool to be kind - Uncut with Kath Koschel

Well today might be one of our very favourite episodes EVER! Today we are chatting to Kath Koschel from the Kindness Factory. We could go into the details of Kath's story, but honestly it will be better than you hear it for yourselves. She is so inspiring, grounded, down to Earth and real, and we know that you'll feel a sense of gratitude after listening to her. If you'd like to get involved in World Kindness Day, jump into the Kindness Factory here: https://kindnessfactory.com/ We kick off this episode with speaking about Britt and Laura's various trips up the coast now that the lockdown leash has finally been severed! As well as the ridiculous things that ol' mate Gwyneth would have you pop in your Christmas stocking this year!

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November 2, 2021

The ups, the downs and the Kanyes - Talking Bipolar disorder with Anastasia McLean!

Living with Bipolar - the upsides, the downsides and the Kanyes with Anastasia McLean! In today's episode we are chatting with the hilarious Ana from 'The Bipolar Diaries,' who openly shares her experiences of living with Bipolar II. Ana is an open book and speaks about: -what it's like living with Bipolar II, from life pre diagnosis to life now, -how it affects her relationships with her family, friends and romantic interests, -her sex life such as the hyper sexuality people with Bipolar experience during their manic stages and the negative judgement many women receive for their sexual desires and behaviours -the misconceptions and stigmas associated with Bipolar *cough* Kanye has a few of them! You can check out The Bipolar Diaries here: https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/the-bipolar-diaries/id1571542239 *Content warning* This episode touches on mental health issues and mentions suicide. This episode also contains Ana's personal account of living with Bipolar II and should not be considered medical advice. If you are not in the right headspace to listen to this episode right now, please give it a miss or listen to it another time. Life line is available on 13 11 14.

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October 26, 2021

Let's talk compatibility!

First cab off the ranks we are chatting about Alec Baldwin. Alec Baldwin has shot and killed a 42 year old cinematographer named Halyna Hutchins and Britt and Laura have some strong and slightly conflicting feelings about all of this. Next up we are chatting compatibility and how essential is it to a happy relationship? We also had the pleasure of talking to some of our awesome listeners who are navigating unconventional relationships, an interfaith couple named Daisy and Kurt and an interracial couple named Amelia and Brian.

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October 22, 2021

BACHETTE UNCUT - We are back baby!

WE ARE BACK BABY and it’s BACH-ETTE UNCUT TIME! After the mild success that was Bach Uncut last season with our Kinky Captain, a few of you wanted to hear us squabble our way through this season of the Bachelorette. Matty J is back behind the microphone and Laura is back behind a glass of wine! It is a Bachelorette world first...history making stuff! Australia’s sweetheart Brooke Blurton our very first bisexual, Indigenous lead takes her third shot at love! Episode one kicks off with a traumatic walk down memory lane where the Honey Badger is thrust back onto our screens and to be honest, Australia wasn’t ready for this yet. But Bachi makes up for this with the most heart warming Welcome To Country and who the hell is cutting onions!! Next up it’s time to bring in the suitors! Matt has picked Konrad to win and Laura thinks it’s going to be Darvid… ONLY TIME WILL TELL! Episode one sees some drama over an IKEA chair, and well we all know what a b*tch flat pack can be in a relationship. Some guy goes home. We can’t remember his name. Episode 2: Our Persian Pirate prince Darvid gets the first single date, and he scores himself a big old sloppy kiss and a rose. And in true Bach form the first group date is the illusive group photo shoot and it did not disappoint. The cocktail gets a little spicy and Beautiful Beau goes home. We just hope the producers made him delete his camera roll before he left the mansion.

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October 21, 2021

ASK UNCUT - Whats the dress code?

Have you heard about the new ball bath contraception? No?? Well fear not, you're about to be balls deep in testicle bath knowledge... Today we are jumping into: -I used to be with a narcissist. Now I'm with a great guy and in a healthy relationship; but I'm feeling a bit...bored. Is this normal? I kind of miss the highs of the toxicity -How do I/ do I tell my friend that the outfit she is planning on wearing to my wedding is not okay? -My bridesmaid is dating a guy that my fiance and I don't like. I don't really want him at the wedding but is this going to drive a wedge between the friendship?

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October 19, 2021

In bed with Australia's highest paid escort - UNCUT WITH SAMANTHA X

We're getting a little spicy today! A topic that SO many of us have such an intrigue about, a world that hardly any of us know about; the sex work industry! On today's podcast we are joined by the wonderful Samantha X, Australia's most well known escort. We speak about what the biggest misconceptions of the adult industry are, what kind of things clients request (spoiler alert, it is likely NOT what you expected), the ins and outs of the industry and who the kinds of people that use these services are. Want to know what the average age of woman that her clients request? What do you think the sex is like? Why do you think a woman would get into the industry? Samantha breaks down a lot of our preconceived ideas of the industry and we hope that you enjoy this chat as much as we did!

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October 14, 2021

ASK UNCUT - How to end an affair

Happy therapy Thursday Lifers and today Producer Keeshia is jumping in the hot seat. We often have questions about being cheated on, but today we're jumping into the less common dilemma of a cheater. "I've turned into the person I never thought I'd be. I'm getting married in 3 months. I love my partner and I want our life together. I've been sleeping with someone from work for 2 months. How do I end it? We have a crazy sexual connection and the best sex I've ever had in my life." We also jump into how important having the same religious/political beliefs as your partner are, and how to tell a friend that you do not want to travel with them!

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October 13, 2021

A little older and a little wiser - Best advice straight from the Lifers

We have a very special Bonus episode for you guys, its the warm hug we all need right now and we promise this episode will leave you in a better happier headspace than we found you. We have collated the absolute best life advice from our Lifers and packaged up here in one delectable little bonus episode for you.

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October 12, 2021


Today we are joined by the wonderful behavioural scientist and author Logan Ury! She's a dating guru and dating coach at Hinge and she's written a book titled "How to not die alone." We think it's mostly there in the title! In today's episode we unpack some of the most common problems that people experience in dating, including their dating blind spots. We unpack the 3 dating tendencies and how we can use the info of which one we fall into to better curate our dating lives and relationships. PLUS something that we've been asked hundreds of times "what should I put on my dating app bio" is answered in dot point format so that y'all can go out and live your best right swiped/liked lives! To kick things off in this episode, we speak about the Facebook Files and the daming information that the Wall St Journal has uncovered!

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October 7, 2021

ASK UNCUT - Thin walls and loud neighbours

It's your enthusiastically unqualified but passionate about helping a sister out therapy Thursday where we dive into your deepest questions! First cab off the rank today is about whether you need to experience a couple of people before you settle on 'the one.' What happens if you're really young and you've found the person you want to marry but you're afraid of the judgement? Secondly, well things get a little juicier here and this one isn't for the faint of heart... I want my husband to go down there after we've finished having sex, but he thinks it's a bit gross and weird. Opinions? Next up we're talking how to address that awkward AF sitch when your neighbours have obnoxiously loud sex; like, wake the dog up loud! How do you get them to shush it without making it hella awkward? Lastly we dive into what to do when someone that you really liked and dated for 2 months completely ghosts you, and then resurrects themselves with an apology. Do you entertain it or throw it in the bin?

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October 5, 2021

Talking Diet Culture and nutrition with Sheri Health

Today we are talking about a very important relationship in your life, one that you probably think about at least 3 times per day and maybe without even realising it. It's your relationship with FOOD! Britt's sister Sheri Hockley- nutritionist, PT, radiation scientist and all around great lass, joins us today and opens up the conversation of nutrition and diet culture. Diet culture is so incredibly ingrained in us that many of us may not even be aware of how much it affects our daily life! In this episode we discuss: -Sheri's hearing loss -How our relationship with food can affect our mental well being and why we have such a f*cked up mentality around diet culture -Weight training -How food affects our mood/how periods alter our cravings -Whether food can be medicine -Gut health -Pre and pro biotics & different types of diets.

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September 30, 2021

ASK UNCUT... Will you pee on me?

Soaking, parking, floating, marinating, dock and park, jump and hump… never heard these terms in relation to sex before? Well fear not, neither had we! Until a teenage Mormon armed with Tik tok made our day and shed some light on this hush hush act. Kinks. My newish boyfriend just told me he has a few different kinks and mentioned things like urinating during sex as one of them. I’m not sure I’m ready. Do I try or dump and run!? My boyfriend of one year wants to move in together, I think he is my penguin but I low key want to live alone forever! Help!? How do I broach this and is this normal!? My ex messaged out of the blue and wants to “catch up” to see how I’ve been. I’m seeing someone now and very happy but also considering meeting my ex… is this ok? Should I meet him? Do I tell my bf? Do I blow him off? (Not literally, metaphorically of course, get your mind out of the gutter would ya)

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September 28, 2021

Want to live your best?.....MANIFEST!

In today's episode, we jump into something a lot of y'all have been asking about; manifestation! The law of attraction is it the way to get what you want in life or is it a bit too woo woo to work? Well, today we are joined by the lovely, pragmatic, manifestation guru and journalist Jordanna Levin to talk all things manifestation and how it can affect your dating and love life. We speak about how manifestation has been a little misrepresented in the pop culture space and how rom coms from Hollywood have warped our perception of what to expect out of a 'soul mate.' Oh, and we also start off this episode by discussing the random household items you guys have used as lube... ya weirdos ;)

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September 23, 2021

ASK UNCUT - Infiltrating the click

Today we're jumping into your questions with a toughy! -I don't agree with my parent's morals. They're racist and I don't want my children growing up around those kinds of perspectives. Do I cut them off from seeing my children? -I'm feeling really left out at work. My colleagues are all friendly with each other and do things outside of work...without me. How do I infiltrate 'the click' and become friends with them? -I've made a new friend. We chat ALL the time. I have a boyfriend and I'm feeling a bit bad because I'm not sure if my new friend thinks that we are going somewhere romantically. Am I doing anything wrong? He doesn't know that I have a boyfriend!

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September 21, 2021

Attraction - Is it a "grower" or a "shower"?!

September has been given a new name - Soft launch September! We talk all things soft launching a partner, a baby, even soft launching yourself back in to singledom! Is it cute and exciting or just plain annoying!? Also, Britt's coming home! We hope! We've been told our whole, Hollywood movie impacted, lives that when we meet our person, we will know! They will be everything! But what happens when we get slapped in the face with reality and someone ticks every one of our boxes, except that we don't necessarily want to rip their clothes off? We are talking ATTRACTION Does this mean that they're not 'our penguin?' Does it mean that we should continue dating them in the hopes that those feelings develop? Does it make us a bad person if we call it quits in search of the spark?

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September 16, 2021

ASK UNCUT - Snap chatting a blow job is never a good idea

Help, my bestie's Fiancé sent me a snapchat of him getting a blowy from a ummmm man, My house mate won't stop with the PDA with his new partner My boyfriend won't shag me because he has self esteem issues....

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September 14, 2021

It's time to OPEN UP! Talking open relationships with Bianka Ismailovski

Today we opening things up, and we are talking non-monogamy and open relationships and by goodness WE HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS! We have the wonderful Bianka Ismailovski from Damsel In Distress podcast joining us, Bianka is in a non-monogamous relationship with her boyfriend and she is here to answer your questions. How does it work? What are the rules? Don't you get jealous?! Whether you've ever considered having an open relationship or you're just curious about how it all goes down, Bianka should be able to provide some insight into a world that not many of us have experienced

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September 9, 2021

ASK UNCUT - Shut it down! He's NOT leaving his wife.

Welcome to your therapy Thursday Lifers and we're diving into some biggies today! Producer Keeshia joins Britt today and FINALLY shares her own accidentally unfiltered. The girls talk about friendship-dating before jumping into your deep, burning questions. Today we look at: -My housemate has been sleeping with a married guy for 2 years. She is convinced he will leave his wife for her. I can't handle it any more. -I've been with my partner for 5 years and we aren't really in love any more. I've kind of just ended up here. I'm worried that we will just get married and I'll regret it. -My friend is dating a new guy and he's showing a lot of red flags. My partner says that I should shut my mouth and let her work it out for herself. What do you think?

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September 7, 2021

From attitude to gratitude and resilience with Hugh van Cuylenburg

In today's episode we are diving into the happiness trap and how our goal should possibly be one more of content-ness than happiness. We sat down and chatted mental health and mindfulness with Hugh Van Cuylenburg from The Resilience Project. Hugh's story is interesting. It's thought provoking, and it's empowering. In times like how we are living right now, we couldn't think of a better time to talk to someone like him. Hopefully after listening to this episode, you'll feel that little bit better and more ready to take on the week. Content warning: This episode touches on suicide, If this could be triggering for you in any way this episode may not be for you, x

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September 3, 2021

BACH UNCUT - The Kinky Captain gets his Queen

Goodness gracious me it’s the final week of Bach Uncut! Jimmy’s already clocked off for the season so he’s making the last three remaining girls organise their own dates. Holly clearly snagged the entire remaining budget and she picks Jimmy up in a pimping two-story boat. They talk about what life would be like after the show and even though Jimmy admits he’ll work so much that he’ll only be around 2 weeks of the year, Holly doesn’t care because she admits she’s fallen in love with him. Whaaaat, love bombs already and it’s not even the finale !? Jimmy replies by pushing her in the water because he loves to give her hyperthermia on their dates. Jay is up next and all she can afford is a leaking kayak in the harbour. They paddle around, listen to classical music (Jimmy hates it) and then he confronts her about the 83rd rumour he’s heard - Jay used to date the Bachelor New Zealand. It’s at this point we knew it was all over for Jay. Brooke is up next and she’s stolen a puppy to play with in the park. Just when you thought Brooke was all glitter and fairies, she throws Jimmy in a hot tub and girates him until Osher kicks them out. Time for the finale and we’re all heading to Alice Springs to meet Jimmy’s family ! His mum, dad and sister are there and even his cousin.. Because we all know how invaluable dating advice is from your cousin (please explain Jimmy). Jimmy’s mum is team Holly and his dad is team Brooke and his sister is like.. just f*#king tell us who you’re going to pick already (the cousin literally doesn’t say a word). Brooke’s single date is very bloody adorable and she’s literally having the best time of her life as they enjoy a champagne sunrise in a hot air balloon. She’s so certain it’s going to be her at the end and oh god - our hearts are already breaking! Holly’s date is up next and they snag a cheap flight to Uluru but the only catch is that Jimmy’s parents paid for it so they’re coming along for the date (this actually kinda happened). The finale is as brutal as you can imagine but it’s not a total disaster because we’re gifted a beautiful love story with Holly and Jimmy, which makes it all worthwhile. WE LOVE LOVE !

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September 2, 2021

ASK UNCUT - HELP! Work wars, faking the big O and pregnancy fears 👌💦

It's time to get into your deep, dark and burning questions but FIRST we simply must know how the heck Britt manifested this friendship with Rebel Wilson that we're seeing all over the gram! Our deep dives for today are: -Friendship/sibling work relationships. Do they work with work? How do you get them to work? -I've been in a happy relationship for a long time and we have great sex. The catch is that I've been faking orgasms because getting to the big O has been tough and I have some factors like meds coming into it. Do I tell my partner that I've been faking it for 6 months or will that destroy him? -I'm pregnant and I feel excited, sad and terrified all at the same time. Is this abnormal or is it business as usual to have doubts as high as the ceilings?

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August 31, 2021

Incarceration Nation with Carly Stanley

Today on the podcast we are diving into the history of racial injustice and inequality that so many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples face every day in Australia. We were lucky enough to be joined by Carly Stanley, the CEO and co founder of Deadly connections and Justice services limited, a proud Wiradjuri woman. Carly featured on the NITV documentary titled "Incarceration Nation." In this chat we speak to Carly about how her husband's life turned around after his experiences from juvenile detention & adult incarceration, to running an organisation that aims at healing First Nations people that have been impacted by the child protection and/or justice systems. We talk about why so many Indigenous children are being locked up and how we need structural change and better solutions for these children. Today's episode is not a light one, and we would like to add a warning that issues of violence, death and racism are addressed in this episode.

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August 26, 2021

ASK UNCUT - To sit or stand that is the question!

We're kicking off your therapy Thursday by asking how the heck to get a friend to not only admit that they damaged the house you rent, but also to pay to fix it! We then open a somewhat lengthy, and possibly 'please skip ahead if you're a little high brow' dilemma about whether you sit or stand...and whether potentially gender plays into it. Our third question is a little bit harder to stay neutral on. "I'm really into a guy who has a girlfriend. We hang out and talk a lot and the chemistry is so amazing. Nothing inappropriate has happened yet. What do I do?" Strap yourselves in for a yo-yo today lifers because we really tackle all sides of the equation!

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August 24, 2021

The girl who fell from the sky - Uncut with Em Carey

Today we chat with Em Carey. In 2013, Em was on a trip abroad that should have been a fun, European trip of a lifetime when she had a skydiving accident in Switzerland that changed the course of her life. Em's parachute failed, causing her to become paralysed from the waist down. Em defied the odds and learnt to walk again, and through that experience her perspective on life and how we view our bodies evolved. In this chat we talk about learning to love the lives and bodies that we have. We speak about the pros and cons of altering our bodies and the reasons that we should & shouldn't do it. Em has such a refreshing and inspiring perspective on life that really hits you in your core!

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August 20, 2021

BACH UNCUT - Getting the low down with our horny bogan Queen Sierah

You asked for it and we provided - On this tasty little snack of an episode we are sitting down for a chat with the unofficial Queen of Bachie 2021 Sierah. Sierah has brought us so many laughs over the past 4 weeks and we were so sad to see her leave the Bachie Mansion last week we needed a little bit more of the tall Phoenix. This is part one of our Friday Bach Uncut eps, check out PART 2 for Matty and Laura's recap of episode 10, 11 and 12!

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August 20, 2021

BACH UNCUT - Swamps, tats and the great bachie bush doof

So how many episodes of the Bachelor do you think we’re re-capping this week? 2..14...28? Well if you guessed 3, you’d be correct! Wednesday was a big thick juicy double ep that kicked off with Holly getting a second single date. They waded through freezing knee-deep water in a national park, which is as good as single dates have been going lately. The group date saw all the girls having lunch with Jimmy’s mum, Susan. The only issue.. She likes her bachelorettes served well done. Poor old Steph copped the full brunt and if her bags aren’t packed… they should be! Things go from bad to worse for Steph and at the cocktail party, half the girls tell Jimmy she’s gotta go. Except wait for this big twist that Tahnee dropped… JAY WANTS TO BE RUNNER UP AND CASH IN ON HER NEW FOUND FAME! Not sure if we’re now technically on ep 11 or still 10.. Who the hell bloody knows what’s going on or what day it is. Osher decides to throw a bush doof in the backyard of the Bach mansion, which is complete with teepee tents, glow sticks and DJ decks. As soon as they get there, Jimmy pulls Jay aside to make sure she’s not gunning to be a Matty J 2.0, which she staunchly denies. When they return Jay bee-lines it for Tahnne and things kick off. They both end up in tears saying the other one is lying - it’s incredibly awkward but equal parts entertaining. Jimmy decides that Jay is too good at kissing so he says goodbye to Tahnee. The next single date is with Carlie and they’re tattooing each other.. Except it’s not real tattoos because Osher spent all the budget on the bush doof so they’re using sharpies he bought from the local servo. Sadly they opt for compases instead of southern cross tattoos (we can’t help but wish Sierah was on this date). The group date is an water obstacle course that’s being billed as a Bachelor Love Triathlon. Jay is the clear favourite to win, which is great because she needs to repair her reputation but she throws the game and let’s Ash win. WHAT ARE YOU DOING JAY!!!! Jimmy gets the extra time with Ash and he looks like a kid who got given an avocado for Christmas. At the cocktail party Brooke returns and she’s as horny as a teenager at Schoolies. After jumping Jimmy she proudly declares that she’s getting all the remaining single dates and if anyone gets in her way, she’s going to put them in a headlock. This prompts Laura to decide she’s had enough and calls for the first free limo back to Sydney.

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August 19, 2021

ASK UNCUT - Hold my eye contact so I can Climax

It's Therapy Thursday and in today’s session we are answering your deep, dark and burning questions: My boyfriend broke up with me because I told (please keep up) his ex’s partner that she was trying to cheat on him. Who’s in the wrong here? How much should be shared with your partner? When we say “please keep this to yourself,” is their partner an exception? Is it normal to fantasise and close my eyes while I’m having sex with my partner?

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August 17, 2021

See what you made me do - Domestic Violence Australia's unspoken epidemic with Jess Hill

Today we are discussing a very difficult topic but something so important. We have Jess Hill with us today. Jess is an award winning investigative journalist who has really put the difficult conversations regarding domestic violence and coercive control into the forefront of Australian media. Her book “see what you made me do” and SBS program of the same name introduced us to attempting to understand how and why domestic violence is such a problem in Australia. She has also recently started a podcast on this topic called “The Trap.” DV and conversations around coercive control is something close to our hearts. Some of you will remember the beautiful Bianca who joined us a few months ago on the pod, and told the tragic story of her sister Katie losing her life at the hands of her partner. Bianca’s story was first shared on Jess Hill’s SBS program and that is how we came to know Bianca. Having Jess with us today brings that story full circle and hopefully we shed some more light on a situation that is far too prevalent. We talk: Domestic violence and coercive control Early signs Love bombing and perspecticide Why it is not always so easy to "just leave" Behaviours like location tracking Groups and people at risk How it affects families including children Problems with the system Where both the victim and perpetrator can get help

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August 13, 2021

BACH UNCUT - Double dose, friend zoned and farewell to our favourite horny bogan

Another week of the Kinky Captain gracing our screens and we’ve been delivered a smörgåsbord board of (albeit less horny) goodness. Ep 7 kicks off with Jimmy gushing over his motorbike and the girls pretending like they’re interested in it. Lily is invited to take a ride to a secluded beach where Jimmy’s grandma had three heart attacks (we’re not kidding). It’s also the perfect spot to learn how to surf and make out. Meanwhile back at the mansion, Jimmy’s sister and cousin are joining the girls for dinner. But instead of dessert, they’ve brought an honesty box. Holly ends up getting thrown under the honest box bus as she’s accused of being two faced and fake. DRAMAAAAAAA! Ep 8 kicks off with Carlie receiving her first single dates at one of Sydney’s most romantic venues - Western Sydney Uni. They avoid any games of beer-pong and zipline into each other's mouths… oh, and there’s also a champagne tower and a fluorescent hula hooper because, Bachelor! Sticking with the educational theme, the group date was at an old high school where the girls enjoyed a debating competition, poison ball and a prom night, which was actually a rose ceremony in disguise (Osher you evil bastard). So this is the episode of Bach that never ends because now we have our beloved Laura on an Italian themed date and we’re sorry to say it was a total disaster. Like pineapple on a pizza type disaster! They cooked pasta, it turned out awful. She leant it for a kiss, it was as successful as the pasta. Just when you thought it was game over for Laura, Jimmy convinces her to stay (we’re still trying to figure this one out). The group date was speed dating with 5 of the girl’s mums. Sadly, none of the mothers received roses or a kiss and they were all sent home. There was also a two second game of tennis with Jay at the Bach mansion where she addressed rumours that she didn’t want to have kids (she confirmed she wants all the babies). Shout out to all the women who left the mansion this week, but special mention must go to the one and only Sierah... WE STAN !

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August 12, 2021

ASK UNCUT - Hold my eye contact so I can climax

It's Therapy Thursday and in today’s session we are answering your deep, dark and burning questions: My boyfriend broke up with me because I told (please keep up) his ex’s partner that she was trying to cheat on him. Who’s in the wrong here? How much should be shared with your partner? When we say “please keep this to yourself,” is their partner an exception? Is it normal to fantasise and close my eyes while I’m having sex with my partner?

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August 10, 2021

Why are we all obsessed with true crime and reality TV?

Some of us are more willing to admit it than others, but isn’t it just so therapeutic to chuck on some trash reality TV at the end of a busy, hectic day? Whether you like keeping up with the Kardashians, or following the drama filled shit show that is married at first sight, I think we can all admit that there’s something about escaping into a different world to our own that we find intriguing. But what exactly is it that makes us want to be a fly on the wall in other people’s lives? Why are we so obsessed with serial killer docu-dramas and podcasts? Are we sick to be utterly engaged in a “who did it and how?” episode about some pretty messed up things? Psychologist and criminology expert Sandy Rea joined Laura and Britt on the podcast to tell us exactly what the heck is going on in our brains and why we are so into reality TV and true crime! She shares her wealth of knowledge from working as a psychologist in maximum security prisons in Australia, to her time spent working as a psychologist on reality TV platforms!

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August 3, 2021

EGGS ON ICE! Britt shares her egg-freezing story

LIFERS, we are BACK BABY!!! We are coming in hot with a really important and heartfelt episode, diving into Britt’s egg freezing journey and answering all of the questions that you had about the process, the costs, how it felt and what was expected/unexpected. We talk a lot about hormones and how it all works – the female body is a wild and miraculous machine! Britt initially decided to have her fertility assessed after an interview that we did with Dr Cheryl Phua from Genea Horizon. It was from this chat that Britt became a little more curious about her own fertility; a curiosity that revealed that she only had around a 15% chance of conceiving naturally, largely based on age. This led to her investing in her potential future family by having her eggs frozen. A decision that ended up lifting a large weight off her shoulders. If you have ever been curious about egg freezing, or possibly thought about looking into the process for yourself, this episode will feel like sitting down with a girlfriend who can tell you exactly what she experienced (spoiler, there were a fair few tears). We are passionate about taking away the stigma associated with fertility so If you know someone who may benefit from this episode (let’s be real, we feel like all women can) send it their way! We would also like to note that fertility issues and miscarriage are discussed in this episode.

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July 30, 2021

BACH UNCUT - C-bombs, Captain Kinky and a constipated chicken

Laura is back with Matty J to recap week two of the Bachelor! Captain Jimmy has now officially been coined the Captain kinky. It turns out Laura and Matt's prediction was right and Jimmy currently has a 100% kissing strike rate.... Is he the horniest Bachelor to date? This week we saw two delightful single dates with Ash and Holly, a group date that was akin to a kids activity 'make your own superhero' and a group maze date where the winner got to ring Jimmy's meat bell. Finally the drama has kicked off in the Bach mansion and we have ourselves this seasons villain - Steph, who dropped a few C-bombs and suffered amnesia.

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July 23, 2021

BACH UNCUT - Cranes, horny Beryl and BIG DICK ENERGY

It’s the show where Laura and Matty met, so it’s no surprise they are utterly obsessed with the Bachelor and want to follow this year’s leading man in his quest to find everlasting love. If you missed the episodes on TV or just want to re-live the highlights with two Bachie- veterans, we got you covered. This week we were introduced to pilot Jimmy; and we were told about 397 times that he was, in fact, a pilot. From a girl being craned in to the mansion to the first kiss during a photoshoot in front of all of the other contestants, this season has kicked off with a bang; and a girl feeling like she could have farted her way through a tarot card reading! If you love a bit of bach chat, jump into our facebook discussion group “life uncut discussion group” and then sit back and enjoy the therapy session. Remember, tell you mum, tell your dad, tell your dog, tell your friends and share the love, because, well, we love love x

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July 20, 2021

Ask Britt and Laura anything 👌💢👈 HOLIDAY BONUS

Britt and Laura are still on holidays, but it's producer Keeshia here and I have a very fun bonus episode for you! I sat the girls down before their break and hit them with questions from the Lifers, you already know so much about the girls, but this episode is an even deeper insight into their friendship, their past, their personalities and well.... anal play. Whether you're in lockdown or flying free we hope this episode brings you a much needed giggle. Join the conversation on the Facebook Group and follow us @lifeuncutpodcast

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July 15, 2021

Captain Jimmy reporting for Bachelor duty

It's that time of the year again.... BACHI IS BACK BABY and we have Captain Jimmy here reporting for duty! Matty J and Laura are sitting down with Australia's newest bachelor Jimmy Nicholson. We wanted to find out a little bit more about the man who will be gracing our small screens next week in his quest for love, We cover everything from Jimmy's upbringing, why he decided to do the show, what his dating life was like pre Bach and whether he is head over heels in love. Big thanks to today's sponsor Starbucks At Home for keeping us all well caffeinated during lock down and bringing you this special bonus ep!

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July 8, 2021

The sentencing of Allison Mack with India Oxenberg survivor of the NXIVM sex cult

In January this year we sat down with India Oxenberg who was the survivor of a US based sex cult named NXIVM. Since speaking with India in January one of her main abusers Allison Mack has been sentenced. Since we know so many of our listeners have been invested in India's story, Laura sits down with India to discuss Allison's sentencing and whether this has brought her closure. If you are interested in hearing India's full harrowing story please listen to Part 2.

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July 1, 2021

ASK UNCUT - The great innie vs outtie debate

-My partner wants to go to his best friend’s bucks party. We will have a 7 week old baby and the bucks party is in the Gold Coast; we are in Melbourne. I really don’t want him to go. What can I do? -We talk labiaplasty! What the heck is a normal vagina?! And why do we have such a mixed perception of innies and outties? -I cheated in my last relationship and that’s why it ended. I’m seeing someone new and things are going great. Do I need to tell him what happened? I’m worried that he will find out anyway and it will change his perception of me. Lifers keep those questions rolling in! Slide on in to the DM's @lifeuncutpodcast and then sit back and enjoy the therapy session.

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June 29, 2021


You all know that here at life uncut, we love love; and we also love Love on the Spectrum! It’s the show where young adults on the autism spectrum navigate the unpredictable and complicated world of dating and relationships. Joining us today on the ep are: the wonderful Kassandra, who is one of the participants on Love on the Spectrum, as well as Jodi Rodgers who is a relationship expert with an extensive history working with people of mixed abilities. In this episode, it’s made clear to us that Love on the Spectrum isn’t a show for autistic people; it’s a show for neurotypical people to better understand how autistic people live and see the world a little differently. Kassandra tells us how and when she was diagnosed, and how different it can be for boys and girls, & breaks down a lot of the misconceptions about autism. We also talk about how it’s really hard to look forward to anything at the moment because of how easily it can all be whisked away, the lockdown and the woman who married a dolphin that *very sadly has passed away.

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June 23, 2021

ASK UNCUT - Victoria Secret Angels in hell. Breakup etiquette, chasing penguins, waiting for the one

It's Therapy Thursday and we have some biggies for you today! To kick it off we are talking about the Victoria Secret rebrand and hey, Victoria Secret now care about women's rights and are advocating for women, by kicking some other women to the curve and replacing them with new women. Bye bye VS angels, hello VS collective... but is this perforative and too little too late? For today's questions we are unpacking When is too soon to get back on the dating apps after a breakup, my ex thinks I'm disrespectful Is single gal time really necessary or should I chase my maybe penguin? Should I hold out hope for a guy who is still hung up on his ex...

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June 9, 2021

BONUS EP - We don't f*ck on weeknights

LIFERS, we might be on break but we all need a good laugh in the current climate with lockdown. So we have the best surprise for you ever, a bonus accidentally unfiltered episode on a Wednesday...... what is this madness?! Do not pass go, do not collect $200. This ep will be the mood boost that a lot of us in lockdown need. In this ep, we’ve collaborated a whole bunch of your funniest stories about dating and boy oh boy is the dating world a jungle. Here, you’ll hear everything from the guy who would only have sex on weekdays, to the spreading of a loved one’s ashes ruining a kissable moment. Jump on in and enjoy. If you have an accidentally unfiltered for us, slide on into our DMs on Instagram or hit us up in the podcast facebook group “Life Uncut Discussion Group.”

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